Infomart Review – Pros and Cons

Infomart is an online background check. It’s been in the industry for 30 years.

It provides the information that its users need so they can make informed decisions.

Infomart has dedicated customer services and is known for its workplace culture, success, and corporate culture. 

Infomart Review
Infomart Review

It is a WBENC certified and NAPBS complaint company. Infomart is the leader in the background services industry. 

If you want to look up your old long-lost friend, family member, or lover, do check it out. It has a shareable piece of information for every type of user.

Whether you want to do a quick basic search such as finding an acquaintance or want to do an in-depth search such as finding someone’s criminal history or arrest records. So, do check it out to get a share of your piece of the pie. 


Year of establishment1993
Best FeaturesEmployment Screening
Initial Charges $49.95
Subscription Charges $28.95 – $53.95
WebsiteClick Here

Why should you choose Infomart? 

Why should you choose Infomart? 
Why should you choose Infomart? 

You should choose it if you are looking for an online reliable and trusted resource for doing a background search on yourself or someone else. 

There are so many scams in the online industry. They don’t provide what they chant. Also, they charge you a high fee for every single report. 

So, if you are looking for an affordable and trustworthy source for finding background information, you should confidently choose it.

It is one of the best online background checking sources in the whole web world. 

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Infomart Pros and Cons  


  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Top-notch background check services
  • It is an all-in-one background check that meets the needs of almost everyone who wants to run a background check, whether they want to do just a quick basic search or an in-depth one.


  • Occasional delays. But they explain why the delay occurs. 

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Key Features of Infomart

Employment background screening

Infomart has introduced a new employment background screening service for small businesses.

So now, employers who are tight on a budget won’t have to comprise on the quality of their workforce because they can screen every potential employee with the help of it and make the right and informed hiring decisions based on their research. 

According to its website, they are new intuitive with the name of the small business platform. It is made specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

Businesses that have employees under 500 can do essential background screening at the rate of $28.95 per employee. 

Excellent customer support

Another fantastic thing that I like most about it that sets it apart from its competitors is its very polite, understanding, and quick customer support.

How to use Infomart?

  1. Go to the official page of Infomart.
  2. Use their self-serve portal or fill out an information form on their website. And you will be good to go.

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Types of checks available at Infomart

  • Criminal history
  • Screening audit
  • Verifications
  • Occupational health
  • Social media search
  • Global services
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Verified watch list
  • Sanctions searches

Is Infomart legit and safe? 

Infomart is a 100% safe and legitimate website. To further assure you of its legitimacy, let me tell you that it is WBENC certified and NAPBS accredited.

This platform keeps all the searches anonymous so that the person whose information you are searching can’t know that you are searching about them.

So, do a background search using it with complete confidence. 

Plans and pricing 

Plan and Pricing of Infomart
Plan and Pricing of Infomart

It has listed all of its prices, including third-party charges, transparently on its website.

So, you would be able to track clearly how much you are spending on each report.

It beat its competitors here because the pricing structure of most of its competitors is vivid and is not mentioned clearly on their websites. 

However, this platform charges $49.95 as a start-up fee. Here is the list of plans and pricing of Infomart :

Basic/Simple plan

This plan includes multi-state criminal history search, national security number search, and multi-state sex offender searches.

It will cost you $28.95 per search.  And the turnaround time will be one day. 

Popular plan

In their popular plan, it offers multi-state criminal history and sex offender searches, national security number searches, verified watch lists, and county criminal records.

 The price of this plan is $53.95 per search

Classic plan

It will cost you $78.95 per search and includes multi-state criminal history and sex offender searches, national security number search, verified watch list, county criminal records, education, and employment verification.

Other than these plans, you can also order other services, but they will cost you additional fees along with third-party charges.

Opt-out of Infomart

If you want to opt-out or remove your information from the Infomart  database, contact at [email protected] 

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Alternatives of InfomartIn case you want to check out the platforms that offer similar services like Infomart, then I am listing some of its best alternatives below for you:

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The Verdict 

Overall, it is one of the safest and legitimate sources that will care for all of your background check needs. One of its outstanding features is employment screening.

It is specifically made for small to medium businesses that have employees under 500 to use it to screen their potential employees and make wise and informed decisions.

However, it is a bit pricy, but there is always a price with value. 

So, if you want to do an employment screening of your future employee, I highly recommend you to check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Infomart FCRA compliant?

Yes, Infomart is an FCRA compliant site. You can fearlessly use it for doing any official background checks, such as running a background screening on your potential employee. 

How much does Infomart costs?

It can cost you around $28.95-$53.95. But its price depends on what plan you choose. It also charges $49.95 as a start-up fee.

What is a patriot search Act on Infomart ?

Patriot search Act is a very well-known service of Infomart. It is used to identify wanted persons, terrorists, and drug dealers.

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