Cozy Reviews – Is it worth in 2023?


Are you one of those property managers or landlords who don’t prefer shelling out a lot of money on expensive software tools?

Cozy – An attractive property management software can be the answer to your woes! 

Cozy Reviews
Cozy Reviews

Founded in 2012 – It is a US-based company that provides background checks and credit reports helping landlords and property managers manage their rental units.

With that, you have to be vigilant when it comes to investing in properties because, at the end of the day, we all want to mitigate the risk – cozy helps you advertise as well as collect rents for you. 


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Why should you choose Cozy? 

Why should you choose Cozy? 
Why should you choose Cozy? 

Albeit, there are many online property management software tools that you can opt for screening out potential tenants, Cozy is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Furthermore, it comes with several other features including, tenant screening, a maintenance management system, automatic listing syndication, and automated rent collection. 

Cozy Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Responsive support services.
  • Tools help you save time on listing and rental collection.
  • Cost-efficient.


  • Doesn’t offer electronic leases or reporting.
  • Rental payments are listed by transaction number instead of the tenant’s name.
  • It is not multilingual.

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Key Features of Cozy

Property Marketing

With Cozy, you can reduce vacancies because it allows you to create rental listings and make them visible to potential tenants.

That’s what sets Cozy apart from its competitors. Automatic listing syndication, cozy rent estimate tool, and custom property listing are some of the few features.  

Automatic Listing Syndication

Did you know that you can syndicate your listings to by mere a single click?

Yes, it will instantly send you a notification via email when a potential tenant opts for your rental listing.

Cozy Rent Estimate Tool

So, you don’t know how to set an accurate rent price for your property that matches with both recent rent trends and local vacancy rates?

Fret not: With the help of this, you will be able to analyze rent amounts of nearby properties and set your price accordingly.

Custom Property Listing

Besides that, you can directly create your own custom property listing in this platfom.

Following are some of the details you can share in your listing:

  • Rent price.
  • Square footage.
  • Security deposit amount.
  • Credit report.
  • Background requirements.
  • Amenities.
  • Photos.
  • Pet policy.
  • Property type.
  • Minimum lease term.

Moreover, it will generate a specific URL of your listing where a potential tenant can apply to your listing.

You can share the link directly with your tenants or opt for marketing channels such as social handles or your website.

Applicant Management

So, how to go about it when someone applies to your listing? You can manage the applications directly in it. It helps you screen out the best tenants. 

Lease Management

Although it doesn’t offer an electronic lease feature, it helps you store leases and attach other relevant documents in it.

Tenant Screening

With your listing application, you can ask for both credit reports as well as background checks.

The screening report will let you have access to the applicant’s criminal history, eviction history, and credit score.

You can view the results directly in it. Besides, the applicant will bear the cost of these screening reports. Is there more to say?

Rental Application

Potential tenants are asked to fill out the application when they apply to your listing.

Tenants will be asked standard queries including, contact information, employment history, residence history, and renter profile.

Moreover, the application requires additional information such as felonies, smoking, bankruptcies, and pets.

Rent Collections & Payments

With this, you will be able to collect payments and rent via its online payment feature.

Also, you can set up various payment options like a recurring payment for monthly rent collection.

Furthermore, in this you can set one-time payments for utilities, move-in, and security deposits.

As one-time payments make a great choice for tenants who prefer paying on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

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How to Use Cozy?

It has one of the simplest interfaces that you can use. It’s quick and easy.

All it really takes is an account to get started with the process. 

  1. First, start with creating your account and choose whether you are a landlord or tenant.
  2. Once you log into your account, you will be directed to the main dashboard. On the left, you will see the tab of screening tenants. Click on that and pick whatever option you want to form, full screening report to credit report to a background check.
  3. After selecting the required package, you will receive an email that the application has been sent to your applicant to fill out the form.
  4. Then, the applicant will answer the standard questions that not just depict your applicant’s financial picture but, if there are any red flags.You will receive an email at your email address. By clicking on the continue button and providing all the details, you will be able to access the report.

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Type of Service Available at Cozy 

It is an online property management software tool that garners authentic and legal information about potential tenants.

Following are some of the screening services offered by this platform.

  • Credit Reports.
  • Eviction Reports.
  • Criminal Reports.
  • TransUnion’s Proprietary ResidentScore.

Is Cozy Legit?

It is one of the few legit tenant screening services compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA).

So, if you are looking for a service that helps your revenue keep flowing that is not only quick and reliable but provides a detailed report – Cozy can be the right fit for all your needs.

Plans And Pricing

  • Renters insurance for $20 a month depending upon location and the type of property.
  • Rent estimates for $19.99 per report.
  • Credit card transaction fee: $2.75.
  • Express payouts for $2.99 a month per unit.
  • Credit and background check for $39.99 per screening. 

Opt Out / Cancel of Cozy

  • Go to the official website of Cozy.
  • On the top right corner, you will see the login tab.
  • Log into your cozy account.
  • From here, go to the tab of payments.
  • Here, you will find the option of “Stop all payments” click on that.
  • And, then, answer the follow-up promptly to confirm you are canceling your membership.

Alternatives of Cozy 

Many US-based giants offer similar functionality. So, what stands it out among its competitors?

We have analyzed some of the top competitors that will give you a better idea of how it is still a good choice.  

Cozy vs. Avail

Both of them Avail and Cozy are popular property management software tools catering to tenants’ and landlords’ needs.

If you are looking for something more tenant-friendly, you wouldn’t regret opting for its services as they charge a minimum for credit card transactions, tenant screening, and bank transfers.  

Cozy vs. Buildium

Buildium and cozy are the two property management software tools largely used by thousands of landlords.

People still prefer Cozy over Buildium because it is free software, whereas the latter starts at $50 a month depending on the no. of units you intend to manage.

So, if you have to manage 50 or less than 50 units, it is all you need. 

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Final Verdict

It offers the majority of the tools a landlord needs to be more organized and handle their properties efficiently.

Moreover, features like cozy rental listings, rent payments, and rental applications are costless – how cool is that?

All you have to do is sign-up and have access to everything it has to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cozy?

It is an online background information website that provides background information and credit reports.

Is cozy a legitimate source?

Yes, Cozy is a 100% legitimate source. It has got 4.4 BB rating which tells a lot about its legitimacy.

Also, most of its reviews are positive which means that it is providing good services and is not a scam.

Is cozy safe?

Definitely, cozy is a 100% safe website. All searches that are made on cozy remain anonymous.

So you don’t have to worry while searching about someone because that person won’t know that you are searching about him/her.

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