HireSafe Review 2023

HireSafe is an employee background check service that, among other things, provides personal contact information, SSN validation, and National Sex Offender records searches.

HireSafe Review
HireSafe Review


Year of Establishment1997
Best FeaturesAccurate background checks
Initial Charges0
Subscription ChargesExpress Profile – $24.00, Basic National Profile – $44.00, Essential National Profile – $84.00, Maxxum National Profile – $124.00
WebsiteClick Here

What is HireSafe?

What is HireSafe?
What is HireSafe?

When it comes to hiring new employees, employers encounter numerous problems. The most important of these is collaborating with an expert and compliant screening partner.

HireSafe has over 19 years of background screening experience and has ran millions of reports.

They offer a comprehensive range of HR services, from talent sourcing to first-day onboarding.

Their A+ BBB rating demonstrates how they cherish their clients while also preserving the rights of job candidates.

They have an unusual and distinctive professional pedigree as a 2003 founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), Safe Harbor accredited, and a CA licensed Private Investigative Agency (PI #25313).

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Why Should you Choose HireSafe?

There are many reasons to choose HireSafe for your business whether it is a small, a medium-sized, or a corporation.

They have a package suitable for everyone and any kind of need no matter how big or small it is and this is the biggest reasons why you should choose HireSafe but looking at the features it offers that makes you choose them, they have been in the business for long times and they offer extensive searches even with the cheapest subscription package they have currently.

This extensive searches pulls you to their services if you need detailed searches.

Pros and Cons of HireSafe


  • Long time in the business
  • Extensive searches
  • As safe as it gets


  • Way too expensive for small businesses
  • For some businesses, these searches could be unnecessary detailed

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Key Features of HireSafe

Key Features of HireSafe
Key Features of HireSafe

HireSafe has a lot of different features that differentiate them with their competitors and those features make up most of HireSafe.

Those features include the type of search they made or how they make those searches. These are some of the key features that HireSafe offers:

  • SSN Verification
  • Searching in variety of county criminal courts and criminal databases.
  • Checking Global Homeland Security search and reports.

Plans And Pricing of HireSafe

Plans And Pricing of HireSafe
Plans And Pricing of HireSafe

Express Profile – $24.00

The Express Profile background screening package is our cheapest and most basic option. This background screening bundle contains no national or federal screening.

As a result, if your prospective employee has committed crimes outside of the county in which they most recently resided, this report will not uncover that information.

Basic National Profile – $44.00

The real background screening process begins with the Basic National Profile, which includes:

  • Searches in Two County Criminal Courts
  • Search a Multi-State Criminal Database
  • SSN Verification
  • National Sex Offender Search Listed Alias Names

Essential National Profile – $84.00

Because it provides the best value for mid-level employees, the Essential National Profile is the most popular bundle.

Its extended candidate view contains the following features:

  • Search a Multi-State Criminal Database for Records
  • SSN Verification
  • List of Alias Names
  • The National Sex Offenders Registry Search
  • Search for County Criminal Court Records for 7 Years* (4x included)
  • 7-year sentence in Federal District Criminal Court 7-year sentence in Federal District Criminal Court 7-year sentence in Federal District Criminal Court (4x searches included)
  • MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) report
  • OFAC Report Global Homeland Security Search Denied & Prohibited Parties Search

Maxxum National Profile – $124.00

The Maxxum National Profile was designed to cover every potential aspect of a position with significant responsibility, whether it is an entry level employee background check or a middle manager background check.

It covers criminal court searches in six federal districts, motor vehicle records (MVR), and Global Homeland Security Reports.

This profile also includes 1x basic job verification within the United States!

This package is designed for entry-level employees and middle management for firms who wish to be fully certain that their employee’s background is what they claim it is.

If you’re wanting to screen higher-level management and executive-level staff, the Echelon Suite is for you.

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How to start with HireSafe

Starting with HireSafe is a bit complicated and might take some time due to the load of information you must submit before they contact you and finish up your sign up process.

  • Go to hiresafe.com
  • Click on “sign up” on the top right corner of their website.
  • There, you will find loads of information about your selection because there are two different things you can choose, depending on your needs.
  • Once you choose which one you need, you click on the button and there you have to submit a lot of information about you, your company and your payment method and choose which package you want.
  • After submitting it, the rest will be handled by HireSafe.

Alternatives of HireSafe


Since 2010, businesses have relied on HIreology to locate and hire qualified candidates.

Increase brand awareness and market open positions across different channels, such as Google, Facebook, job boards, and your career site, to engage with top candidates.

Streamline and automate hiring processes, as well as text and email candidates, to increase engagement.

Reduce risk by conducting industry-specific skills assessments, reference checks, and background checks.


GoodHire streamlines and accelerates background checks for businesses of all sizes by providing customisable, on-demand services.

GoodHire’s innovative technology, which makes background checks simple, fast, accurate, and compliant, is used by over 80,000 companies.

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Customer Service HireSafe

HireSafe offers rather an extensive customer service for its customers or customers-to-be to ask any kind of questions they (you) might have or any kind of problem that their customer might face with their service or account.

There are two ways that you can reach out to them with e-mail and through a number but alternatively, you can visit their HQ in California.

  • Their e-mail is [email protected]
  • Toll-free number is 1(888) 252-5561
  • Their HQ address 14670 Cantova Way #242, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683

Customer Reviews HireSafe

Even though there are many different opinions on the internet in several different pages and several different websites, the generally part of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive in regards to HireSafe’s services and the safety and the accuracy of their background checks of employees.

They do a good job on providing this and nearly everyone who uses HireSafe and its services are really positive about their experience which shows that HireSafe is a trustable friend for your background checks if you like what they offer with their packages.

Cancellation Of HireSafe

If you want to cancel your HireSafe subscription and do not want to continue with their services anymore, cancelling HireSafe is relatively easy but you can not do this online, you have to get in touch with HireSafe customer service either via e-mail or their phone number and tell your request to them and they will start the process for you and tell you what you need to do.


To sum up, HireSafe is a legitimate, safe, and accurate background check provider with different subscription packages for every need.

The fact that they have been operation for nearly three decades now makes it even better in terms of the accuracy and the safety of their services and their presence in the online world makes you understand them better.


How Long Does It Take To Screen A Candidate?

Employee background check reports from HireSafe are normally completed in 48-72 hours, depending on the complexity of the check.

Does HireSafe Provide Free Background Check?

No, HireSafe does not provide a free option.

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