The Sterling

Sterling, a major provider of background and identification services, provides background and identity verification to over 40,000 clients in order to help them develop people-first cultures based on trust and safety.

Sterling’s technology-enabled services assist enterprises of all sizes in creating outstanding environments for their employees, partners, and consumers.

Sterling conducts more than 75 million background checks per year through its global operations.

The Sterling
The Sterling


Year of Establishment1975
Best FeaturesAccurate background check
Initial Charges0
Subscription ChargesDriver’s Check – $9.95/check
Basic Check $29.95/check
Preferred Check – $59.95/check
Pro Check – $79.95/check
WebsiteClick Here

What is the Sterling?

What is the Sterling?
What is the Sterling?

Sterling conducts background checks to ensure that prospective employees are who they say they are.

This can reveal troubling instances from their past, the likes of which may threaten business culture in the future.

Sterling is also hardly a rookie, having been created in 1975 with over 40,000 clients and performing over 75 million background checks per year. Sterling’s corporate offices are in New York, New York.

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Why Should you Choose Sterling?

Sterling undertakes all checks in accordance with the law by checking publicly available records.

They attempt to assist corporate owners in determining the trustworthiness of possible employees by disclosing financial information (such as bankruptcies), workplace remuneration requests, and criminal record data.

Keep in mind that all credit and criminal background checks are only permissible if the potential candidate consents to them.

Sterling uses an SSN trace to search criminal records archives not only by name but also by social security number, revealing previously unknown residences and aliases along the way.

Arrest or conviction records are then checked for correctness before being submitted to corporate leaders for approval.

Pros and Cons of the Sterling


  • Extensive support
  • SSN Tracing
  • Really old and reliable


  • Some criminal records are not available
  • Different pricing for all

Key Features of the Sterling

Because Sterling offers a wide range of services which are considered as key features of the Sterling.

Hiring managers may just sit back and wait for the results of their candidate’s background check. These are some examples:

Sterling investigates the criminal records of county courthouses in the locations where the potential candidate has lived (for up to 10 years).

Most companies require this background check, which is why it is included with Sterling’s Basic Check and all additional tiers.

Sterling claims to have access to 85 percent of the criminal databases in the United States via CourtDirect, thanks to its patented automation technology. (In case you’re wondering, the other 15 percent is allegedly paper-based, and thus cannot be searched electronically.)

Sterling has specialist court researchers who can identify and retrieve these material in circumstances when access to these records is required).

Plans And Pricing of the Sterling

Businesses who want to do more than 100 background checks per year should contact a Sterling representative, who will provide a customized quote based on their organization’s needs.

As is customary, business credentials must be provided before the procedure may begin. While larger businesses will undoubtedly have some special needs, Sterling has already released pricing for smaller, more conventional demands.

Unfortunately, they have gone opaque for these lesser volume users as well, with no pricing information on their website or through a search engine.

We state below for informational purposes that the pricing was historically, and to offer an indication of the costs involved; nevertheless, they may have changed significantly, and we have no way of verifying.

Driver’s Check

A driver’s check is the lowest, costing $9.95 each check. A more comprehensive education and employment verification are also available at a low fee of $19.95 per check.

Basic Check

It costs $29.95 each check and reveals criminal records as well as social security numbers (SSN).

Preferred Check

The Preferred Check costs $59.95 per check and expands on the Basic Check’s capabilities by revealing federal criminal files by area and revealing terror suspect status.

Pro Check

The most expensive check is the Pro Check, which costs $79.95 per check and includes all of the information from the previous two checks, as well as multi-state booking records and all federal criminal information.

How to start with the Sterling

To create an account, all you have to do is to take a two minute process and you are done. Those steps include:

  • Click Get Started on the top of the webpage.
  • In order to create your account, you will need to have your business information ready. Fill in your first name, last name, business email, and new password in the “Get Started” box.
  • Following that, you will be sent to a part where you will sign an agreement and enter your business details for account approval.
  • After your approval, you will be ready to buy any of the packages you want per check and start making checks.

Alternatives of the Sterling


In comparison to competitor GoodHire, Sterling’s approach of completing background checks appears to be out of date. Sterling gives the background check results at the end of the process.

GoodHire integrates checks into your team’s workflow via your Applicant Tracking System platform, allowing you to see exactly where the process is at and receive updates as it progresses.

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Certn is one of Sterling’s main rivals. Rather than doing background checks and presenting them to your recruiting manager, Certn’s platform allows hiring departments to conduct independent background investigations.

Despite the ease of in-house software, outsourcing background checks can be advantageous from a legal aspect, since it reduces liability in the event of civil claims.

Customer Service the Sterling

Sterling provides extensive customer service. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a toll-free phone line in all American, European, and Asian business timezones, including Pacific Time and Eastern Time for clients in the United States.

There is also a direct email address for support contact that can be utilized for asynchronous discussion.

Finally, there is a support portal where you can request assistance. Advanced help services, such as a chat option, video tutorials, or a user forum, are not availabe here.

Customer service representatives are trained in various sectors. There are, for example, dedicated support teams for hiring departments in healthcare, retail, and government.

When you initially contact a Sterling customer service agent, they are already familiar with the specific background check requirements of your business.

  • For USA number, you can call +1.800.899.2272
  • You can reach via e-mail by [email protected]

Customer Reviews the Sterling

Customer reviews of the Sterling is, on average, about 4 out of 5 including things like ease of use, customer service, the platform itself, and other variables.

So it is pretty obvious that the service itself including other external stuff they offer like the customer service is pretty decent and worth time and the money spent on it.

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Sterling is unquestionably a market-leading background check service for assessing potential hires’ character based on their legal and job history.

All of the checks Sterling provides indicate whether your candidate is trustworthy, with more detailed checks required for professions that deal with sensitive data, vulnerable people, or valuable assets.

Sterling, as an outsourced background check service, will help to distance your business from liability in the event that any civil claims develop as a result of the process.

Sterling is recommended for small organizations that need to check their employees’ integrity in order to protect assets.


What Exactly Is Included A Background Check?

The most typical background checks are criminal record searches and reference checks, however solutions differ depending on sector and work requirements.

Will the candidate, for example, perform cash transactions or manage cash assets?

A normal background check is designed to determine whether or not an applicant is telling the truth about their criminal past, education, and employment history.

How Long Does It Take To Run A Background Check?

That is something you should leave to your legal counsel. There is a lot of difference between state and industry laws.

Your sector and employment needs, on the other hand, will most certainly provide you with a suitable beginning point.

The length of time varies greatly depending on the type of search and the company that delivers it.

We are proud to have the industry’s shortest response times for county courthouse records – the most popular background check.

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