Rentprep vs Smartmove: A Comparative Analysis of Tenant Screening Services

RentPrep and SmartMove are two popular tenant screening services that cater to the needs of landlords looking to make informed decisions about potential tenants. While both services offer similar functionalities, there are certain differences that set them apart. Let’s take a closer look at RentPrep vs SmartMove and compare their features, services, and other factors to help landlords make an informed choice.

RentPrep is a comprehensive tenant screening service that provides landlords with a range of services to evaluate potential tenants. They offer background checks, credit checks, eviction history reports, rental references, income verification, and criminal history checks. These services allow landlords to get a holistic understanding of a tenant’s past behavior, financial stability, and potential risk factors.

On the other hand, SmartMove is another reputable tenant screening service that focuses on credit checks, criminal background checks, resident scores, income insights, and eviction reports. SmartMove aims to provide landlords with valuable information to assess a tenant’s financial responsibility and potential rental risks.

When choosing between RentPrep and SmartMove, landlords should consider a few key factors. Accuracy and reliability are crucial to ensure that the information provided is trustworthy and helps in making informed decisions. Cost is another factor to consider, as pricing structures may vary between the two services. The range of services offered by each service should also align with the specific needs of landlords. User interface and ease of use, as well as customer support, play a role in the overall user experience.

By assessing these factors and understanding the features and services provided by RentPrep and SmartMove, landlords can determine which tenant screening service best suits their needs and helps them make well-informed choices when selecting prospective tenants.

RentPrep vs SmartMove: A Comparison

“RentPrep vs SmartMove: A Comparison”

“RentPrep and SmartMove are two tenant screening services that offer different features and options. In this comparison, we will look at various aspects of both services to help you make an informed decision.”

“Background Check:”

“When it comes to comprehensive tenant screening, RentPrep has you covered. They provide a thorough background check, including credit history, eviction records, criminal background checks, and employment verification. On the other hand, SmartMove offers detailed information on the applicant’s credit history, eviction records, and criminal background checks.”

“Online Application:”

“RentPrep allows landlords to create and customize online application forms for tenants. They also offer applicant tracking and electronic signature features. SmartMove, on the other hand, enables landlords to create and share online applications. They also provide support for online payments and additional services like income verification.”


“RentPrep offers subscription plans starting at $18.95 per month for unlimited reports. They also provide discounts for larger volumes. On the other hand, SmartMove uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model, with screening packages starting at $25 per applicant.”


“RentPrep integrates seamlessly with property management software, ensuring efficient data syncing. On the other hand, SmartMove integrates with popular property management and listing platforms, making it easy for landlords to access and manage tenant information.”

“Customer Support:”

“When it comes to customer support, RentPrep provides phone and email support during business hours. They also offer helpful resources on their website. SmartMove, on the other hand, offers customer support via phone, email, and live chat. They even have extended support hours for added convenience.”

What is RentPrep?

RentPrep is a tenant screening company that provides background checks for landlords and property managers. What is RentPrep? They offer services to evaluate potential tenants, including credit history checks, employment verification, income verification, eviction checks, and criminal background checks. RentPrep’s screening reports provide landlords with all the necessary information to assess the reliability and trustworthiness of potential tenants. RentPrep ensures accuracy and reliability in their screening process, helping landlords minimize the risk of renting to problematic tenants.

If you are a landlord or property manager looking for a reliable tenant screening service, RentPrep is worth considering. Their background checks and reports provide peace of mind when selecting tenants. RentPrep’s services save time and effort, making the tenant screening process easier and more efficient. By using RentPrep, you can cultivate a reliable and responsible tenant base for your properties.

What is SmartMove?

What is SmartMove? - Rentprep vs Smartmove

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SmartMove is a tenant screening service provided by TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the United States. It allows landlords and property managers to evaluate the rental history, creditworthiness, and criminal background of potential tenants.

By using SmartMove, landlords can make well-informed decisions when selecting reliable tenants, thereby minimizing the risk of non-payment or eviction.

This user-friendly service offers an online application process for requesting background checks and credit reports, without requiring sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers.

As a result, SmartMove ensures a more secure and privacy-friendly screening process.

It provides flexible pricing options that can be adjusted according to the landlord’s specific needs and the number of screenings required.

It’s worth noting that tenant screening services like SmartMove have been proven to reduce eviction risk by up to 75%.

Why Should Landlords Use Tenant Screening Services?

Landlords should use tenant screening services for several reasons. Why should landlords use tenant screening services? It allows them to make informed decisions when selecting tenants. Through a comprehensive screening process, landlords can evaluate potential tenants’ background, credit history, and rental references, enabling them to choose reliable individuals. This reduces the risk of renting to tenants with a history of late payments, property damage, or evictions.

Tenant screening services help landlords protect their investment. By verifying a tenant’s financial stability and employment status, landlords can ensure consistent and timely rent payments. Screening services provide insight into a tenant’s likelihood of fulfilling their lease obligations, helping landlords avoid legal disputes and potential property damage.

Tenant screening services contribute to the safety and well-being of the rental community. By conducting thorough background checks, landlords can identify tenants with criminal records or a history of disruptive behavior, ensuring a safer living environment for other tenants.

Features and Services of RentPrep

Looking for the perfect tenant screening service? Look no further! In this section, we’ll explore the remarkable features and services offered by RentPrep. From comprehensive background and credit checks to digging into eviction history and verifying income, RentPrep covers it all. We’ll also dive into the crucial importance of rental references and delve into the significance of checking criminal history. Get ready to discover the power of RentPrep in finding reliable tenants for your property.

1. Background Checks

Background checks are an integral part of tenant screening for landlords. They are essential for assessing a tenant’s reliability and suitability as a renter. These checks include verifying employment history, income, and rental history, as well as checking for any criminal records or past evictions. Conducting background checks enables landlords to make informed decisions and minimize the risk of renting to unreliable tenants. They ensure that the selected tenant is trustworthy and has a track record of fulfilling their rental obligations. Background checks play a crucial role in protecting other tenants and the community by identifying potential risks. It is of utmost importance to conduct background checks in a fair and consistent manner, abiding by all applicable laws and regulations. By diligently reviewing background check results, landlords can make informed choices that align with their rental business goals and safeguard their investments.

Thorough background checks have been a longstanding practice among landlords. Online tenant screening services such as RentPrep and SmartMove have facilitated the process of conducting these checks, making them easier and more accessible. By utilizing these platforms, landlords can acquire a comprehensive understanding of potential tenants’ backgrounds, enabling them to select reliable and responsible tenants who have consistently met their rental obligations. Background checks are of utmost importance for preserving the integrity and profitability of rental properties, serving as a valuable tool for landlords in making informed decisions.

2. Credit Checks

  • RentPrep and SmartMove offer credit checks as part of their tenant screening services. Credit checks help landlords evaluate an applicant’s financial responsibility and ability to pay rent on time.

  • RentPrep provides comprehensive credit checks that include an applicant’s credit score, payment history, and outstanding debts. Reviewing an applicant’s credit history allows landlords to identify red flags or potential risks before renting to them.

  • SmartMove also offers credit checks that provide similar information, such as the applicant’s credit score and any derogatory marks (e.g., bankruptcy or collection accounts).

  • Both RentPrep and SmartMove use reliable credit reporting agencies for accurate and reliable information.

  • Credit checks are especially important for new tenants or applicants with limited rental history. Landlords can use credit check information to make informed decisions, such as setting appropriate security deposits or rental rates.

In 2018, credit checks in tenant screening faced scrutiny for potential discrimination against lower-income individuals. Some argued that credit checks disproportionately affected certain demographics, leading to housing inequalities. To promote a more equitable rental process, some cities and states have implemented laws and regulations to limit the use of credit checks in tenant screening. It is now important to consider additional factors and use credit checks alongside other screening measures for fair and unbiased tenant selection.

3. Eviction History

3. Eviction History

Eviction history is important for landlords to consider when screening tenants. Key aspects to keep in mind regarding eviction history include:

1. A tenant’s eviction history provides insights into their past rental behavior and reliability. It helps landlords gauge the risk of potential future evictions and non-payment of rent.

2. When reviewing eviction history, landlords should look for eviction judgments or filings against the tenant. This information can be obtained from court records or specialized tenant screening services.

3. Multiple evictions or a pattern of eviction filings may indicate a higher likelihood of problematic tenant behavior. Landlords should exercise caution when considering applicants with a history of evictions.

4. It is important to review the circumstances of the eviction to understand the reasons behind it. This helps landlords assess if the situation was due to uncontrollable factors or tenant negligence.

5. Eviction history is a crucial factor in tenant screening, but it should not be the sole deciding factor. Landlords should also consider the overall rental history, income stability, and other relevant factors to make an informed decision.

By carefully considering eviction history alongside other screening factors, landlords can reduce the risk of renting to problematic tenants and protect their rental properties.

4. Rental References

Rental references play a crucial role in the tenant screening process for landlords. RentPrep and SmartMove are two reputable companies that offer valuable information in this aspect.

RentPrep provides comprehensive rental references to landlords. They reach out to previous landlords or property managers to verify the tenant’s rental history, including their payment track record, adherence to the lease agreement, overall cleanliness, and general behavior.

Similarly, SmartMove also includes rental references as part of their tenant screening services. Landlords can access details about the tenant’s past rental experiences, which encompass the maintenance of the property, interactions with neighbors, and any grievances or issues raised during their tenancy.

Both RentPrep and SmartMove truly comprehend the importance of rental references in the assessment of potential tenants. By getting in touch with previous landlords, landlords can obtain valuable insights into the tenant’s past conduct, enabling them to make well-informed decisions regarding rental applications.

5. Income Verification

Income verification is an essential component of tenant screening services provided by RentPrep and SmartMove. Both services offer comprehensive income verification options to landlords to ensure the reliability of tenants’ income sources.

RentPrep conducts income verification by directly contacting the employer to confirm employment and income details. By doing so, they guarantee that tenants have a dependable income source to meet their rental obligations.

Similarly, SmartMove incorporates income insights into their tenant screening process. They utilize various data sources to evaluate the applicant’s income stability and their ability to afford rent. This includes analyzing income records, employment history, and other financial indicators.

It is crucial for landlords to prioritize applicants with a stable and sufficient income, which can cover the rent. They should also verify the consistency of the income source to ensure it meets their renting criteria. Thorough income verification significantly mitigates the risk of late payments or potential eviction issues.

6. Criminal History

– Criminal Tenant screening services like RentPrep and SmartMove are known for providing comprehensive criminal history checks to their users. They prioritize accuracy and reliability by utilizing up-to-date databases and reliable sources for their reports. These services understand the importance of cost and offer different pricing plans to cater to various budget needs. Moreover, RentPrep and SmartMove go beyond criminal history checks and also offer background checks, credit checks, eviction history, and more. Their user-friendly interfaces make accessing criminal history information and other services easier for users. They provide customer support to address any concerns or questions related to the criminal history check or any other offered services.

Features and Services of SmartMove

Features and Services of SmartMove - Rentprep vs Smartmove

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Discover the powerful features and services offered by SmartMove, setting it apart from its competitors. From comprehensive credit checks to thorough criminal background checks, SmartMove equips you with valuable insights into potential tenants. Dive into their innovative resident score system and gain valuable income insights for informed decision-making. Plus, with their eviction reports, you can confidently select reliable tenants for your property. SmartMove offers an all-inclusive solution to streamline your tenant screening process.

1. Credit Checks

Credit Checks

When it comes to tenant screening services, credit checks are crucial for landlords. It’s important to keep in mind the following factors:

Credit history: Both RentPrep and SmartMove provide credit checks. A credit check offers details about a tenant’s financial responsibility, such as their credit score, payment history, and outstanding debts.

Accuracy and reliability: It’s vital to choose a tenant screening service that offers accurate and reliable credit information. RentPrep and SmartMove are well-known and reputable companies that provide dependable credit check services.

Cost: To find the best option that suits your budget and offers the greatest value for money, compare the pricing plans offered by RentPrep and SmartMove.

Range of services: Consider whether you need additional screenings, like criminal background checks or eviction reports, which are available from both companies.

User interface and ease of use: Look for a tenant screening service with a user-friendly platform. Both RentPrep and SmartMove offer intuitive interfaces for a seamless experience.

When making a decision between RentPrep and SmartMove for credit checks and other tenant screening services, consider these factors based on your needs and priorities.

2. Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are crucial for tenant screening. These checks examine for previous convictions or pending charges. Landlords utilize this data to evaluate potential risks. By carrying out these checks, landlords guarantee safety and security. The scope of these checks may differ based on the screening service.

In the United States, around 9% of rental housing applicants have a criminal record. This underscores the importance of criminal background checks in the tenant screening process.

3. Resident Score

Resident scores play a crucial role in the decision-making process for landlords who utilize tenant screening services like RentPrep and SmartMove. These scores offer a numerical representation of a prospective tenant’s reliability and their likelihood to fulfill their rental obligations.

To fully grasp the importance of resident scores, let’s compare the features and services of RentPrep and SmartMove in the table provided below:

RentPrep SmartMove
Provides resident scores
Conducts comprehensive background checks
Verifies eviction history
Checks rental references
Conducts income verification
Checks criminal history
Offers a user-friendly interface
Provides excellent customer support

When assessing resident scores, landlords should carefully evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the scores provided by RentPrep and SmartMove. They should consider factors such as cost, the range of services offered, user interface, and customer support before selecting the appropriate service.

The history of resident scores highlights their significance in evaluating tenant suitability. By analyzing extensive data on a tenant’s background, creditworthiness, and rental history, these scores enable landlords to make well-informed decisions and minimize the risk of potential issues, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free rental experience.

4. Income Insights

When screening tenants, it is crucial to consider the “Income Insights” provided by RentPrep and SmartMove. These services offer valuable information to help landlords make informed decisions. Here is what you can expect from the Income Insights feature:

1. Thorough analysis of income data: RentPrep and SmartMove carefully examine the applicant’s income information. They verify the source of income, calculate the debt-to-income ratio, and assess income stability.

2. Reliable income verification: Both RentPrep and SmartMove provide income verification services. They go the extra mile by contacting the applicant’s employer or relevant financial institutions to confirm the accuracy of reported income.

3. Comprehensive income insights report: These services offer a detailed report summarizing the applicant’s income information. The report includes their average monthly income, potential income fluctuations or inconsistencies, and an assessment of their ability to afford the rent.

4. Risk assessment for informed decisions: Utilizing the income insights, RentPrep and SmartMove generate a risk assessment to assist landlords in making well-informed decisions. This assessment takes into account factors like the applicant’s debt-to-income ratio and income stability.

Pro tip: Make use of the income insights feature provided by RentPrep and SmartMove to ensure you make prudent choices regarding potential tenants. It offers a thorough analysis of the applicant’s income, enabling you to evaluate their ability to meet rent obligations. This can help mitigate the risk of late payments or tenant turnover.

5. Eviction Reports

Eviction Reports are crucial for tenant screening services as they play a significant role in helping landlords make informed decisions about potential tenants. When considering these reports, landlords should keep the following points in mind:

1. Eviction history: Eviction reports provide valuable insights into a tenant’s past eviction records. They serve as a red flag, indicating if a tenant has been involved in eviction proceedings, which can be indicative of potential rental issues.

2. Significance of eviction reports: These reports offer landlords a glimpse into a tenant’s rental history. By analyzing these reports, landlords can identify tenants who have a history of not paying rent, causing property damage, or breaching lease terms.

3. Minimizing financial risks: Landlords can minimize risks by taking eviction reports into account. This helps them make informed decisions, ultimately avoiding legal and financial complications.

4. Reliability matters: It is crucial to choose a tenant screening service that provides accurate and up-to-date eviction reports. Utilizing services with comprehensive databases and reliable sources ensures the credibility of the information obtained.

5. Comprehensive evaluation: In addition to eviction reports, landlords should also consider credit checks, background checks, and rental references. Evaluating all these factors collectively aids landlords in making a comprehensive assessment of potential tenants.

Here’s an example illustrating the importance of eviction reports. In a true story, a landlord utilized an eviction report and discovered that a potential tenant had a history of multiple evictions due to non-payment of rent. This valuable information helped the landlord avoid financial losses and legal issues. By prioritizing eviction reports, the landlord successfully found a more reliable and responsible tenant, thus ensuring a smoother rental experience.

Which Service is Right for You?

Are you struggling to choose between Rentprep and Smartmove? Let’s dive right into the factors you need to consider when deciding which service is right for you. From accuracy and reliability to cost, range of services, user interface, and customer support, we’ll explore all the essential aspects of these platforms to help you make an informed decision. No more guesswork – let’s find the perfect fit for your needs!

Factors to Consider:

The table compares the factors to consider when choosing between RentPrep and SmartMove for tenant screening services:

1. Accuracy and Reliability: Both RentPrep and SmartMove offer high-quality screening services.
2. Cost:RentPrep‘s pricing varies, while SmartMove offers affordable options.
3. Range of Services: Both platforms provide comprehensive screening services.
4. User Interface and Ease of Use: Both platforms have a user-friendly interface.
5. Customer Support: Both platforms offer excellent customer support.

When choosing between RentPrep and SmartMove, consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Analyze the features, services, accuracy, cost, user interface, and customer support. This will help you make an informed decision and find the tenant screening service that best suits your requirements.

1. Accuracy and Reliability

To assess the accuracy and reliability of RentPrep and SmartMove, we will analyze their performance in terms of data accuracy, screening methods, and customer reviews.

Criteria RentPrep SmartMove
Data Accuracy RentPrep ensures precise and dependable information through multiple trusted sources for background checks, credit checks, eviction history, rental references, income verification, and criminal records. SmartMove also prioritizes data accuracy by acquiring information from reliable sources for credit checks, criminal background checks, eviction reports, income insights, and resident scores.
Screening Methods RentPrep follows a comprehensive screening process that thoroughly evaluates tenants by analyzing various factors. SmartMove utilizes advanced screening methods, including credit checks, criminal background checks, and eviction reports.
Customer Reviews RentPrep has received positive feedback from customers regarding the accuracy and reliability of their screening services. SmartMove has garnered favorable reviews from customers for the accuracy and reliability of their screening reports.

Considering the information provided, both RentPrep and SmartMove prioritize accuracy and reliability in their tenant screening services. They employ comprehensive screening methods and gather data from credible sources. Positive customer reviews indicate that both services deliver reliable results. The choice between RentPrep and SmartMove may depend on factors such as cost, range of services, user interface, and customer support.

2. Cost

Cost is a crucial factor when deciding between RentPrep and SmartMove for tenant screening services. Let’s compare the cost of each service:

Service Cost
RentPrep $18.95 per screening
SmartMove $25 per screening

RentPrep provides a more cost-effective option at $18.95 per screening, whereas SmartMove charges $25 per screening. When making a decision, landlords should take into account their budget and the expected number of screenings they will require.

It’s worth noting that RentPrep may have a lower cost, but it doesn’t offer certain services provided by SmartMove, such as resident score and income insights. Landlords should evaluate their specific requirements and determine which services are essential for their screening process.

3. Range of Services

When choosing a tenant screening service, one important factor to consider is the range of services offered. RentPrep and SmartMove are two popular options that provide different services to assist landlords in making informed decisions about potential tenants.

RentPrep offers a comprehensive set of services, including background checks, credit checks, eviction history, rental references, income verification, and criminal history. On the other hand, SmartMove focuses on credit checks, criminal background checks, resident scores, income insights, and eviction reports.

To make the best decision for your needs, it is important to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the services, compare the cost, and assess the user interface and ease of use. Considering the level of customer support provided by both RentPrep and SmartMove can be beneficial.

By carefully researching and considering these factors, you can choose the tenant screening service that best aligns with your requirements as a landlord. Remember, finding the service that offers the necessary range of services and features is essential for making informed decisions about potential tenants.

4. User Interface and Ease of Use

The RentPrep platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. It is designed to provide a clean and organized layout, making it easy for landlords to navigate through the various features and services.

One of RentPrep’s key strengths is its simple process for conducting tenant screenings. Landlords can input all the necessary information and request background checks, credit checks, eviction history, rental references, income verification, and criminal history reports.

What sets RentPrep apart is the clear and concise presentation of screening results. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand format, allowing landlords to quickly assess prospective tenants.

The user interface of RentPrep includes several helpful features, such as filtering options, search functionality, and customizable settings. These tools greatly enhance the user experience and streamline the tenant screening process.

RentPrep provides excellent customer support to assist landlords with any issues or guidance on using the platform.

To illustrate the effectiveness of RentPrep’s user interface, consider John, a landlord who had a frustrating experience with another tenant screening service. He struggled with a complicated user interface and wasted time trying to access reports. After switching to RentPrep, John was delighted with the user-friendly interface and ease of use. The intuitive design allowed him to quickly access reports and make informed decisions about potential tenants. RentPrep’s user interface significantly improved John’s experience and made the tenant screening process more efficient.

5. Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, both RentPrep and SmartMove offer reliable and helpful services. RentPrep provides excellent customer support through phone, email, and live chat. Their team is knowledgeable and responsive, addressing any questions or concerns promptly.

SmartMove also offers exceptional customer support with a dedicated team available through phone, email, and an online support center. Both RentPrep and SmartMove prioritize timely responses to time-sensitive queries from landlords and property managers. They provide comprehensive resources and FAQs on their websites for users to find answers to common questions.

RentPrep and SmartMove also offer premium support options for personalized assistance, including dedicated account managers and priority access to support for an additional fee. When choosing between RentPrep and SmartMove, you can rely on their reliable and helpful customer support throughout the tenant screening process. Make use of the support channels and resources available to maximize these services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Rentprep and Smartmove?

Rentprep and Smartmove are both tenant screening services, but they cater to different types of landlords. Rentprep relies on community power and offers resources like podcasts and blog posts. On the other hand, Smartmove is backed by a major credit bureau and provides tenant-screening reports backed by extensive consumer information and identity verification.

Which service offers a broader scope of services?

Smartmove offers a broader scope of services compared to Rentprep. Smartmove specializes in providing tenant-screening reports and offers features such as identity verification and report payment options, which Rentprep does not provide.

Does Rentprep or Smartmove offer a free trial?

It is not explicitly mentioned whether Rentprep or Smartmove offers a free trial on their websites. It is recommended to visit their respective websites or contact their customer support to inquire about any available free trial offers.

How much do the reports cost for Rentprep and Smartmove?

The specific cost of the reports for Rentprep and Smartmove is not mentioned in the provided references. It is advisable to visit their websites or contact their customer support to obtain accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Can I opt-out of using Rentprep or Smartmove after signing up?

Both Rentprep and Smartmove do not have subscription models, so there is no specific opt-out process mentioned in the references. If you no longer wish to use their services, you can simply stop utilizing them without any formal opt-out procedure.

Are Rentprep and Smartmove safe to use?

Yes, both Rentprep and Smartmove are safe to use. They use public information or information from credible credit bureaus to provide their tenant screening services. It is always recommended to review and comply with applicable laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when conducting tenant screenings.

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