Checkr vs Goodhire: Choosing the Best Background Check Service

When it comes to background check services, two popular options that come to mind are Checkr and GoodHire. These platforms offer comprehensive and reliable background check solutions to individuals and businesses alike. Let’s explore an overview of Checkr and GoodHire and understand how they differentiate from each other.

Checkr is a background check platform that specializes in providing fast and accurate information for employment screening. They offer a wide range of background check services, including criminal record checks, employment verification, and education verification.

GoodHire, on the other hand, is another reputable background check service that focuses on helping employers make informed hiring decisions. They offer a variety of screening services, such as criminal background checks, employment history verification, and driving record checks.

Checkr is a background check service that specializes in employment screening. They provide comprehensive reports that include criminal history checks, employment verification, and education verification.

GoodHire is also a background check service that caters to employers looking to conduct thorough screenings. They offer a range of background check services, including criminal record checks, employment history verification, and motor vehicle reports.

Now that we have a basic understanding of Checkr and GoodHire, let’s delve into the factors that differentiate these two services. We will explore pricing and plans, types of background checks offered, user experience and interface, turnaround time, and integration capabilities. We will look at the customer reviews and feedback for both Checkr and GoodHire. We will provide a comparison and verdict to help you decide which service is better suited to your specific needs.

Overview of Checkr and GoodHire

Checkr and GoodHire are two widely recognized background check companies that specialize in providing services to both businesses and individuals. While these two companies share some similarities in the services they offer, they also have notable differences.

Checkr stands out for its comprehensive approach to background checks. Their extensive screening process includes thorough investigations into criminal records, education verification, and employment history. On top of that, Checkr boasts a user-friendly platform and impressive turnaround times, guaranteeing convenience for businesses seeking to screen potential employees efficiently.

On the other hand, GoodHire focuses on delivering background check services that are fully compliant with legal standards. Their range of packages is specifically tailored to different industries and positions, allowing businesses to select the screening level that best suits their requirements. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to adhere to specific industry regulations and guidelines.

When it comes to deciding between Checkr and GoodHire, it’s crucial to carefully consider the specific needs of your business. If you prioritize thorough and expedient background checks, Checkr may be the optimal choice for you. If your business requires the flexibility to choose from various screening options based on industry requirements, GoodHire may be a more suitable fit.

What is Checkr?

Checkr is a background check service called “What is Checkr?” that offers comprehensive information for various purposes. It specializes in providing efficient and accurate screenings for employers to help them make informed hiring decisions. With its user-friendly interface, Checkr allows easy navigation and quick access to the necessary information.

One of the notable features of Checkr is its wide range of background checks, which include criminal record searches, employment history verification, education verification, and motor vehicle record checks. These checks play a vital role in ensuring workplace safety and integrity.

What sets Checkr apart is its commitment to fast turnaround time. Recognizing the significance of timely results, Checkr enables employers to promptly and efficiently make hiring decisions.

Additionally, Checkr seamlessly integrates with applicant tracking systems, simplifying the background check process for employers.

What is GoodHire?

GoodHire is a background check service that provides screening solutions for employers. What is GoodHire? With GoodHire, employers can verify the credentials and background of potential hires. GoodHire offers a wide range of background checks for criminal records, employment history, education verification, credit history, and more. This thorough understanding allows employers to make informed decisions.

GoodHire has an intuitive and user-friendly platform for requesting and managing background checks. Employers can easily view reports and communicate with candidates. The platform streamlines the process for conducting background checks.

GoodHire prides itself on its fast turnaround time. Most background checks are completed within one to three business days, ensuring prompt decisions.

GoodHire also offers integration capabilities for seamless integration with existing HR systems or applicant tracking systems. This makes the hiring process more efficient for employers.

Pro-tip: Clearly define the specific background checks required for each position when using GoodHire. This ensures the most relevant and valuable information for informed hiring decisions.

Differentiating Factors between Checkr and GoodHire

When it comes to choosing between Checkr and GoodHire, there are several crucial factors that set them apart. From pricing and plans to the types of background checks offered, we’ll explore what makes each platform unique. We’ll dive into user experience and interface, turnaround time, and integration capabilities. So, if you’re in the market for a reliable background check provider, buckle up and get ready to uncover the key differences between Checkr and GoodHire.

Pricing and Plans

Service Pricing Plans
Checkr $35 per report Pay-as-you-go
GoodHire Starting at $29.99 per report Single, Basic, and Premium

Checkr offers background check reports at $35 per report through a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. This allows users to pay for each report based on their individual needs. GoodHire, on the other hand, offers different pricing options. Their Single plan starts at $29.99 per report, suitable for occasional users. Additionally, GoodHire provides Basic and Premium plans to cater to users with varying requirements.

Both Checkr and GoodHire offer competitive pricing for their background check services. GoodHire stands out by offering multiple plan options to accommodate different users’ needs. When choosing between these services, it is important to consider the frequency and volume of background checks required to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Types of Background Checks Offered

Background checks have become an integral part of the hiring process in many industries. As employers aim to ensure a safe work environment, they rely on comprehensive background checks to mitigate risks and inform hiring decisions. Checkr and GoodHire are reputable companies that offer a range of background checks, including criminal background checks, employment verification, education verification, reference checks, and professional license verification.

When it comes to criminal background checks, both Checkr and GoodHire provide thorough searches for felony and misdemeanor convictions at the county, state, and federal levels. This helps employers gain valuable insights into a candidate’s criminal history, enabling them to make informed decisions.

In terms of employment verification, both Checkr and GoodHire offer services to confirm an individual’s work history, job title, and dates of employment. By contacting previous employers, employers can establish the candidate’s professional background and credibility.

For education verification, both services collaborate with educational institutions to verify the authenticity of an individual’s degrees, certificates, and academic qualifications. This ensures that applicants possess the necessary educational background for the desired position.

When it comes to reference checks, Checkr and GoodHire enable employers to gather insights by contacting individuals listed as professional references by the applicant. This allows employers to gather valuable information about the applicant’s skills, work ethic, and suitability for the role.

Both services provide professional license verification to verify the validity and status of any professional licenses held by the candidate. This is particularly crucial for jobs that require specific certifications or licenses, such as healthcare or legal professions.

User Experience and Interface

User experience and interface play a vital role in the selection process of a background check service. When making a choice, it is important to consider the following key aspects:

Navigation: A user-friendly interface with clear and intuitive navigation significantly enhances the overall user experience. A well-organized menu and easily accessible features contribute to a smooth and seamless user experience.

Dashboard: An efficiently designed dashboard provides users with a comprehensive overview of their background checks. It should prominently display crucial information, such as pending checks, completed checks, and any additional actions required.

Customization: The ability to personalize the user interface is crucial in enhancing the user experience. This may include options to choose the display layout, color scheme, and arrangement of information according to individual preferences.

Notifications: A well-implemented notification system ensures that users stay updated on the progress of their background checks. Timely updates and notifications about completed reports or any additional steps required significantly contribute to user satisfaction.

Mobile Accessibility: A background check service that offers a mobile-friendly interface or a dedicated mobile app enables users to access it conveniently on-the-go. This mobile accessibility ensures flexibility and convenience, providing users with a seamless experience across different devices.

By considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions when comparing background check services based on their user experience and interface.

Turnaround Time

When comparing the turnaround time of background check services like Checkr and GoodHire, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. Order processing: Both Checkr and GoodHire have streamlined online processes for ordering background checks, which helps expedite the turnaround time.

  2. Verification checks: The time to verify candidate-provided information, such as employment history and education, can vary between the two services. Checkr may have a faster verification process due to advanced technology and an extensive database.

  3. Criminal record searches: Conducting criminal record searches can also impact turnaround time. Checkr and GoodHire may have different databases and sources for criminal record checks, resulting in variations in the time to obtain these records.

  4. Jurisdictional differences: The speed of obtaining records can depend on the jurisdiction where the checks are conducted. Some jurisdictions may provide records faster than others.

  5. Service level agreements: Checkr and GoodHire may offer different service level agreements, which can affect the guaranteed or estimated turnaround time for delivering completed background checks.

Keep in mind that the actual turnaround time can vary based on the complexity of the background check and the responsiveness of the sources providing information. It’s advisable to consult with both Checkr and GoodHire to understand their specific turnaround time guarantees and factors that may affect it in individual cases.

Integration Capabilities

To compare the integration capabilities of Checkr and GoodHire, we can evaluate various factors.

First, both Checkr and GoodHire seamlessly integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS) such as Greenhouse, iCIMS, Workday, and Lever.

Both offer robust and flexible APIs for direct integration of background check services into software or platforms.

Moreover, Checkr and GoodHire allow businesses to customize the background check process according to their specific needs.

They also provide automation features like batch processing and auto-adjudication to streamline the process.

Real-time notifications and reports are available for background checks, which can be easily integrated into existing HR or hiring workflows.

It is essential to note that both services ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

They offer integrations with compliance management tools to meet legal requirements effectively.

Before integrating any background check service, it is recommended to thoroughly assess existing systems and involve relevant stakeholders.

This evaluation will ensure a smooth and efficient implementation that maximizes the benefits of integration capabilities.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Discover what customers have to say about Checkr and GoodHire in this section dedicated to customer reviews and feedback. Dive into the experiences shared by users of these background check services, and gain valuable insights into the pros and cons of each platform. From Checkr customer reviews to GoodHire customer reviews, get a comprehensive understanding of how these services have performed in the real world. Get ready to hear the voices of those who have first-hand experiences with these background check providers.

Checkr Customer Reviews

  • Positive Reviews: Customers praise Checkr for its efficient and reliable background check services. They mention that the platform is easy to use, providing accurate results promptly. Checkr’s comprehensive reports have helped them make informed hiring decisions.
  • Quality Assurance: Users express satisfaction with Checkr’s thorough and detailed background checks. They appreciate the comprehensive information provided, including criminal records, employment history, and education verification.
  • Customer Support: Checkr’s customer support receives positive feedback. Customers praise the prompt and helpful assistance provided by the customer service team. They appreciate the quick response to inquiries and the willingness to resolve any issues or concerns.
  • Integration Capabilities: Customers commend Checkr’s integration capabilities. They mention that the platform seamlessly integrates with their existing hiring systems, streamlining and improving the background check process.
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness: Users trust Checkr’s services and reliability. They highlight the accuracy of the reports, which helps them make informed decisions about potential hires. Customers also mention Checkr’s adherence to all legal requirements and regulations regarding background checks.

GoodHire Customer Reviews

GoodHire Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for GoodHire:

– Users mentioned being impressed with the ease of use of GoodHire’s platform. They found it intuitive and user-friendly, making the background check process simple and quick.

– Customers praised GoodHire for their excellent customer support. They mentioned that whenever they had questions or concerns, the GoodHire team was responsive and helpful, providing timely assistance.

– A review highlighted the accuracy and thoroughness of GoodHire’s background checks. The customer felt confident in the results, knowing that they could rely on the information for informed hiring decisions.

– Users appreciated the variety of background check services offered by GoodHire. They found it beneficial to have options like criminal records checks, employment verification, and reference checks all in one place.

– One customer was impressed with the turnaround time of GoodHire’s background checks. The results were delivered promptly, allowing for an efficient hiring process.

Comparison and Verdict

Comparison and Verdict

Comparison Checkr Goodhire
Price $35 per report $29.99 per report
Turnaround Time 2-5 business days 1-3 business days
Coverage Nationwide Nationwide
Services Offered Criminal background checks, employment verifications, education verifications, reference checks Criminal background checks, employment verifications, education verifications, reference checks
Integration Offers API integration for seamless workflows Offers API integration for seamless workflows
Customer Support 24/7 customer support 24/7 customer support

Based on the comparison above, both Checkr and Goodhire offer similar services including criminal background checks, employment verifications, education verifications, and reference checks. There are some differences to consider. Goodhire has a lower price of $29.99 per report compared to Checkr’s $35. Additionally, Goodhire provides faster turnaround time with reports typically available in 1-3 business days, while Checkr takes 2-5 business days.

Both Checkr and Goodhire provide nationwide coverage and offer API integration for seamless workflows. They also have 24/7 customer support to assist with inquiries or issues.

Considering factors such as price, turnaround time, and services offered, it is important to assess your specific needs and budget to determine the best fit for you.

Which Service Is Better in Terms of Pricing?

When comparing Checkr and GoodHire in terms of pricing, it is important to consider the cost of their services. See the table below for their pricing plans:

Service Price Range
Checkr $35 to $100 per report
GoodHire $29.99 to $79.99 per report

Checkr offers reports at a price range of $35 to $100 per report, while GoodHire’s price range is $29.99 to $79.99 per report.

GoodHire generally has lower prices compared to Checkr. Pricing can vary depending on factors like the type of background check required and any add-on services selected.

To choose between Checkr and GoodHire based on pricing, evaluate your specific needs and budget. Consider the number of background checks you anticipate needing and any additional features or services required. By comparing the pricing plans offered by both services, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and requirements.

Which Service Offers a Wider Range of Background Checks?

When it comes to background checks, Checkr and GoodHire have key differences. Which service offers a wider range of background checks? Checkr offers a wider range of background checks compared to GoodHire. Checkr includes additional checks like international background checks, which GoodHire does not offer. Both services cover essential checks like criminal records, education verification, employment history verification, professional license verification, reference checks, drug screening, motor vehicle records check, and credit history check.

Which Service Provides a Better User Experience?

When comparing Checkr and GoodHire, the user experience is crucial in decision making. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Interface: Both Checkr and GoodHire provide user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate. They offer intuitive dashboards, clear instructions, and organized layouts.

2. Customization: Users can customize their background check processes with both services. They have options to select specific check types, add screening criteria, and tailor the workflow.

3. Efficiency: Checkr and GoodHire aim to provide quick turnaround times for background checks. They use streamlined processes and automation to expedite verification.

4. Customer support: Responsive customer support is offered by both services through email, phone, and chat.

5. Integration: Checkr and GoodHire integrate smoothly with other platforms and software, making it convenient for users to incorporate background checks into their workflows.

When comparing the user experience of Checkr and GoodHire, consider individual requirements and preferences. Both services offer a seamless and user-friendly experience, ensuring efficient background checks.

Fact: A survey conducted by HR Dive shows that 78% of HR professionals believe a positive user experience is crucial for a background check service.

Which Service Has a Faster Turnaround Time?


For the sub-topic “Which Service Has a Faster Turnaround Time?“, the table compares Checkr and GoodHire:

Checkr GoodHire
Turnaround Time 1-5 business days 1-3 business days

Based on the information provided, GoodHire offers a faster turnaround time compared to Checkr. GoodHire takes 1-3 business days to complete background checks, while Checkr takes 1-5 business days.

It is important to note that these turnaround times are estimates and may vary depending on factors such as the background check type and complexity. Consider your specific requirements and urgency when choosing a service.

Which Service has Better Integration Capabilities?

To determine which service has better integration capabilities between Checkr and GoodHire, let’s compare key factors:

Integration Capabilities Checkr GoodHire
Range of Integration Checkr seamlessly integrates with popular HR systems like BambooHR, Workday, and Greenhouse. GoodHire integrates with ATS systems such as iCIMS and Jobvite, ensuring a smooth workflow for users.
API Documentation Checkr offers comprehensive and well-documented APIs, allowing businesses to easily integrate their background check processes into their systems. GoodHire provides robust API documentation, making it easy for users to connect their HR systems and automate background checks.
Customization Options Checkr provides customizable integration options, allowing businesses to tailor the integration to their needs. GoodHire also offers customization capabilities, ensuring a flexible integration process that aligns with the user’s preferences.
User Support Checkr offers dedicated support to assist users with integration-related queries and troubleshooting. GoodHire provides excellent customer support, including assistance with integration-related issues.

Based on the comparison, both Checkr and GoodHire offer strong integration capabilities. They both support a wide range of platforms, provide robust API documentation, offer customization options, and have dedicated user support. Therefore, both services have excellent integration capabilities, and the choice between the two may depend on other factors such as pricing and specific background check requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do the industry rankings compare between Checkr and GoodHire?

According to reviews on G2 and Capterra, GoodHire ranks higher than Checkr in customer support, compliance, and value for money.

2. Are there any third-party review sites that provide insights on Checkr and GoodHire?

Yes, it is recommended to read technology reviews from third-party evaluators to gain additional insight. GoodHire compiled background check reviews from eight leading publications to create a comprehensive analysis.

3. What factors are important to consider when evaluating background check companies?

User feedback, customer support, compliance, and pricing are important factors to consider when evaluating background check companies.

4. How does the customer satisfaction compare between Checkr and GoodHire?

GoodHire has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 for customer support, while Checkr has a rating of 7.9 out of 10.

5. What are the product features that differentiate Checkr and GoodHire?

GoodHire excels in compliance, customer support, services, and platform features compared to other providers.

6. Where can I find online publications or software review platforms to learn more about Checkr and GoodHire?

GoodHire compiled background check reviews from eight leading publications. It is recommended to visit those online publications or software review platforms to access more information.

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