Rentberry Review – A Best Background CheckSite Review

Rentberry allows you to have a comprehensive statement combining both background checks along with credit reports.

Rentberry’s screening services run through national and state-level databases – providing in-depth information so landlords can choose the best and reliable candidate. 

Rentberry Review
Rentberry Review

Moreover, Rentberry offers a custom feature to conduct virtual tours, send maintenance requests, and eSigning rental agreements – making the evaluation process hassle-free and contact-free.


Subscription ChargesFree For Landlords / $19 Per Applicant
WebsiteClick Here

Why should you choose Rentberry? 

Why should you choose Rentberry?
Why should you choose Rentberry?

Though there are several digital real estate management software tools, choosing Rentberry over others can make a whole lot of difference.

With Rentberry, you can automate rental tasks from filling out the personal information to rental negotiations to credit reports to eSigning rental agreements and whatnot.

It takes care of each stage involved in the leasing process.

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Rentberry Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly.
  • Good client support.
  • Easy to use.
  • Eliminates the hassle with a long-term lease.


  • Listing in the map doesn’t have a Streetview link attached that helps to find surroundings.
  • It is not multilingual.

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Key Features of Rentberry 

Following are the two essential features offered by a cloud-based property management software “Rentberry”:

Accuracy and Freshness

Rentberry – created in partnership with two credit reporting giants Microbilt and Experian, are top leaders in the industry to screen out potential individuals or businesses.

Data provided in the report isn’t just up to date but accurate, so the landlord can make an informed decision and gets the latest information. 

Security of Information

Haven’t avail the service yet, thinking your information might get stored on the server and will be mishandled?

Fret not: I know we don’t want to share our sensitive information with anyone.

Nonetheless, Rentberry does realize the importance of keeping one’s data safe and inaccessible for anyone.

Communication between both the parties (tenant and landlord) is an end to end encrypted, and none of the information is stored on Rentberry’s server.  

How to Use Rentberry?

Rentberry has a user-friendly and intuitive platform. The process of running a background check or credit report is quick and easy for both tenants and landlords.

Let’s learn how you can the platform and run a check. 

  1. First, head over to its official website,
  2. On the top menu, you will see the button SCREENING on your screen. Click that! 
  3. Once you select the option, click on Screen New Tenant to proceed further with the application. 
  4. You have to provide two things, the tenant’s first and last name, along with the email address. P.S you will have to use a different email for every tenant. 
  5. And, if you wish to add more tenants, click on Add another Tenant button, or if you want to proceed with one candidate, click on Send Request button – sending screen requests to all selected potential prospects. 
  6. Applicants will receive the requests at their email addresses. Once they are done completing the screening survey, you will receive an email with the screening report.

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Type of Reports Available at Rentberry 

Rentberry tenant screening services allow you to access two fundamental reports, a credit score report and a background check.

Following is the list of available data that comes with it: 

  • Public records.
  • Tax liens.
  • Car loans.
  • Credit score.
  • Credit report inquires of the past 24 months.
  • Employment information.
  • Bankruptcies.

Is Rentberry Legit?

Without a doubt, Rentberry is one of the best tenant screening services compliant with FRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act.

So, if you are looking for screening services that aren’t just virtual and quick but accurate and safe – Rentberry can be the answer to your woes. 

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing
Plans & Pricing

Rentberry offers free services for landlords, but the tenant has to pay $19.99 per application.

With that, you can easily make the payment online using your credit card.

Opt Out / Cancel

Opting out or deleting your personal information from the database of Rentberry may take a little time but, the process is hassle-free.

If you would like to remove your information, you can contact their support team at [email protected] or use your profile editing tools.

However, deleted information may remain in backup files indefinitely, though it won’t be available to anyone. 

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Alternatives of Rentberry 

It can be a little overwhelming, mainly when numerous property management software tools are available in the market.

So, why would someone opt for this platform instead of others? What makes it stand out among its competitors?

We have got you covered! For your ease, we have analyzed the top property management tools – giving you an idea of how it is best of all. 

Rentberry vs Craigslist

Craigslist and Rentberry are the two popular property management tools.

Still, people prefer the latter because Rentberry automates every rental step – making the evaluation quick and easy.

Furthermore, you don’t have to send paper checks. With this, you can do everything online.

Also, it makes sure your sensitive information remains safe and provides legitimate data – what more do you need? 

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Rentberry vs Airbnb

One such competitor of Rentberry is Airbnb. Although both have made their name in the market, people opt for Rentberry because it’s the only long-term rental service.

Besides that, Airbnb only focuses on short-term rentals that don’t require background checks or monthly payments. 

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Final Verdict

Rentberry is a modern yet user-friendly service catering to the needs of both landlords and tenants.

It allows property managers, building owners to have access to all the information required to verify the trustworthiness of potential prospects.

With this, you access applicants’ public records, credit accounts, credit scores, and other crucial data. 

Best of all, it makes sure that the process is quick, effortless, yet secure for both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rent berry offers a free trial?

No, rent berry does not offer a free trial

How much does rent berry cost?

Rent berry can cost you around $19.99 per search.

Is rent berry FCRA complaint?

Yes, rent berry is Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) compliant.

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