GoodHire Review – All about GoodHire

If you are one of many employers who keep striving hard unless you find the right candidate for the job, GoodHire can be the answer to your woes!

In this GoodHire Review, we are going to tell you everything that you should know about GoodHire!

It is a US-based company that provides background checks helping small, midsize, and large companies expedite their hiring process.

Moreover, you can opt for their add-on features that include checks against healthcare sanctions, county court records, vehicle records databases, and a lot more – mitigating the risk and protecting your company’s reputation.

GoodHire Review
GoodHire Review


Set Up Fee$49.99 (One Time Only)
Subscription Charges$29.99 For Basic Plan, $79.99 For Premium Plan
WebsiteClick Here

Why should you choose GoodHire? 

Why should you choose GoodHire? 
Why should you choose GoodHire? 

Albeit, there are many online background checking tools that you can opt for screening out potential new employees, GoodHire is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

It has built-in compliance tools and experts, ensuring that the information extracted via the platform is legal and ethical. Is there more to say? 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of GoodHire


  • Easy to use.
  • Integrates easily with most of the HR-based software.
  • Offers a wide range of database searches.
  • Has dispute rate <0.1%.
  • Offers customized plan options.
  • Excellent Customer Services.


  • No free trial.
  • A little pricey than its competitors.
  • It is not multilingual.

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Key Features of GoodHire

Let’s dive into some of the best features offered by GoodHire:

Easy to Use

Did you know that almost 78% of people prefer using GoodHire because of its simple and easy-to-use interface? Yes, that’s what sets them apart from their competitors.

All it takes is a one-time verification to ensure that your business is legitimate.

When the verification process is done, you will run background checks, making your hiring process smooth and hassle-free.

Responsive Support

GoodHire’s customer support system is hands down the best system. It is available via telephone calls, emails, and live chat.

Their customer support representatives are quick when providing new updates or catering to troubleshooting and downtime issues.

With that, they make sure to win your trust, ensures your all concerns/questions get answered instead of landing a sale right there and then – sounds excellent.


GoodHire is one of the few companies with a dispute rate of less than 0.1 percent that makes sure that you get 100% legal and accurate information.

Moreover, BBB (Better Business Bureau) has credited GoodHire and has an A-plus rating – pretty much says it all.

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How to Use GoodHire?

It has one of the most straightforward interfaces that you can use without having to worry! GoodHire provides in-depth information instead of giving our ambiguous reports. 

Step 1: First, start with logging into your account. You will enter into the dashboard that shows the previous order summary for your ease.

Step 2: Now, you can run a background check by clicking on the top-left button that directs you to a background check package offering three options. You can select the option as per your needs.

Step 3: After selecting the required package, an additional features page will pop up, allowing you to use other services such as international checks, verification of employers, employment history, etc.

Step 4: Then, it will take you to the page displaying payment information along with the order summary on the right side. Click on continue to place your order.

Step 5: Next, please fill out the candidate’s information, but it is best to ask the candidate to fill out the form for an accurate and fast turnaround. 

Step 6: You will receive an email at your email address. By clicking on the continue button and providing all the details, you will access the report making the hiring process easy and safe.

Types of Check Available at GoodHire

GoodHire – an online employment checking software tool that garners authentic and legal information about potential candidates.

Here are some of the screening services offered by GoodHire that you can choose.

  • Civil Court Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Healthcare Sanction Checks
  • Driving Record Checks
  • International Checks
  • Criminal Checks
  • Identity Checks


It offers a la carte features – enhancing its screening services.

Yes, it gets a little pricy but, hey! Every good thing comes with a price – no? With add-ons, you can get drug screening services, employee’s legal situation, etc.

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Is GoodHire Legit?

It is one of few legit screening services compliant with FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

If you are looking for pre-employment screening that is not only quick and reliable but provides an in-depth report – GoodHire could be the right fit for your needs.

After reading this GoodHire Review, you will know about its Legitimacy!

Plans & Pricing

 Plans & Pricing of GoodHire
Plans & Pricing of GoodHire

Price segmentation of GoodHire falls into two main categories, one for lower volume search and the other for extensive volume search.

Lower volume implies less than 50 checks per year, and with a large volume, you will be able to run more than 50 checks yearly. 

Moreover, you can get a custom quote for the plan by providing them with essential information regarding your business and the number of background checks you would be running yearly. 

The following table sheds light on features and quotes for three GoodHire service plans for lower volume businesses.


Plus 1 Time Set Up Fee

Plus 1 Time Set Up Fee. Third-Party Fees May Apply 

Plus 1 Time Set Up Fee. Third-Party Fees May Apply
SSN Trace + Associated Counties Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.
National Criminal Database Search Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.
Sex Offender List Search Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.
Domestic Watch List SearchCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.
7-Year County Criminal Court SearchCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.
Education VerificationCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.
Employer VerificationCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal.

Opt Out / Cancel of GoodHire

Opting out or canceling your GoodHire account takes a little bit of time. However, if you have the information with you, it won’t take too long.

Following is the list of things you need to gather before deleting or canceling your account:

  1. User Name.
  2. Password.
  3. First Name.
  4. Last Name.
  5. Email Address.
  6. Phone Number.
  7. Reason for Cancellation.
  8. Billing Address.
  9. Amount of the Last Charge.
  10.  Date of the Last Charge.
  11.  Zip/Postal Code.
  12.  City.
  13.  State/Region/Province.
  14.  Country.

Following are the two methods that you can choose from at your convenience:

Canceling Via Login

  • Go to the official website of GoodHire.
  • On the top right corner, you will see the login tab; click on that.
  • Please select the option you are currently availing, whether it’s for individuals or businesses.
  • Here, you will have to provide your account credentials, such as email address and password.
  • Your dashboard will appear and select your account information/manage account.
  • And, finally, click on cancel subscription.

Canceling Via Phone (Live Agent)

  • Pick your phone and dial 1 888 906 4282.
  • Ask the representative that you would like to cancel the subscription.
  • Assist the rep in locating your account by providing him the details.
  • You can ask for a refund only if it is applicable.
  • Ask the representative for a confirmation email or code – just in case you need it in the future.

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Alternatives of GoodHire

Do you wish to know what stands them out among its competitors?

We have rounded up some US-based giants to give you a better idea of how GoodHire is still a better choice.

GoodHire vs. US Search

US search isn’t compliant with Federal Credit Reporting Act whereas, GoodHire screening services are FCRA compliant – what more proof do you need?

Moreover, you can US Search for personal purposes while GoodHire seamlessly integrates with most HR software, making the hiring process safe and enhancing the workflows.

GoodHire vs.

GoodHire and are both compliant with FCRA, but people still prefer GoodHire over the latter because they do not provide comprehensive reports.

Moreover, after reading our GoodHire Review, you will be pretty sure which one is best for you!

Final Verdict

GoodHire offers a high-quality screening service that goes above and beyond, ensuring that the customers are well-served.

GoodHire not only conducts thorough research virtually and physically but helps in streamlining your workflows. 

Thank you for reading our GoodHire Review!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will running my background check affect my credit score?

No, running a background check will not affect your credit score.

Can my employer see the exact background check I ordered?

If you decide to share your background check results with an employer, they will see the same results that you see.

Employers can run background checks separately, usually during a hiring process.

Your employer may choose employee-only options, such as motor vehicle searches, drug screening or employment credit checks. 

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