RentPrep Review – Is this Legit or a Gimmick?

RentPrep is a tenant screening offering New York-based agency. Established in 2007, RentPrep has made its name into the list of leaders by providing authentic and astonishing services to its customers.

RentPrep Review
RentPrep Review


Year of Establishment 2007
Best Features Additional forms and tools
Initial Charges $0
Subscription Charges $4 to $38.00/per package
WebsiteClick Here

Why Should You Choose RentPrep?

Why Should You Choose RentPrep?
Why Should You Choose RentPrep?

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy background and credit checking services for retail managers or landlords, then Rentperp should be your first choice. 

The biggest reason behind setting Rentperp as its priority is its professional FCRA-team.

Moreover, the trans-Union-verified reports bring more legitimacy and authentication to RentPrep.

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Pros And Cons Of RentPrep


  • TransUnion verifies the credit check reports.
  • Reliable and trustworthy customer support.
  • SSN checks, quick turnaround time, and manual report creation.


  • Some of the significant features of tenant screening are only available in add-on options.
  • You can not have reference checks more than three times.
  • You can face local data sources limitations.

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Key Features of RentPrep

Key Features of RentPrep
Key Features of RentPrep

RentPrep has been one of the leading tenant screening service providing companies for more than a last decade.

It includes sex offender reports, credit checks, past addresses, criminal history, and other offers.

All of the services depends upon the package you choose for yourself:

Income Verification Service

It is an additional service and not included in any package, costing $10. By this, you can verify a person’s stated income.

However, for this service, cooperation with the applicant is essential.

Customized Enterprise Solution

You can have a complete package with your specific requirements at a low cost in this customized Enterprise Solution.

You can remove all the unwanted features and add important ones to your package.

FCRA-Certified Screening

RentPrep hires FCRA-verified screening agents to take out all the information and validate the data.

While most people are using automatically-generated results, RentPrep still goes for natural agents to handle reports.

Resources, Tools, And Forms

Along with screening services, RentPrep provides many other tools, resources, and forms to their customers.

They offer an extensive collection of forums and tools, which can be easily shared, downloaded, and used by customers at any time.

Detailed And Authentic Background Check

It provides premium quality, precise and authentic background checks of retail managers and landlords.

You can extract almost all of the information and background data quickly and affordably.

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How To Use RentPrep?

The procedure to order a package or customized package on it is straightforward and effortless.

For ordering online, follow the easy and step-by-step guide as given below:

  1. Sign up In Your Account On RentPrep Portal. For ordering online, log in to your account. If you don’t have an account on RentPrep, create a free one on its portal. 
  2. Visit The Create Order Page. 
  3. Click on the create order page on the dashboard.
  4. Choose between RentPrep Background Check and SmartMove Full Credit Report. Once you choose your report type, you will be guided accordingly to your requirements.

Is RentPrep Legit?

After all this discussion, you might be thinking, is RentPrep legit? We understand that legitimacy and authentication is the most critical factor in matters of finance and property.

And, the answer to your question is Absolute! It is entirely legit. It is FCRA registered tenant screening company.

You can handle all of your matters to rent prep without any doubt. 

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Plans And Pricing

Plans And Pricing RentPrep
Plans And Pricing RentPrep

The plans and prices of it are very affordable. They offer two types of pricing plans to their customers.

You can go for the one that covers your requirements. The two methods of having Rentperp are as follows:

RentPrep Background Check

  • This package costs $18.95.
  • It includes address history and SSN verification
  • Includes liens and judgment check
  • Bankruptcy check
  • Nationwide eviction check

Services You Can Add In This Package And Their Charges:

  • Sex offender check and nationwide criminal background check – $4.
  • Income verification checks with the help of the applicant’s email communication and other details – $10.
  • Report of credit decision check by showing credit score – $9.95. 

Smartmove Full Credit Report

  • This package costs $38.00.
  • It includes a rental background check, resident score, and a full credit report.
  • You will get address history/SSN verification, nationwide criminal check, sex offender check, Bankruptcies, nationwide evictions, and applicant pay options. 

Services You Can Add In This Package And Their Charges:

  • Income Verification – $10.00
  • Liens and Judgement – $ 4.95.

Cancellation Of RentPrep

In order to cancel your RentPrep offer, follow the step-by-step guide as given below: 

  1. Go to the RentPrep portal. 
  2. Log in to your client area in your account. 
  3. Click on the Orders option. 
  4. Find that order you want to cancel. 
  5. Click on the Cancel Order option that is present right under the Actions. 

And this is how you can cancel your specific order or package. If the landlord has purchased the order already, they can request a refund. 

Alternatives of RentPrep

Although, RentPrep is the perfect option if you want to have remarkable and budget-friendly tenant services.

However, we also include some of the alternatives to RentPrep. Let’s have a look at them:


It is a tenant screening services providing company. It provides 24/7 access to databases.

E-Renter mainly includes a screening of real state managers and landlords. Its services’ cost starts from $19.95.


TransUnion is another US-based company providing reliable and authentic credit monitoring services.

It includes password protection, mortgages, personal loans, and all other services. The subscription charges of Trans Union are $24.95 per month.


SmartMove is also a digital tenant screening platform that provides relevant and critical tools for smaller businesses to make accurate leasing decisions.

The intelligent move produces income reports of applicants by their credit reports. The services of SmartMove can cost between $25.00 to $40.00.

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The Verdict

So, this was it. Before we wrap this article up and make an end to this discussion, let’s do a quick review.

We discussed a short introduction of RentPrep and its subscription charges, procedures to use it, and the method to cancel our order.

Then, we examined its pros and cons, how legit and authentic RentPrep is, and some other details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rent prep?

Rent prep is an online New York-based tenant screening agency.

How much does rent prep cost?

Rent prep can cost you around $4- $38 per report. Its pricing structure totally depends on which service you want to purchase. 

Is rent prep legal?

Without any doubt, rent prep is 100% legitimate and a safe site. It has got a high rating which tells a lot about its legitimacy.

Also, the searches that you made on rent prep remain confidential so it is completely safe to use.

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