10 Best Employment Background Site

Undoubtedly, in-person or online job interviews are the critical aspect of a new hire. However, you should Consider an employee background check for guaranteed transparency.

Knowing the best employment background check solution can be the best option to confirm a person’s resume.

Even more, it can also be more than just validating the employment history of your potential candidates.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the 10 best Employment Background Check Websites.


An employment background check is usually done through a web-based background check service.

These provide you the ability to check different public databases to find the background data of any individual.

The data you can access via employment background check websites is more often available publicly.

Therefore, the value these services are offering is in terms of convenience, data access breadth, and ability to parse information to make an effective hiring decision.

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Best Employment Background Check Websites you must know

When it comes to choosing the best employment background check, you can see a lot of websites offering this service. However, not each of them is suitable for you.

To make things easier, here we have brought top 10 employment background check websites. So, you can read the overview of each option and make a better choice with ease.

So, here we go:

1. Good Hire – The Best

Good Hire

It is an excellent employment background check service that is popular for its excellent features.

It comes up with a welcoming UI and top-notch customer support.


  • Services here are priced competitively. 
  • The user interface gives a friendly and welcoming vibe. 
  • The resource section of Good Hire is pretty extensive. 


  • Report completion time often exceeds the initial estimated time. 

What do I like?

Getting started with this employment background check website is just a breeze.

You have to complete some simple steps, and you are good to go with employees’ background checks. 

What I don’t like?

The only drawback of this employment background check tool is the delay in report generation. Otherwise, this service is good in every aspect. 


Overall, it is an excellent employment background check tool that includes tons of features.

On top of FCRA compliance, it offers self-check and includes a low learning curve.

2. Intelli Crop – Second Best

Intelli Crop

Here we have another employment background check service that comes up with a unique setup to facilitate organizations or businesses of any size in their employee screening process.


  • It has an easier-to-navigate user interface.
  • The website has strong FCRA compliance.
  • The service uses a unique approach to meet its estimated turnarounds.


  • This employment background check site doesn’t support a self-check feature.

What do I like?

The candidate background check information that Intelli crop offers is much more comprehensive as compared to its competitors.

What I don’t like?

It doesn’t offer social media checks. Also, the platform isn’t multilingual.


Overall, Intelli crop is a competitively priced employment background check solution.

It takes an exclusive approach to meet compliance requirements and turnaround times of background check reports generation.

3. Checkr – Third Best


It is an employment background check website that takes a more human approach to gather background information, unlike other similar service providers available out there.

It offers comprehensive and transparent background check services.

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  • It has an easy-to-use and super slick interface.
  • It can work on any device seamlessly.
  • Reports are quite easier to read. You can easily analyze that on your own.


  • For a small business, the pricing point of Checkr can be a bit stiff.  

What do I like?

The first thing that we liked about this platform is its user interface’s cleanliness and organization.

It comes up with a minimalist and super clean user interface. Along with that, the platform also offers an in-depth background information report which is truly remarkable.

What I don’t like?

Sometimes, the background check reports with this take a bit longer to generate. Other than that, there is nothing unpleasing about this employment background check service.


Overall, this amazing employment background check service can give you detailed information about someone without any extra cost. It is meant to keep things simple and straightforward.

4. Sterling One – Employment Background Check Website


It is a suitable employment background check solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

It provides useful information for different industries ranging from technology to healthcare.

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  • It is pretty easier to integrate this employment background check tool with applicant tracking systems.
  • It also supports mobile devices.
  • A suitable employment screening solution for small to medium-sized businesses.


  • The pricing plan of Sterling One is impervious.

What do I like?

Are you looking for an employment background check solution to integrate into their talent management system?

Then you are in luck. It is because it ensures seamless integration in this regard.

What I don’t like?

The user interface and pricing plans of this platform are its main negative factors.


This is an amazing employment background check solution that supports pre-employment screening. Therefore, this can be an effective solution to Consider for HR managers.

5. Accio Data – Employment Background Check Website

Accio Data
Accio Data

Accio Data is one of its own kind employment background check service, which is based on a different business model.

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  • This employment background check solution is using Open SML Specs.
  • It also supports integrations for the Consumers Reporting Agency.


  • Resources are limited to basic documentation.

What do I like?

Unlike other similar service providers, Accio Data is white-labeled. The UI is customized by CRAs based on their unique branding and color scheme.

This service is able to provide you accurate data when it’s about the employment background check.

What I don’t like?

This website comes up with a generic user interface, and also it doesn’t offer a self-check service.


Overall, it is a unique employment background check website that is NAPBS-Accredited and offers you detailed background information of the one you want.

6. A Good Employee.com – Employment Background Check Website

A Good Employee
A Good Employee

This is one of the best background check services used for employment and identity verification. A Good Employee is a highly suitable service to locate data on national, state and county categories.

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  • Overall, it is easier to use the platform to run a background check.
  • Service is emphasized on report turnaround time and compliance.


  • The user interface needs improvement.

What do I like?

The background services of this employment background check website come up with personalized.

You can get all the answers here regarding service quality, compliance, next steps, and more.

What I don’t like?

The user interface of A Good Employee needs a design update that can modernize the user experience without any compromise on its ease of use.  


Overall, this is an amazing employment background check service that comes up with solid customer support and reasonable pricing.

7. Hire Right – Employment Background Check Website

Hire Right

It is an amazing on-demand employment background check website that can let you know everything from personal information to drug testing, education verification, and more.

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  • It supports candidates’ verification from the global talent pool.
  • This platform is amazingly user-friendly.
  • Reports are well-detailed with approved data, time stamps, dates, ETAs, and more.


  • Service downtime issues aren’t being monitored actively.

What do I like?

The best characteristic about this platform is that features of this platform are being updated Consistently.

What I don’t like?

Customer service of this platform isn’t up to the mark. The worst thing is that the customer representatives don’t have enough product knowledge.


Overall, this is an amazing employment background screening solution that offers a range of services and provides support to multinational organizations.

8. Trusted Employees – Employment Background Check Website

Trusted Employees
Trusted Employees

It is an employment background check service that offers tailored and compliant services regarding a background check.

It provides valuable services to businesses, organizations, and non-profits as well.

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  • It doesn’t cost you any setup or hidden charges.
  • It also contains a built-in identity verification process for applicants.
  • Detailed reports can let you anything about a potential employee, from credit history to criminal history.


  • It doesn’t offer any free trial.

What do I like?

Over time, it is investing in advanced screening solutions to help users make the most out of their money. Also, the payment method is based on pay as you go. It means there is no extra fee to pay for its services.

What I don’t like?

The professional package of this platform costs you extra if you want to see employees’ history older than two years.


Therefore, it will help you in making more informed decisions, by giving you accurate information.

9. True Score – Employment Background Check Website

True Score

It helps employers to hire employees confidently.


  • With True, you can verify the accountability of your potential employees.
  • It can let you know more about your potential employees.


  • This solution requires some learning curve.

What do I like?

The service offers details on different background aspects of your employees. Moreover, it offers services ranging from criminal record checks, identity verification, qualification check, financial compliance check, and more.

What I don’t like?

There are some terminologies of this platform that can be difficult for beginners to understand. However, they will take some time to learn the ways to use the service more effectively.


This website can let you easily evaluate your Prospective employees based on different background check perspectives.

10. First Advantage – Employment Background Check Website

First Advantage

It is a highly suitable employment background check service employers can use to screen their possible hires.

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  • This website is here to offer you well-detailed background check reports.
  • It also offers specialized screening solutions for volunteers, freelancers, and remote workers.
  • You can integrate the First Advantage into your existing system seamlessly.


  • Some employment background checks take long and don’t provide you an estimated completion time.

What do I like?

It is offering professional employment background check solutions which are even suitable for enterprises.

You can get tailored services here as per your business needs.

Even more, this is an easier to integrate employment background check service that you can use with any existing talent management system easily.

What I don’t like?

The most crucial thing we didn’t like about this platform was its sophisticated user interface, making it challenging for people to navigate.

However, there is a learning curve that will require some time for new users to get used to it.


Overall, it is a lucrative employment background check site for enterprises and small businesses alike.

It can offer you detailed reports, including everything from personal details to criminal checks, with ease.

Ranking factors for rating

We use certain parameters when it comes to choosing the best employment background search solution.

Therefore, we have enlisted the ranking factors we used to choose the best employment background services.

  • Different employment background check options
  • Price
  • User-interface
  • Quality of report
  • The efficiency of service.

All of these factors are always important to consider in this regard.

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So, these are the top employment background check services anyone can rely on. You can also choose the one which you find best for you to make smarter hiring decisions.

You can also have a look at 10 Best Employment Background Site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors for ranking?

  1. Different employment background check options
  2. Price
  3. User-Interface
  4. Quality of Report
  5. The efficiency of service

Why are Employment Background Check Website useful?

The job interview remains the most critical aspect of making a new hire, but for some guaranteed transparency you’ll need an employee background check.

These remain the best way to confirm a candidate’s resume as well as begin validating more than just their employment history. 

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