ESS Review in 2023

Does not matter whether you are a big small, medium-sized company, or a huge corporation, everyone wants safety and wants to know about their employees’ background more than they tell them, sometimes.

You have the right to that and within your limits and regulations, you can always request a check and get their background information.

Employment Screening Services are here, especially for that, and give you the best screening possible.

ESS Review
ESS Review


Year of Establishment1987
Best FeaturesAccurate background checks
Initial Charges0
Subscription ChargesNA
WebsiteClick Here

What is ESS?

What is ESS?
What is ESS?

Everyone understands how important the hiring process is for businesses of all sizes. The next individual you hire could be the difference between your company’s success and failure.

That is why Employment Screening Services, Inc. (ESS) was founded and is committed to providing you with rapid, accurate, and cost-effective background checks and drug testing to assist you in making those critical recruiting decisions.

Since its inception in 1987, they have assisted hundreds of businesses around the country with pre-employment screening.

Meanwhile, they have established a reputation for providing high-quality service and personalized consultation that distinguishes them from our competition.

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Why Should you Choose ESS?

ESS provides a wide range of timely, high-quality reports at extremely reasonable pricing.

But what distinguishes them and offers you reason to choose them is:

  • ESS offers more detailed information than any other screening firm.
  • Their turnaround speed (the amount of time it takes to receive your background check) is among the finest in the industry.
  • Their customer service is “head and shoulders” above the rest of the pack.
  • The cutting-edge Internet System and unique Applicant Tracking System of ESS are both mobile-friendly.
  • Their online applicant data submission techniques are compatible with international formats.
  • There is no minimum usage requirement, no yearly cost, and no contract.

Pros and Cons of ESS


  • Really comprehensive checks
  • Industry special checks if you need them
  • Been in the market for too long


  • No transparent pricing
  • Their website is a bit outdated

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Key Features of ESS

ESS offers many different things with its service, in terms of their background check, they have several different ways to conduct checks and if you want, you can get more or less, depending on your need.

However, some features are considered as key features of ESS that makes them different than their competitors: These are:

Criminal Record Check

The Five Step Criminal History Search offered by ESS is the most comprehensive in the business.

It delivers (a) improved quality control for your hiring process; and (b) higher liability protection for employers as a result of increased due diligence.

Verification of Education

Sixty percent of college registrars are routinely subjected to attempts to document fraudulent credentials.

ESS checks education information fast and correctly, so you know if your candidate is telling the truth and has the necessary credentials for the position.

The report comprises the applicant’s degree or credential, dates of attendance, major or field of study, GPA if available, person and department contacted (along with phone number), and any discrepancies.


ESS  may do specific health care-related searches for you in addition to the usual background checks.

You may already have access to some of these sources, but you should consider delegating the searches to them so that they are included in the overall background report.

This saves you time and compiles all of your applicant’s background information into a single document.

How to start with ESS

Starting with ESS is a bit complicated as you can not just start the process of registration through their website like signing up in many of other employment screening services.

You have to get in touch with them either via e-mail or phone number and tell them you want to start the process.

  • Call ESS at (800) 826-4426 or send them an e-mail at [email protected].
  • Tell them you want more info on the pricing and if you like it, continue with the process.
  • Start the signing up process.

Alternatives of ESS


GoodHire, which ranks towards the top of most “best background check service” lists, conducts background checks for businesses of all kinds, from small businesses to enterprises.

It complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, is accredited by the Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA, previously NAPBS), and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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AccurateNow is Accurate’s small and midsize business solution for background screening.

This PBSA-accredited background check service provides a basic screening package of FCRA-compliant background checks, as well as possible add-ons for an additional fee.

It is among the best background check software available, integrating with many applicant tracking platforms and providing a do-it-yourself solution for small organizations as well as services for mid-size and bigger businesses.

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Customer Service ESS

In terms of customer service, ESS has the experience and expertise to properly handle your needs because they have been in the market for a long time.

And they are always available when you require them. And when we say “always,” we mean it literally since their office is staffed twelve hours a day… so no matter where you are, day or night, you can pick up the phone and call them or just send them an e-mail, or maybe even fax.

  • Their e-mail is [email protected]
  • Phone number for information is (800) 826-4426
  • Phone number for operations is (800) 473-7778

Customer Reviews ESS

Taking a closer look at ESS’ customer reviews, wee se that it is mainly positive and that nearly everyone who used ESS and its services are happy with what they have got over the course of years.

Either if they have used it only once or continuously, they liked what ESS had to offer.

Although the only issue is that they are not transparent with their pricing on their website and it also needs more to do if you want to register for their services like calling them up and stuff like that.

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ESS is without a doubt a market-leading employment background check service for evaluating potential hires’ character based on their legal and work past.

All of the checks provided by ESS indicate whether your candidate is trustworthy, with more thorough checks required for professions dealing with sensitive data, vulnerable people, or valuable assets.

As an outsourced background check service, ESS will help to protect your company from any lawsuits that may arise as a result of the process.

ESS is recommended for small businesses, medium businesses, and even corporate sized businesses that need to verify the integrity of their staff in order to protect assets.

Nowadays, in this digital age, everything is getting easier to find and ESS is helping you find the things that your potential future employee might be hiding from you.


Does ESS provide free trial?

ESS does not offer free-trial or they do not mention it on their website.

What is included in a typical background check at ESS?

The most frequently ordered reports consists of Criminal History Search, Criminal History Notification, OFAC Global Terrorist Search, Auxiliary National Criminal Index, Expanded Criminal Search, Credit Report, Education Verification, Employment Verification, Motor Vehicle Report, Social Security Number Trace. You can order them one by one rather than in a package.

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