E-Renter Review in 2023

E-Renter is a tenant screening service that provides three different package options, each with basic formatting and easy-to-read reports.

They don’t offer any kind of lease default forecast. They do provide a credit check in two of their packages.

The credit check gives you a straightforward pass/fail recommendation based on what you specified as the minimal credit rating you would like from a tenant.

E-Renter Review
E-Renter Review


Year of Establishment2003
Best FeaturesAccurate tenant background checks
Initial ChargesZero
Subscription Charges$21.95/report (Basic Package)
WebsiteClick Here

What is E-Renter?

What is E-Renter?
What is E-Renter?

E-Renter, one of the most popular tenant screening services, has been providing tenant background checks since 2003.

Despite the fact that E-Renter is best recognized for providing tenant screening solutions, the company refers to itself as a consumer reporting agency.

E-Renter provides services to multifamily building owners, property management organizations, and businesses that require personnel screening, as well as businesses who lend credit to consumers.

They provide direct internet access to consumer and company credit files, as well as other databases, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

E-Renter’s mission statement includes providing great service to its clients and constantly enhancing its quality management system.

The organization also promises to provide the greatest screening service available while also protecting personal information.

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Why Should you Choose E-Renter?

Before negotiating a lease, E-Renter makes it simple to screen candidates.

Their report packages are a straightforward approach to ensure you get the reports you need while not paying extra for reports you don’t.

The report purchasing process at E-Renter is simple and uncomplicated.

If you prefer to speak with a live person, E-Renter has courteous customer service representatives that may be reached via phone.

If you work for a property management business, you may be eligible for E-Commercial Renter’s Account, which allows you to receive exclusive discounts.

This is perfect for managers that screen a large number of prospects every month.

Pros and Cons of E-Renter


  • E-Renter is simple and easy to use.
  • Prices are reasonable and fair.
  • The different pricing tiers ensure that you only pay for the services and reports that you require.
  • Reports are well-organized and simple to read.
  • All packages include a top-rated eviction history report.


  • Full credit checks are only available to Commercial Accounts.
  • Tenant credit inquiries are “hard inquiries,” which may have an impact on the credit of your prospective resident.
  • There are no lease default prediction features.

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Key Features of E-Renter

Eviction reports

E-Renter makes use of an evictions database that spans 50 states.

You may receive information such as the court description, case number, dates, amount, and defendant name and address if you request an eviction report.

Rent Check Advisor

You can avoid faulty checks, collections, and possible evictions by using E-Rent Renter’s Check Advisor.

Rent Check Advisor indicates whether or not you should accept rent checks from potential residents with a high degree of accuracy.

Risk analysis, check-writing tendencies, and tenant history are used to provide recommendations.

Social Security number verification

Probably the most important component of the screening procedure is validating a potential tenant’s Social Security number.

E-verification Renter’s system generates a report with a Social Security Administration outcome of “valid” or “invalid.”

Credit checks

E-Renter, as an FCRA-compliant consumer reporting firm, provides full credit reports with FICO scores.

Please keep in mind that thorough credit checks are only accessible for E-Renter commercial accounts.

Business credit check

If you operate a mixed-use building with commercial tenants, you can use E-business Renter’s credit check services.

This includes a full report on the company’s payment history, court filings, credit limit suggestions, and a credit logic score.

Plans And Pricing of E-Renter

Plans And Pricing of E-Renter
Plans And Pricing of E-Renter

E-tenant Renter’s screening services are available in three different bundles.

There are no recurring fees, and the purchase of each package includes the report’s unique specifications.

Basic Package – $21.95/report

Basic Package, which is the cheapest option includes Social Security verification, evictions and cases, bankruptcy, and liens and judgements.

Premium Package – $31.95/report + $2.49 paid by the tenant

Everything in the Basic plan is included, as well as the applicant’s credit file, FICO score, and collections.

Ultimate Package – $36.95/report + $2.49 paid by the tenant

It includes everything in the Premium Package as well as Rent Verification Advisor®, applicant identification check, Social Security name match, and name and address validation.

How to start with E-Renter

Starting with E-renter is as easy as it gets:

  • Go to e-renter.com
  • Click on “get started” on the top of the page.
  • Enter your personal information and sign up.
  • Enter your property data.
  • Choose which type of data you want to receive
  • Pay for it and wait for your check.

Alternatives of E-Renter


If you don’t require a package and instead want specific reports, check RentPrep, which provides single-topic reports as well as the possibility to purchase add-ons at a fair price.

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Rent Spree

Rent Spree, which provides many of the same data and services as E-Renter, is another option.

However, unlike E-Renter, Rent Spree has a low monthly charge of $9.99.

Customer Service E-Renter

If you have any question, problem, or anything else regarding E-renter, you can easily reach out to them via their phone number or e-mail which is given on their website and open for you to reach out within the working hours it mentions on the website (it might differ from time to time due to seasons, holidays, and other things, so better to check it out).

  • If you want to reach them via phone number, call them at 1 (877) 332-0078.
  • If sending an e-mail is easier and more efficient, reach them at [email protected].

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Customer Reviews E-Renter

Taking a look at E-renter customer reviews, we see that it is overwhelmingly positive and they do a really good job providing the service they promise to their customers and they are also good at solving any kind of problem the customers might face while using their service and this makes it for an overall good customer review by hundreds of people.

We have compared these in different websites and came to the conclusion that the reviews are heavily positive rather than negative.


Now that we’ve completed our eRenter review, it’s clear why it’s so popular among landlords and property managers.

They have certainly gone out of their way to make purchasing your tenant background and credit reports as simple as possible for you.

Their great customer service is also a significant plus. We highly recommend it if you want to do credit and background checks on tenants quickly and easily.

E-Renter should be on the shortlist of any property management firm or multifamily property owner in need of tenant screening services due to its simple services and Commercial Account package.


Is there a free trial period for E-Renter?

No, but you can sign up on the website for a free E-Renter account.

What does each tenant screening provided by E-renter entail and includes?

Depending on the package you select, tenant screening may include a background check, criminal history check, credit check, eviction check, sex offender search, and other services.

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