Does Debt Show Up On Background Checks?

Whether you are interviewing for a company or going to rent an apartment, people would like to take a look at your background and see if you are going to be a problem for them when you start working for them or start staying in that apartment.

Apart from you, whether being dangerous or not, it is sometimes important for them to know other details about you, and this could sometimes include your credit score.

However, does your credit score, or the fact that you went to a debt relief company or a debt settlement company to negotiate heavy debts to pay it shows up on a classic background check easily?

This article will seek to answer this question and explain background checks in detail.

Does Debt Show Up On Background Checks?
Does Debt Show Up On Background Checks?

Background Check

The background check is the most classic method of taking a look at someone’s background to see if they are dangerous, like if they went to jail or something, and to see basic details of that person like name, address, phone number, etc.

This allows for employers or landlords to take a look at you in detail as a person and see if you would create problems for them.

Background checks usually only include these details and do not include most financial records.

For example, they can’t see your actual credit score or the debts you owe, but they might see your credit history, like how you were in the past, but that is not so usual with every background check.

If someone wants to learn about your financial background and your financial situation, they need to do another type of check, a credit check.

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Credit Check

Credit checks are the type of checks that not everyone does, and not everyone has the authority to do it.

Generally, if you are going to need to handle something financially or work at a money-related job, these checks could come in handy, and the person on the other side might want to take a look at them.

When you get a credit check, your outstanding debts, bankruptcies in the past, your credit limits, and other important financial details come up.

However, not everyone asks for these details, only employers when you will be managing money or when you will do something related to money.

Credit checks do not include your history of jail or anything else; it is money-focused.

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The Verdict

To conclude, debts and your credit score generally do not show up on a standard background check.

A standard background check might only reveal your credit history but not your actual score.

For people to see your financial background, they need to run a different check, a credit check.

Even though not everyone can and will run this check, it is only necessary when you will do something related to money, and they want to make sure that you are good with money and have no massive outstanding balance to pay up since it might make you dangerous, too.

If credit agencies see you as safe, your employer should, too.

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