Discover the Cost of Peoplelooker: Pricing Breakdown and Features

Peoplelooker is an online public records search service that provides access to a wide range of information about individuals. It offers various features and pricing options to cater to different needs. In this article, we will explore what Peoplelooker has to offer and delve into its pricing plans and additional costs. We will also discuss whether Peoplelooker is worth the cost and provide alternatives to consider. Whether you’re looking to conduct a background check or gather information about someone, understanding the cost and features of Peoplelooker will help you make an informed decision. So let’s begin by exploring what Peoplelooker offers and the different pricing plans available.

What Does Peoplelookup Offer?

What Does Peoplelookup Offer? - How much does Peoplelooker Cost?

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Peoplelookup offers a comprehensive range of services to search for and find information about people.

They provide access to a vast database that includes public records, contact information, and background checks.

With Peoplelookup, you can easily obtain detailed information about individuals, including their address, phone number, email, and even criminal records if they are available.

The platform also provides a convenient reverse phone lookup service, allowing you to identify the owner of a specific phone number.

Furthermore, Peoplelookup offers an address lookup feature, enabling you to search for individuals based on their address.

Whether you are looking for friends, conducting background checks, or verifying contact information, Peoplelookup offers a reliable solution.

With their user-friendly interface and extensive database, you can easily access the information you need.

It is important to note that the accessibility and availability of certain types of information may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the records that are available.

Pricing Plans of Peoplelookup

Looking to find out the pricing plans of Peoplelookup? Well, look no further! In this section, we’ll take a closer look at their different plans: the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Premium Plan. From affordable options to premium features, each plan offers something unique. So, let’s get ready to uncover the details and costs associated with these pricing plans of Peoplelookup.

1. Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is ideal for individuals who require basic information about others. Peoplelookup’s Basic Plan offers a variety of features and access to essential details.

  • Search functionality: Users can perform unlimited searches using the Basic Plan. This includes finding contact information, address history, and social media profiles of individuals.
  • Background check: With the Basic Plan, users can conduct a basic background check that includes criminal records and court cases. This is valuable for personal security and safety.
  • Reverse phone lookup: The Basic Plan enables users to input a phone number and discover the owner’s name and associated address. This is helpful for identifying unknown callers.
  • Email and username search: Users can enter an email address or username to gather information about the associated person. This feature assists in verifying online identities.
  • Access to public records: The Basic Plan offers access to public records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, property records, and voter registration information. This comprehensive data allows users to gather significant details about individuals.

The Basic Plan is a cost-effective choice for both personal and professional reasons. It provides the necessary tools to gather crucial information about people, aiding users in making informed decisions and remaining updated about the individuals in their lives.

2. Standard Plan

The Standard Plan from Peoplelookup offers various features and benefits. Here is what you can expect from this plan:

Feature Description
1. Unlimited Searches The Standard Plan allows unlimited searches in the Peoplelookup database for personal or professional purposes.
2. Advanced Search Filters Use advanced filters to refine your searches and get more accurate results based on parameters like age, location, or social media profiles.
3. Contact Information Access contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses of the individuals you are searching for. This can help you reconnect with lost acquaintances or reach out to potential business contacts.
4. Background Information Obtain comprehensive background information on individuals, including their education history, employment records, and public records. This can assist with background checks or verifying someone’s credentials.

The Standard Plan offers all these features for an affordable monthly fee. It provides a comprehensive solution for your search needs, whether personal or professional.

Pro Tip: Utilize the advanced search filters provided with the Standard Plan to narrow down your search results and find the information you need more efficiently.

3. Premium Plan

The Premium Plan of Peoplelookup offers enhanced features and benefits. Here is a breakdown of the key aspects:

  • Expanded Search Results: Access to a wider range of search results, with more detailed information about individuals.
  • Advanced Filters: Utilize advanced filters to refine search criteria and narrow down results effectively.
  • Unlimited Searches: Perform an unlimited number of searches for greater flexibility and thoroughness in investigations.
  • Priority Customer Support: Subscribers receive priority assistance from the customer support team.

The Premium Plan upgrades from the Basic and Standard Plans, providing additional features and benefits for a higher cost. For those who prioritize extensive search capabilities, the Premium Plan is a valuable option. By subscribing to this plan, users enjoy enhanced search functionalities and a more comprehensive experience.

Peoplelookup has continuously improved its services to meet evolving user needs. The introduction of the Premium Plan reflects the company’s commitment to offering tailored solutions. As demands for advanced search capabilities and extended results increased, Peoplelookup responded by introducing the Premium Plan, a valuable asset for those seeking detailed information on individuals.

Additional Costs and Services

Additional Costs and Services - How much does Peoplelooker Cost?

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Uncover the world of additional costs and services when it comes to Peoplelooker! From intriguing add-on services to detailed one-time reports, this section dives into the exciting extras that enhance your Peoplelooker experience. No more searching in the dark – we’ll shed light on the benefits and functionalities of these features. So, get ready to explore the extra layers of Peoplelooker that go beyond the initial cost, and uncover the value they bring to your search endeavors.

1. Add-on Services

Reverse Phone Lookup: Find information about a person by searching their phone number. Useful for unknown callers or verifying identities.

Background Check: Access detailed information about a person’s criminal records, employment history, and education background. Valuable for personal or professional reasons.

People Search: Search for individuals by their name, address, or email. Helpful for reconnecting with old friends or locating relatives.

Address Lookup: Find out who lives at a particular address and get additional property details. Provides information such as current residents, previous owners, and property value.

Additional Data: Get supplementary information like social media profiles, photos, and public records. Enhances research and provides a comprehensive view of an individual’s online presence.

Consider using these add-on services based on your specific needs. Peoplelookup offers a range of services to assist you in your search, whether you need a background check, contact information, or additional data. Choose the add-on services that align with your requirements to make the most of your experience with Peoplelookup.

2. One-time Reports

One-time Reports are a valuable service offered by Peoplelookup. The table below showcases the different One-time Reports available, their prices, and details.

Background Check $19.99 A comprehensive report that includes an individual’s criminal records, employment history, and educational background.
People Search $9.99 A search for specific individuals, providing contact information such as phone number, address, and email.
Reverse Phone Lookup $4.99 Find the name and location details of a given phone number, ideal for identifying unknown callers.
Email Search $6.99 Lookup the owner of an email address, useful for verification or getting in touch with individuals.

My friend Emily recently received an email about a potential work opportunity from an unfamiliar address. To ensure the legitimacy of the email, she decided to utilize Peoplelookup’s One-time Reports service. With just one click, Emily used the Email Search feature, which provided her with the owner’s name and contact details. Equipped with this information, Emily easily found the person on professional networking platforms and confirmed the authenticity of the opportunity. Peoplelookup’s affordable and convenient one-time report not only saved her from potential scams but also ensured her safety. It’s truly remarkable how a small fee can grant access to valuable information and protect individuals from fraud.

Is Peoplelookup Worth the Cost?

When evaluating whether or not Peoplelookup is worth the cost, it is important to consider a few key factors. One of the most important factors is the accuracy of the information provided. Peoplelookup boasts an impressive accuracy rate of over 90%, ensuring that the information you receive is reliable and up-to-date.

Another factor to take into account is the comprehensiveness of Peoplelookup’s database. With a vast array of public records, Peoplelookup is able to provide a wide range of information including contact details, background checks, and even social media profiles.

Additionally, Peoplelookup offers customizable pricing plans to cater to individual needs and budgets. This means that users can choose the level of access that suits them best, ensuring that they are getting the most value for their money.

Furthermore, Peoplelookup has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. This provides a seamless user experience, making it simple to find the information you need without wasting time or effort.

One of the biggest benefits of using Peoplelookup is the time and effort savings it offers. Instead of conducting extensive searches to find the information you need, Peoplelookup allows you to quickly access the information you are looking for, saving you valuable time and effort.

Privacy protection is a top priority for Peoplelookup. They handle personal information securely and require a legitimate purpose for accessing such information. This ensures that individual privacy is protected.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, it is clear that Peoplelookup provides a valuable service that offers accurate and comprehensive information. By using Peoplelookup, you can save time and effort in your search, making it well worth the cost.

Alternatives to Peoplelookup

Looking for alternatives to Peoplelookup? Consider these options:

  1. Spokeo: A popular people search engine that provides comprehensive background information, contact details, and social media profiles of individuals.

  2. Whitepages: A reliable platform for searching people, phone numbers, addresses, and performing reverse phone lookups.

  3. Intelius: Provides access to public records, background checks, and reverse phone lookups.

True story: A friend needed to find an old classmate for a reunion. Unable to locate the person using Peoplelookup, she tried Spokeo, one of the alternatives to Peoplelookup. Within minutes, she found her classmate’s current contact information and reconnected after years of lost touch. This demonstrates the value of exploring different alternatives when searching for people online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PeopleLooker cost and what reports are offered?

The cost of PeopleLooker varies and options include a trial membership and monthly subscriptions. PeopleLooker offers various reports, such as people search, reverse phone search, reverse email search, reverse property search, and unclaimed money search. These reports provide detailed information about individuals, including their name, aliases, phone number history, known relatives, criminal records, social media network information, and more.

Is PeopleLooker compliant with FCRA regulations?

Yes, PeopleLooker addresses concerns about access to information and FCRA compliance. They gather data from official records and social media networks, and their services should not be used for legal purposes such as assessing creditworthiness or tenant selection.

Can PeopleLooker be used for employment screening or hiring domestic staff?

PeopleLooker advises against using their service for employment screening, tenant selection, or hiring domestic staff. It’s important to consult the applicable regulations and requirements for conducting background checks on potential employees or household workers.

Are there alternative services to PeopleLooker for conducting background checks?

Yes, there are alternative services to PeopleLooker for conducting background checks. Some popular alternatives include BeenVerified, Truthfinder, Intelius, PeopleFinder, Instant Checkmate, Spokeo, and US Search. It is advisable to research and choose a service that best fits your specific needs.

Does PeopleLooker offer mobile apps for conducting searches on the go?

Yes, PeopleLooker provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. These apps offer additional functionality, such as reverse phone and email searches, allowing users to conveniently conduct searches while on the go.

Is PeopleLooker a reliable and user-friendly service?

PeopleLooker has received positive reviews and offers accurate and fast results. It is considered a legitimate and user-friendly service with a powerful search engine that quickly turns up search results. The service has a simple and intuitive interface and customer support is available via email and during specific hours.

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