First Advantage Review – Is it Legit?

With this fantastic tool, you now don’t have to go through pages of whitepages or phone directories to find a number.

In this First Advantage Review, we are going to make you aware of everything that you should know!

Plus, these published directories did not offer any information from outside the state, let alone international data.

First Advantage Review
First Advantage Review



Now tool like First Advantage is a digital form of user-friendly data, easy to access with authentic results containing all numbers from US states and outside the US. 

With many background checking tools in the market, First Advantage holds its top position due to its usefulness, unlike the other tools.

The digital world is like a maze of information where finding the correct information can be difficult.

However, tools like the first Advantage offer assistance to make the process of background check very easy.

First Advantage, got established in 2003 and gained popularity for its easy-to-use interface and authenticity.

Moreover, the readily available results and availability of international background checks made it a top choice among websites of similar nature.

The most exciting feature that makes First Advantage stand out from the crowd is the offer of direct assistance if you need additional information.

Moreover, you don’t have to contact them as the company takes care of its customers’ needs efficiently.

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CompanyFirst Advantage
Best FeatureInternational Background Check
Initial Charges$20
WebsiteClick Here

Why should you choose First Advantage?

What makes First Advantage the most helpful background checking tool?

The easy-to-use interface, reasonable price, quick results, and also its authenticity are a few things that make it the best tool. 

First Advantage Pros and Cons


  • Instant results in some cases
  • Background checks clear mostly in less than a day
  • International background checks
  • offers drug testing
  •  Fingerprint-based background checks from the FBI. 


  • Redundant requests for information
  • Delayed results due to Common names and aliases
  • Some may find it expensive

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Key features of First Advantage

First Advantage Key Features
Key features of First Advantage

Accuracy of First Advantage

The First Advantage collects its data from authentic sources only.

That is why people trust and make background checks using this tool. Moreover, you can also order fingerprint-based background checks from the FBI. 

What if the background check comes with no result?

The reason is simple! If an individual has successfully petitioned to have said records removed or sealed, then those records won’t show. 

Easy to use interface

The first Advantage was designed with the idea that the tool must be easy to use.

Moreover, the First Advantage’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and search for the desired result in a few clicks.

A mobile application is also available to make the process even simpler.


The first Advantage is reasonably priced, and good customer support makes the price worth it.

Moreover, with the all-around features that none of the competitors offer, you are sure to get the best service at this price. 

How to use the First Advantage?

The first Advantage is easy to use. Here are the steps to follow when you need to use the service 

  1. Open the site and look for the menu at the top right corner and scroll down and select the type of background check you need.
  2. Enter the details and also the middle name 
  3. Moreover, the result will be compiled in the form of a report to easily check everything related to the individual’s background.

Background checks generally come back within a few minutes. However, you may have to wait longer depending on the country or county.

Types of Checks available on First Advantage

Since First Advantage has an extensive database, it provides almost every kind of background check you can imagine.

First Advantage offers a list of the services, and here they are:

  • Criminal report from both state and national databases
  • Full credit report
  • Name and address (including all the past addresses)
  • Social Security number 
  • Date of birth verification
  • Fraud alerts (if any)
  • Adverse media search in US-based newspapers, magazines, and journals
  • Sex offender check
  • Education verification
  • Social media
  • Driving violations, (if any).
  • Driver’s license 
  • Professional license verification
  • Federal records criminal search
  • Executive background screening

You can also choose from any service with full confidence in getting the correct and authentic results.

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Is First Advantage Legit?

Yes! It’s 100% legit and authentic as you can also ask for fingerprint-based background checks from the FBI.

Moreover, the site claims to have become a trusted partner to over 35,000 organizations worldwide.

So if you’re hiring talent or renting your property, you can check the authenticity of a person in just a few clicks using the First Advantage.

Plans and Pricing

The first Advantage offers different packages for background checking depending upon your needs.

Moreover, you can also select a package, or the company provides a custom quote for enterprise and international organizations. 

Therefore, the four packages are Select, Choice, Plus, or Premium. Here are the details:

Starting at $20Starting at $56Starting at $90Starting at $105
Social Security Number Everything in SelectEverything in ChoiceEverything in Plus
County Courthouse Criminal Sex Offender Registry Education certification VerificationReferences
National Criminal Records Global SanctionsEmployment historyProfessional License 
Driver’s License verificationCredit check
Federal Records Criminal 

How to Cancel First Advantage Subscription?

When you want to cancel out your subscription, you need to contact their customer support.

Here are the steps to need to follow-

  1.  The customer support will redirect you to the page where you enter your company’s full name, address, and also relevant details.
  2. An email will follow that contains the link to your First Advantage Subscription Center.
  3. The email will further direct you to your desired action, i.e., canceling the plan.

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Alternatives of First Advantage

First Advantage vs. HireRight

Both the websites are offering their customers excellent service with almost the same features.

However, First Advantage takes the lead for feature updates and roadmaps and meets the needs of businesses better than HireRight.

First Advantage vs Checkr

Checkr is a serious First advantage competitor.

It offers the same services and features as the First Advantage, but its solid customer support gives the First Advantage tough competition.

Moreover, the continuous addition and update in the database is where the First advantage leaves checkr way behind. 

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The Verdict

Like all the other services, you may have some issues with the First Advantage.

Nothing is perfect, and nothing offers 100% satisfaction. However, First Advantage comes really close to being perfect.

Moreover, with its features, authenticity, pricing, and continuous updating of the database, you are sure to find it meeting your needs in the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to set up first advantage?

A one-time setup fee will be charged to your account. The setup fee is normally $175.00.

Promotional offers may apply in some instances, waiving some of these fees. 

What is negligent hiring and how do I protect my company from negligent hiring liability?

Negligent hiring is a claim made by an injured party against an employer based on the theory that the employer knew or should have known about the employee’s background which, if known, should have disqualified the individual from consideration.

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