Intelifi Background Check Review 2023

EMERGE, Intelifi Background Check Company’s exclusive background screening intelligence software is available.

Emerge has been recognized by the NAPBS as a leading background screening provider and is currently used by thousands of companies and staffing industry professionals to perform FCRA compliant, NAPBS accredited full background checks.

It has over 40 different data vendors, several ATS integrations, and a strong team of senior developers.

Intelifi Background Check Review
Intelifi Background Check Review


Year of Establishment2004
Best FeaturesAccurate background screening
Initial Charges0
Subscription ChargesContact vendor
WebsiteClick Here

What Is Intelifi?

What Is Intelifi
What Is Intelifi

Intelifi is a powerful background screening software designed to assist businesses, organizations, and property owners, among others, in conducting thorough background checks on new workers, members, and tenants.

Users benefit from Intelifi’s seamless and uninterrupted access to a massive database containing over 400 million unique records, as well as access to over 2,400 sources spanning 30+ State and Federal regions.

The program assists you in filtering your pool of applications, prospective members, contractors, partners, and possible property tenants and weeding out high-risk persons by fully automating and optimizing the background screening process depending on your requirements. Background checks and screening do not have to be difficult.

Intelifi provides high-quality background checks to assist you in making key decisions such as hiring, partnering and renting.

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Why Should You Choose Intelifi?

Intelifi delivers comprehensive background check software to recruiters, human resource professionals, lenders, and property owners, giving them the full picture on the persons they are dealing with.

It is vital for any business venture to hire the correct individuals for the job and to screen out those who are deemed high-risk to their organization and constitute a threat not only to the growth of their firm, but also to the well-being and safety of their other employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

  • Intelifi has a big database with over 400 million unique records and access to over 2,400 sources throughout 30+ State and Federal territories.

You may use the software for more than simply a people search. With access to so many information, you can delve into a person’s background and evaluate if he or she is not a high-risk candidate who will jeopardize your company or organization.

Pros And Cons Of Intelifi


  • API Integration
  • Detailed and comprehensive background search
  • Extensive database


  • No pricing transparency
  • Could be too detailed information for small businesses

Key Features Of Intelifi

Key Features Of Intelifi
Key Features Of Intelifi

Intelifi is a service that offers a variety of things in one package as part of its service and these are the things that make Intelifi a quality background check service when compared to its competitors in the same area. But it has some key features:

API Integration

Use our proprietary API for integrations to connect to your favorite HR Software affiliates such as iCims and Taleo.

Drug Testing Portal

Use our own drug testing portal to provide drug testing alongside your background checks.

Live County Reports

Using our LiveRunner technology, you can get quick county courthouse outcomes via digital streams.

Multi-Level Users

Assign different team members varying levels of access and managerial duties.

Compliance Measures

To ensure compliance, we give unfavorable letters, permissible reasons, 613 notices, and other FCRA rules.

How To Start With Intelifi

Starting with Intelifi, since you have to actually get a quote from the Intelifi team after submitting your information, takes a bit of time. 

  • Go to which is their official website.
  • There, you have to click on “hire with confidence.”
  • After you click on it, you will be asked to provide some basic details.
  • Then you will be given personal quotas depending on how much your checks are going to be.
  • Once you choose your package you move on to checkout.
  • There, you create your account and verify your company and its details that its true.
  • After that, you get your report, that is it.

Alternatives Of Intelifi


Recruiterbox is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that simplifies and accelerates the traditionally complicated hiring process.

This tool, designed for small and medium-sized businesses, enables recruiters to create and manage new opportunities, as well as complete the entire hiring cycle in a few simple and organized stages.

SilkRoad Talent Acquisition

SilkRoad Talent Acquisition is a global provider of end-to-end talent management solutions that are cloud-based.

The SilkRoad Life Suite offers Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, and HRMS solutions via a tablet-friendly Talent Portal.

The suite is simple to implement and operate — it is a unified platform for increasing employee engagement and corporate performance.

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Customer Service Intelifi

Reaching out to Intelifi for any kind of reason either to ask a question as a non-user or as a customer who has problems with their service, you can freely reach out to them but the ways to do that is kind of limited as they only offer a toll-free number and no e-mail to reach out to them.

So, if you are in no position to call them, this might be a slight problem for you.

  • The toll-free number is 888-409-1819
  • Alternatively, their HQ is in 8730 Wilshire Blvd. 4th Floor, Suite #412 Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Customer Reviews Intelifi

Taking a close look at Intelifi’s customer reviews on different platforms, we see that the majority of the customer reviews are extremely positive with a good outlook on their services and the accuracy of the checks made by employers.

This shows that Intelifi is good at doing its job and decades of industry experience have put them in a good place to make its customers happy with its service.

If you care more about the customer reviews of platforms rather than business reviews and see customer reviews as a more honest way to understand a business and its services, Intelifi does not make it any worse for you and shows that they are not just a bubble made by corporations but a quality service proved by the people.

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To summarize, Intelifi is a background check service that provides a number of tools for a thorough background check on your current or prospective employees.

With their background check, they look at a variety of factors in order to provide you with all of the possible checks that are available with the various subscription packages that are available without any free trial or free account to try.

However, because Intelifi has been around for a long time and has proven that they are authentic and safe, as well as doing an excellent job of producing results, there is no reason not to trust Intelifi and have a free trial to check if all is fine.

If you are in need to provide background checks of your employees or future ones, Intelifi is one of the best ways to go for the benefit of your business thanks to their extensive checks and features that also allows you to do more than just a background check but control other aspects of the extensive background check to make it more efficient.


Intelifi Background Checks Works With What Categories Of Users And Organizations?

Intelifi Background Checks collaborates with the following users and organizations: Small businesses, Mid-Size businesses, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government

What Languages Are Supported By Intelifi Background Checks In Their Product?

Intelifi Background Checks is available in the following languages: English.

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