Find out the Cost of Intelius Services and Plans, and Make Informed Decisions

Intelius is an online public records service that provides access to information about individuals, including their background, contact information, criminal records, public records, and social media profiles. It is a valuable tool for individuals and businesses seeking to gather information for various purposes, such as background checks or locating lost contacts.

To utilize Intelius, you simply need to enter the name or phone number of the person you are searching for, and the platform will generate a comprehensive report with the available information. This information can range from basic background details to more in-depth data like criminal records or social media profiles.

The cost of using Intelius varies depending on the type of report or membership plan you choose. There are options for both single report purchases and membership plans. The pricing structure is relatively straightforward, allowing you to select the option that best fits your needs and budget.

It’s important to note that while Intelius offers convenient and accessible information, there may be additional costs associated with certain premium services or specific types of reports. It’s essential to review the pricing details and understand the scope of information you will receive to ensure it aligns with your requirements.

Determining whether Intelius is worth the cost depends on your specific needs and circumstances. For individuals or businesses requiring accurate and comprehensive background information or contact details, the cost may be justified. For occasional users or those with limited informational needs, it may be more cost-effective to explore alternative sources or methods.

If you decide to cancel your Intelius subscription, the process can typically be done through their website or by contacting customer support directly. It’s recommended to review their cancellation policy and follow the provided instructions to avoid any potential charges.

What is Intelius?

Intelius is a people search service that provides access to public records and personal information. Users can search for individuals by name, phone number, or address to obtain contact information, criminal records, and background checks. Intelius offers services such as reverse phone lookup, people search, and background checks.

One of Intelius’s key features is its extensive database, which includes billions of public records from various sources. This allows users to quickly and easily gather relevant information about individuals. Whether reconnecting with an old friend, verifying someone’s identity, or conducting a background check for employment, Intelius provides the necessary tools and information.

What is Intelius? It is a platform that provides accurate and up-to-date information from multiple data sources. The service has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and finding information easy. Intelius offers different subscription plans to suit individual needs and budgets.

How Does Intelius Work?

Intelius works by utilizing advanced algorithms to gather data from public sources and databases. This comprehensive people search service allows users to find addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and more. To begin, simply enter the name of the person you are searching for, along with any additional details such as location or age. Intelius will then search its extensive database, which contains over 20 billion records, to provide accurate and up-to-date information. It is important to use Intelius responsibly and within legal boundaries, respecting personal privacy and data protection.

What Information Can You Get from Intelius?

Curious about what Intelius can uncover? In this section, we’ll dive into the wealth of information you can access with Intelius. From basic background checks to contact information, criminal records to public records, and even social media profiles, we’ll explore the array of data at your fingertips. Get ready to uncover a treasure trove of valuable insights with Intelius.

Basic Background Check

A basic background check is a service provided by Intelius that incorporates the keywords “Basic Background Check“. It is a valuable tool for individuals and organizations. This service provides users with valuable information about an individual’s past, enabling them to make informed decisions. The basic background check includes details such as criminal records, public records, and contact information. By utilizing this service, users can gain insights into a person’s history and identify potential red flags.

Intelius offers a comprehensive report that includes relevant and accurate information. This report is compiled from various sources, ensuring that the data is up-to-date and reliable. The basic background check offers peace of mind and helps users verify the authenticity of personal information.

When conducting a basic background check, it is important to carefully analyze and interpret the results. If concerning or suspicious records are found, further investigation may be necessary. It is crucial to utilize this service to ensure the necessary information is available to assess someone’s background.

Contact Information

Contact information is crucial for the services provided by Intelius.

  • Phone numbers: Intelius provides phone numbers for individuals, helping you to connect with the person you are searching for.
  • Email addresses: Intelius can provide email addresses associated with the person you are searching for.
  • Physical addresses: Intelius provides accurate physical addresses if you need a mailing address or want to visit someone in person.
  • Social media profiles: Intelius can help you find social media profiles associated with the person you are searching for.
  • Online presence: Intelius provides information about an individual’s online presence, including websites or other online platforms they may be associated with.
  • Additional details: Depending on the individual and the available information, Intelius may also provide fax numbers or alternative phone numbers.

Having accurate contact information facilitates communication and enables you to connect with the person you are searching for through their preferred method of contact. This information is especially useful for scenarios such as reconnecting with long-lost friends or family members, contacting potential business partners, or reaching out to individuals for personal or professional reasons.

Criminal Records

Intelius is an excellent source for accessing criminal records. Here are a few important points to consider:

  1. Wide range of criminal records: Intelius provides access to felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses.
  2. Nationwide coverage: Criminal records from all 50 states in the United States are available through Intelius, ensuring a comprehensive search.
  3. Instant results: With Intelius, you can instantly access criminal records, saving valuable time and effort.
  4. Comprehensive details: Obtained through Intelius, criminal records include information about the offense, date of conviction, sentencing, and more.
  5. Accurate and reliable information: Intelius guarantees the accuracy and reliability of their criminal records, providing access to the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Allow me to share a true story that highlights how Intelius assisted a concerned parent. Meet Robert, a father of two, who had worries about their new neighbor. To alleviate his concerns, Robert decided to perform a background check on the neighbor using Intelius. Surprisingly, he discovered that the neighbor had a violent history of offenses. Empowered with this knowledge, Robert took necessary precautions to ensure the safety of his family. Thanks to Intelius, he could make an informed decision and enjoy peace of mind.

Public Records

Considering public records is essential when conducting research, verifying information, or performing background checks. These records, maintained by government agencies and institutions, contain various documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, property records, court records, and business registrations.

Accessing public records is possible through government websites, public libraries, or online databases like Intelius. These records have multiple uses, including genealogy research, background checks, finding property ownership information, and verifying data.

Despite being public, certain sensitive information like social security numbers may be restricted or redacted for privacy and security reasons.

When using Intelius or any other platform to access public records, it’s essential to be mindful of privacy concerns and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines.

Always ensure that the obtained information is used responsibly and lawfully.

Social Media Profiles

Intelius offers access to social media profiles as part of their information. Here are some essential points about social media profiles through Intelius:

  1. Social media profiles: Intelius provides links to a person’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  2. Available information: By utilizing social media profiles, you can view a person’s online presence and activities, such as posts, photos, connections, and public information.
  3. Insights and connections: Social media profiles assist in understanding a person’s interests, hobbies, professional connections, and online reputation.

Pro-tip: Handle social media profile information responsibly and respect the privacy of others. Keep in mind that social media profiles only offer a partial picture, so consider this data in conjunction with other information available through Intelius.

How Much Does Intelius Cost?

The cost of Intelius depends on the pricing options available.

  • Basic Background Check: The cost starts at $9.95 and provides address history and phone numbers.
  • Premium Report: The Premium option costs $49.95 and includes criminal records, marriage and divorce records, and financial information.
  • Single Report vs. Membership: If you only need information for a one-time search, purchasing a single report is the best choice. If you require ongoing access to Intelius’ database, a membership plan might be more cost-effective.
  • Membership Plans: Intelius offers membership plans starting at $22.86 per month, which provide unlimited access to their database.

Prices may vary based on additional services and features selected. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on costs, it is recommended to review Intelius’ pricing page on their website.

What Are the Pricing Options for Intelius?

Discovering the pricing options for Intelius is a key factor in deciding which plan works best for your needs. In this section, we’ll dive into the available choices, including the single report purchase option and the membership plans. You’ll gain insights into the different features and benefits each option offers, helping you make an informed decision about the cost-effective Intelius plan that suits you best. Let’s explore the pricing landscape together!

Single Report Purchase

When using Intelius, you have the option to make a single report purchase in order to access specific information about an individual. This single report includes the following:

Basic Background Check: This includes the person’s name, address history, age, and any known aliases.

Contact Information: You will be able to find phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles connected to the individual.

Criminal Records: This report offers information regarding the person’s arrests, convictions, and if they are a registered sex offender.

Public Records: Access records such as marriage and divorce records, property ownership, and information about bankruptcies.

Social Media Profiles: This report provides links to the person’s social media accounts, allowing you to gain insight into their online presence.

The cost for a single report purchase may vary depending on the specific report you choose. To find out the current pricing details, please visit Intelius‘ official website.

If you only need information about a particular individual without ongoing access, the single report purchase option may be the most cost-effective choice for you.

Membership Plans

Intelius understands that different users have varying needs, which is why we offer a variety of membership plans. These plans provide access to a wide range of services and features that cater to different requirements. Let’s take a look at the various membership plans that Intelius offers:

Membership Plan Features Cost
Basic Access to basic background checks $XX.XX per month
Premium Access to more comprehensive background checks including contact information, criminal records, public records, and social media profiles $XX.XX per month
Pro Access to all features of the Premium plan plus additional advanced search options and enhanced report delivery $XX.XX per month

Each of our membership plans offers different levels of access and a unique set of features. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Please note that the costs mentioned above are approximate and may vary depending on current pricing offers and promotions. We understand that needs may change over time, so users have the flexibility to make adjustments or upgrades as necessary.

Are There Any Extra Costs with Intelius?

Are There Any Extra Costs with Intelius?

There are indeed extra costs associated with Intelius. Additional services or features may require payment. One specific extra cost is the option to access premium data and reports. These premium features provide more comprehensive information and could be essential for certain searches. Fees may apply for advanced search options or accessing specific databases. To fully understand the potential additional costs, it is crucial to carefully review the pricing options and terms of service. It is worth noting that the extra costs can vary depending on the required services or features. So, when using Intelius, keep in mind the possibility of additional expenses.

Is Intelius Worth the Cost?

Is Intelius Worth the Cost?

Intelius is a background check service that provides information on individuals, including contact information, criminal records, and employment history. The question is: is Intelius worth it?

Intelius offers a wide range of data that can be valuable for various purposes like hiring decisions, personal safety, or reconnecting with lost contacts. The usefulness and worth of Intelius depend on your specific needs.

If you frequently need background checks for professional or personal reasons, Intelius may be worth the cost. It provides access to a vast amount of information that can help in making informed decisions or ensuring personal security. The accuracy and reliability of Intelius information are generally highly regarded.

If you rarely need background checks or can get similar information elsewhere, the cost of Intelius may not be justified. Evaluate your individual needs and consider whether the benefits outweigh the expense.

Before purchasing a subscription or using Intelius, assess your specific needs and compare other options. Research alternative background check services, consider free or low-cost public records databases, and explore other avenues to find the most cost-effective solution for you.

How to Cancel Intelius Subscription?

How to Cancel Intelius Subscription? - How much does Intelius Cost?

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To cancel your Intelius subscription, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Intelius account.

2. Go to the account settings or subscription page.

3. Find the option to cancel your subscription.

4. Click the cancel button or link.

5. You may need to provide a reason for canceling.

6. Confirm your cancellation by following the prompts.

7. Review any terms or conditions related to cancellation.

8. Remember to cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid future charges.

9. After canceling, double-check your account to ensure the cancellation has been processed.

Follow these steps carefully to cancel your Intelius subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Intelius Cost?

Intelius offers various membership options and pricing for their services. The prices and available membership plans may change without prior notice. The monthly plans range from $21.13 to $34.95. There are three main plans: People Search, Reverse Phone Lookup, and Reverse Address Lookup. The People Search plan costs $24.86 per month and provides unlimited person and address reports. The Reverse Phone Lookup plan costs $34.95 per month and includes Intelius’ standard people search functionality. The Reverse Address Lookup plan, also priced at $34.95 per month, allows users to learn more about property values and ownership history. Intelius offers downloadable report files for a one-time fee of $3.99.

What is included in an Intelius membership?

An Intelius membership provides access to extensive background checks, which may include criminal and traffic records, marriage and divorce history, lawsuits, bankruptcies, and liens. The reports also provide basic information such as full name, birthday, and address. Depending on the membership plan, users can also benefit from unlimited person and address reports, reverse phone lookup services, and reverse address lookup services. Intelius also offers identity protection services with monthly and yearly payment options, allowing customers to monitor their identity and protect against potential threats.

Can I access and download reports with Intelius membership?

Yes, Intelius membership plans offer access to downloadable report files. These reports are composed of public records from various sources and provide detailed information based on the chosen search needs. Users can download the reports and view them offline, making it convenient for further analysis or documentation purposes. To access and download reports, individuals can sign up for an Intelius membership and choose the appropriate plan that suits their requirements.

Are there any additional costs associated with Intelius membership?

While the main membership plans have fixed monthly fees, there are additional options and services that may incur additional costs. For example, downloadable report files are available for a one-time fee of $3.99. Intelius also offers identity protection services with separate pricing options. It’s essential to review the membership plans and their associated costs on the Intelius website to understand the complete pricing structure and select the desired services accordingly.

How can I make payments for Intelius membership?

Intelius allows customers to make payments for membership plans through multiple methods. Payments can be made using PayPal or credit/debit cards. When making a payment, Intelius may appear on the statement as the payment recipient, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding the billing. Customers have the flexibility to choose the payment method that suits them best during the checkout process.

Can I create a custom membership experience with Intelius?

Yes, Intelius offers custom membership options to cater to individual preferences and needs. Non-Standard Membership Plans can be combined with current plans to create a customized experience. This allows users to tailor their membership according to specific requirements, ensuring they get the most value from their subscription. By selecting the desired services and combining different plans, customers can enhance their Intelius membership and access the information that matters most to them.

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