Accurate Review – Why it’s one of the best?

The accurate background is one of the leading providers of workforce screening and background check services.

They have been winning over their competitors for over 23 years now.

Hiring decisions are very critical for your business success, especially for startups and small-sized businesses.

In this article of Accurate Review, we will mention everything that you should know!

Accurate Review
Accurate Review

However, it is also crucial to choose an agency that offers affordable rates, follows the guidelines of FCRA, and uses best-in-class technologies.

The accurate background provides all the necessary features that a business needs for employment screening.


Best FeatureGlobal Searches Allowed
Initial Charges$0
Subscription Charges$25 Setup Fee
WebsiteClick Here

Why should you choose Accurate?

Why should you choose Accurate?
Why should you choose Accurate?

It has mass appeal among mid and small businesses due to its user-friendly online reports, affordable prices, simplicity, and ease of use compared to the large companies that provide similar services.

Accurate touts them to be compliance experts and perfectionists. They are the fastest background checks providers in the industry. 

So, if you want to shorten the hiring process and prevent your competitors from snagging the top talents, Accurate may be your best choice. 

Moreover, its solutions are not limited to only one or two industries.

It has employee screening services for businesses of all sizes, including healthcare, retail, staffing, insurance, transportation, and many others.

Over 16000 global organizations have positive candidate screening experience with it. In short, Accurate is a trustworthy service to reduce cost, mitigate risk, and deliver detailed reports. 

Accurate Pros and Cons


  • Quickest turnaround times 
  • Affordable background checks and provides drug and health screening as well.
  • Pay as you go plans and no monthly minimums. 
  • Ease of use 
  • Mobile-friendly online system


  • Advanced screening methods for hiring in sensitive industries are not available. 
  • It only provides primary background data and has limited features in comparison with larger companies. 
  • One potential downside is its fee. It charges a setup fee of$25 to create your account and a $5 for pre-Adverse and Adverse Action notices. In addition, it charges extra for add-on services like education records and employment records verification, professional license verification, etc. 

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Key features

Key Features of Accurate
Accurate Key features

It is known as the most reliable company in the background check services industry. Some of its key features include:

Ease of use and simplicity

The process of ordering and reviewing background checks is quick and easy.

Accurate provides reports that are simple to understand and easy to read. There’s a tour button that helps you walk through each section of the information.

Its mobile app option is user-friendly; hence you can easily order and review background checks from your smartphone. 

Criminal Monitoring features

The most beneficial feature of Accurate that makes it stand out from other companies is that it monitors employees’ actions even after getting hired.

The criminal monitoring service of this online platform helps ensure that the behaviors of employees don’t introduce risk to the company.

However, its criminal monitoring program protects companies’ reputations and helps create a safe environment for contractors, staff members, and customers.


It never compromises on its accuracy. The reports of Accurate are 100% authentic and compliant with FCRA.

Fastest turnaround times

Other background checks services offer more thorough and time-consuming features like physical examinations, whereas Accurate turn-times are faster.

Due to this, it is the most suitable option for most businesses with speedy hiring processes. 


Except for the setup fee, all other plans are very affordable. There are no monthly limits, and pricing depends on the number of background checks ordered.

You have to pay as needed and according to usage. 

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How to use Accurate?

There are three simple steps to use it:

Step 1: Register

  • Register for an account to get started. 
  • Now provide details about yourself, your business, phone number, federal tax ID, website, and also address.
  • Pay the setup fee.

Step 2: Sign

  • You will receive a user agreement by email.
  • Electronically sign the contract. And also it will send your account to agents for verification. 
  • It will get verified within 24 hours. 

Step 3: Order

  • After approval of the user agreement, now choose a plan to order background checks.
  • After completing the order, an email will notify you when the results will be ready for your review.

On average, it takes 1-3 days to complete a check. 

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Types of checks available at Accurate

Following types of screening services and checks are available at Accurate:

  • Criminal background checks to get the full scope of candidates’ criminal history. 
  • Identity management to protect your company from fraud and ID theft. Hence, it reduces the risk of hiring fraudulent identifications. 
  • Driving record checks to help you verify the candidate you’re moving forward with has a clean driving record.
  • Credit checks for financial record keeping, property details, and check writing responsibilities.
  • Drug and health screening to maintain a wholesome workforce and find out drug-free and healthy employees
  • Professional and personal sanctions to verify if the employee is involved in the child or elder abuse.

Is Accurate legit?

Yes, Accurate background check services are 100% legit.

Moreover, it has accreditation with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and works in compliance with FCRA.

To find more about it, you can also check their client’s reviews.

Plans and pricing

Accurate is specifically for small and midsize businesses.

Moreover, there are three different pricing packages for background checks plus a variety of add-on services.

  • Basic reports cost $29.95 
  • Standard reports cost $59.95 
  • premium reports for $79.95 
  • Setup fee $25 
  • Add-on services price is $9.95 each

Opt-out / Cancel 

There is no such process for an opt-out on the Accurate website.

Moreover, an individual who needs to remove his data can contact them in the “Contact Us” section given on the website.

They will further guide you about the opt-out procedure. 

However, if you want to cancel the subscription, contact them by email, telephone, or postal mail at the contact information listed on the website.

Alternatives of Accurate

Intellius vs. Accurate

  • Prices of Intellius are lower with unlimited searches in comparison with Accurate.
  • Intellius provides instant reports, whereas Accurate takes at least a day to give results. 
  • Accurate has compliance with FCRA, while Intelius is not FCRA compliant.

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Checkr vs. Accurate

  • The starting price and provision time of reports of both these are almost the same. 
  • The difference is that Checkr invites mass candidates in a single and easy-to-navigate user interface(UI) than Accurate. 

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The Verdict

Accurate services are specifically for the needs of medium and small businesses to help them in the pre-employment screening process.

It has an extensive list of features at very reasonable rates that help protect your company’s reputation. 

The reports lack comprehensive data, so it is not suitable for large-scale organizations.

But if you are a small-scale or startup company, then you can surely go for it.

The plus point is that it follows the guidelines of FCRA, and most clients highly recommend it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How thorough are background checks of Accurate?

The background checks of Accurate are a substantial element of the entire hiring process and it is quite thorough.

Do not expect that any of your past will remain hidden and do not be tempted to give false information or intentionally omit any facts.

What do they look for in a background check?

A background check is typically conducted to uncover a person’s history by looking up his or her public records.

A background check may include; criminal records, court records, police records, judgments, liens, civil records, work history, and financial history.

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