Net Detective Review – The truth Revealed!

Ten years ago, the net detective was the most popular investigator software on the internet.

This software was advertised all around the internet claiming that, it provides free background checks; you can also find information about almost anyone through this software.

It further claims that you would be able to find the information provided by the other software.

Net Detective Review
Net Detective Review

But let’s be honest, it was just the marketing tactic. All the affiliate articles were filled with misinformation about this product. 

The net detective website made claims such as:

  • Providing free background checks
  • You can access your FBI file
  • Find your marriage, divorce, criminal, and other public records
  • Learn how you can verify your credit information and credit reports
  • Find out your family history
  • Track people who owe you money
  • Verify your employ 


CompanyNet Detective
Year of Establishment 1974
Best Features Basic search
Initial Charges Zero
Subscription Charges$9.95-$29.95
WebsiteClick Here

Net Detective Pros & Cons


  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Complete privacy, Nobody will know you are finding information about them


  • According to its consumers, the Net detective is the biggest scam on the internet. You log in for free, and then they charge you extra for finding any information, and even after paying a very high fee, they show you nothing.
  • The cancellation process and instructions on the website are confusing.
  • Inaccurate information

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Features of Net Detective 

Features of Net Detective 
Features of Net Detective 

It offers white pages directory. You can also find basic information such as the name, address, phone number, or email address of someone.

But all this information is fundamental that you can easily find through any free white pages directory. Other than that, this software offers nothing.

The truth about Net Detective

Our research found various reviews in which its real-time users say that this software collects data such as public records, criminal records, customer surveys, and business filings from other websites.

However, there is no evidence of this claim. But the information that it provides is entirely inaccurate and does not match with the phone number and address used to find that information.

Be aware and not use this software for the following purposes:

  • Court records
  • Birth records
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • For obtaining a cell phone number
  • Social security numbers because cannot be searched and are unavailable. 
  • Property records
  • License plate number or DMV because they are not available

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How did it start?

Initially, this tool was made in a downloadable software format, but after some time, they changed it into an online service that you can only access through a web browser.

It does not allow any downloads. Upon sign up, they assign a user ID to access information. Based on our research, this product operates on all major browsers.

How it Changed its Name?

This online software was sold under different names such as urgent detective, web detective, and others. 

In addition to that, this software was also sold with the version and year name such as Net detective 2013 or 8.0. However, all of these referred to the same software. 

How to use Net Detective? 

Using net detective is super simple and easy. Here is how to use it.

  1. Go to
  2. On their homepage, under the people search bar, type first and the last name of a person whose information you are looking for. Click on the “Search” button. That’s it. You will be good to go.

Types of checks available at Net Detective

Net detective claims that they provide the following type of services:

It allows you to find out information about your long-lost friend, relative, or lover. 

You can also search about yourself using this software to find out what information is out there about yourself.

On-Net detective, you will learn

  • How to call someone using a third party so the number won’t appear in your phone bill. 
  • How to cloak your email address so your original email address can’t be traced
  • How to check business practices and ethics of business around the whole world.
  • How to find military records
  • You can get security products such as tracking and recording products, mini cameras, listening devices, and bomb detectors.
  • How to trace fugitives

Is Net Detective legit? 

According to its reviews, the net detective is a complete scam. It got all the negative reviews. This company sold the same software under different names.

It also does not provide what it claims, so based on that, the Net detective is not a safe and legitimate website.

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Plans and pricing 

Their prices range from $9.95-$29.95. They offer both monthly subscription plans and pay-per-report.

However, when you click on the “add to cart” option, it redirects to a URL that is not secure.

Opt-out and Cancellation

 To remove your personal information from the Net detective database, you must request an information removal request.

This request should include the following information:

  • State the reason- why you want to remove your information from the net detective. 
  • Identify the specific location where your data is displayed on the net detective. Explain why your personal information is harmful or is inaccurate
  • Only one request is allowed per individual.
  • Copy of your state ID or current driver’s license. This information is mandatory.

Must include:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Past and current address
  • Phone number
  • Aliases, if any
  • Your email address

For more information regarding how to opt-out your personal information from the net detective, you can visit:

To cancel your membership, contact net detective customer support.

Alternatives of Net Detective


BeenVerified is a background check service that gives consumer initiated criminal background and people search services with its website for profit and also its mobile application.

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Intelius is basically a public records business. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States.

It offers information such as property and people search, background checks, and reverse phone lookup.

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The Verdict 

Overall, the Net detective was once a famous background check, but it has become entirely useless now.

According to its consumers, it is a complete scam, so I highly recommend not using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I close my net detective account?

You can close your net detective account by contacting their customer support.

Does the net detective has an automated billing system?

Yes, the net detective has an automated billing system. It offers a five-day paid trial.

If you want to cancel your subscription, cancel it under a five-day trial period. Otherwise, it will automatically charge you every month. 

You can apply for cancellation by contacting their support team.

Why does the net detective charge an additional amount on some services for viewing the full report?

When some information is not available in the Net detective database, it provides you that via a third-party source, and it costs a small fee.

Can I access death certificates through net detective?

No, the net detective does not provide death certificates.

However, you can use its death record search option to search the name, date of birth, date of death, state, and city of a dead person.

Is Net Detective a scam?

According to its reviews, the net detective is the biggest scam in the name of background search.

Its users say that they charge a high amount, and after that, they show no results.

They also complain that the information they found is fundamental such as name, date of birth, etc., that is readily available on any free background checking site.

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