Backgroundcheckme Review – Everything You Should Know

They say that knowledge is power. The more information you have about a person, the better you will be able to forecast their future actions in a given situation.

A background check is necessary for a variety of reasons. Background checks are useful since they provide you with information when you need it.

The purpose is to confirm that a person is who they say they are and that all of the information they gave is correct.

Backgroundcheckme was founded, for this reason, to make these checks hassle-free and completely free, too.

Backgroundcheckme Review
Backgroundcheckme Review


Year of Establishment2018
Best FeaturesAccurate background check
Initial ChargesZero
Subscription ChargesN/A
WebsiteClick Here

What is Backgroundcheckme?

What is Backgroundcheckme?
What is Backgroundcheckme?

Backgroundcheckme is an organization founded to make background checks easier for people by using the information available to the public provided on the internet either by governmental institutions or by other means.

If you are looking to check one’s background and you do not really need a paid service or an extensive search made by a professional team, Backgroundcheckme covers you thanks to their completely free and amazingly functioning systems along with a free cell phone number lookup service if you ever need one.

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Why Should you Choose Backgroundcheckme?

Almost all of the information obtained through background checks is obtained from public documents.

Such information is easily accessible to anyone willing to put in the time to investigate and find it.

Most background check firms offer a free background check directory service to people in need of reputable information about someone or themselves.

Although many background check service companies compile information from various sources and provide background check services for a fee (either monthly plan or fixed payment), if you don’t want to pay for such services and prefer a free background check report, then free background check services can provide you with the information you require.

All you have to do is follow the recommendations in the state guidelines.

It allows you to freely search any public records, either locally or at the federal level, and for that Backgroundcheckme is there to help you to do that for free and without any hassle.

Pros and Cons of Backgroundcheckme


  • Completely free
  • %100 legal and ethical information providing


  • You might need a paid service to see more detailed information, that is not available to the public.

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Key Features of Backgroundcheckme

Key Features of Backgroundcheckme
Key Features of Backgroundcheckme

Backgroundcheckme’s services offer different stuff when you want to do a background check on someone and they try to provide the most extensive search they can.

In those background checks, some of the key features we see are:

Identity verification and applicant information

Backgroundcheckme must have access to the tenancy, employment form resumes, and other paperwork submitted by applicants.

The CRA (provided by Backgroundcheckme) will examine public records such as credit headers, DMV records, birth certificates, and other third-party documents to determine whether the applicant’s information is correct.

Employment and education records

Many background check organizations prefer to contact a person’s previous employer or school directly to obtain employment and educational data.

However, due to ethical issues, most businesses are hesitant to reveal information about previous employees. So, Backgroundcheckme gives you this information on a platter.

Financial records

Background check firms rely on a person’s credit history to obtain information about bankruptcies, liens, eviction concerns, and other financial difficulties and Backgroundcheckme can provide a person’s financial records.

State and county records

CRAs search state, local, or county records to obtain trustworthy information on a person’s criminal records.

This level of information is usually more accurate than information collected at the national and federal levels.

How to start with Backgroundcheckme

Starting with Backgroundcheckme is extremely easy and takes no time at all as you do not need to register, sign up, pay for something, or any other these things that take time to provide your information and wait for a confirmation from the other side.

What you need to do to start with Backgroundcheckme takes no more than one minute:

  • Go to which is their official website
  • Write down the first and last name of the person and choose the state they are registered to in the box situated in the middle of the website
  • Click on “start search” right next to the boxes
  • It will start the search and once it’s finished you will get every detail it can find on the internet.

Alternatives of Backgroundcheckme


Intelius is one of the top five background check websites, providing users with accurate and up-to-date information about a person’s prior activity.

Any background check initiated by Intelius includes a report that may include records on bankruptcy, lawsuit, divorce, criminal history, and any other public records.

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Instant Checkmate

Users applaud Instant Checkmate for having the most comprehensive database available online.

Simply input the person’s name, city, state, and M.I., and then filter your search based on your exact requirements.

Almost all adults in the United States have comprehensive public records in the database.

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Customer Service Backgroundcheckme

Since this website and provider is informational purposes only and does not reflect a company but a non-governmental organization made for non-profit purposes, they do not offer any kind of customer service to its customers and since you do not need anything to use their service but to make a search that uses the legal information made online, you do not need to contact the team behind the service.

Customer Reviews Backgroundcheckme

Taking a look at the customer reviews of Backgroundcheckme, even though there are not many reviews on the internet available to check, the ones we were able to find shows that Backgroundcheckme really provides true information and accurate checks by providing you with the information that can be found online via various places either a governmental institution or somewhere else.

In the end, you get what you want and what you need if what you need is not an extensive search that needs to be conducted by professionals who require you to pay some money for it.

Otherwise, for basic checks where you can find the most basic information about someone, Backgroundcheckme provides a really good service and way to find information about someone easily without the hassle.

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To summarize, Backgroundcheckme is a background check service that provides a variety of options for conducting a thorough background check on anyone you want and also provides a reverse phone number lookup service.

Backgroundcheckme takes a look at every possible information that can be found online to give you the best possible solution, partnered with another website, Truthfinder.

Also partnering with another company for reverse phone number lookup services, Backgroundcheckme is just an intermediary in providing you with the results of your checks which is something good because they let the professionals do their jobs while providing you with free services with extensive search in any of their services.


Is there any paid subscription package at Backgroundcheckme?

No, Backgroundcheckme is a non-profit organization that partners up with other services to provide you with extensive searches.

Does Backgroundcheckme does all the work for checks?

No, Backgroundcheckme is just an intermediary to provide you with services offered on their website.

They transfer you to their partner’s website once you make the search on their website.

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