Totallookup Review [Updated 2023]

Totallookup is a service that allows you to see who called you by searching the phone number on its website and it allows you to see the information that number has on the internet by searching the whole of it and coming up with any kind of result it finds to get you the information you need.

It also includes a phonebook and phone tracker for using the internet, so you can find your phone, as well, apart from finding an unknown number who called you.

Totallookup Review
Totallookup Review


Year of Establishment2018
Best FeaturesAll tools are free and completely legal
Initial ChargesZero
Subscription ChargesN/A

What is Totallookup?

Totallookup’s service makes it simple to find out who is on the other end of the phone.

When you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, you will almost certainly wish to recover the number from a blocked call and identify the person or company linked with this phone number.

Totallookup provides a free reverse phone lookup, a phone directory, and a phone tracker via the internet to satisfy your demands! Customers can use their specialist services for free.

You have the option of using their excellent and well-known tolls. Furthermore, the organization follows all legal laws.

They offer a name for an unrecognized number by using publicly available information, user-contributed address books, and social media.

It is entirely legal. On the website, there are numerous methods for locating a caller.

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Why Should you Choose Totallookup?

Totallookup’s solutions make use of specialist databases, however, the tools they provide are absolutely free to their consumers and this is the reason why you should choose Totallookup as they are offering free-of-charge services with information available on the internet.

In addition to all that, every month, millions of people use their services. You may use this reverse phone number lookup to find a number and a landline phone number to reveal the caller’s identity.

They make every effort to give a reliable source of information on the Reverse Phone Lookup service.

Totallookup also offers the chance to find your phone by using the internet means and provides you with the location of your phone.

Pros and Cons of Totallookup


  • Totally free
  • Offers extra services than reverse phone number lookup


  • Not really the best user-friendly website
  • Their “searching on the internet” might not be enough to get your information.

Key Features of Totallookup

Totallookup, as you can imagine, does not offer much but to give you the publicly available information registered to a number but there is some stuff that is considered a key feature and very important for the customers as well as to Totallookup itself.


The most important key feature is not a technical one but rather the business side of things, it is completely free of charge of everything.

Using the Internet

This service, as we have mentioned before, uses purely the internet and the information available to the public by giving you a safe haven to find out who is your random caller pop up on your phone and calls you occasionally or just once.

How to start with Totallookup

Starting with Totallookup is really easy as you do not need any kind of registration, or a sign up process to do what you want.

Totallookup works without anything being registered on their website except the number you post on their website to search.


All you need to do to get started with total lookup is to go to which is their official website and if you are looking to find a number, just write down the number onto the little box on the right side of the webpage when you enter and it will show you the details available on the internet that is also publicly available, as you can imagine.

Other Services

If you want to track your phone to see where your phone is by the means of the internet, all you need to do is to click on “phone tracker” at the top of the page and download an application that is provided by Totallookup and start following the instructions to get started.

This is really a good thing if you are a parent and want to see where your kid is.

It might not be the best way to track your stolen phone as it only shows the latest active location and not the current one.

Alternatives of Totallookup


Spokeo is one of the greatest companies in the market for internet reverse phone lookups.

It is essentially a personal search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources and presents it to users when needed.

The company’s headquarters are located in Pasadena, California, and it is led by CEO Harrison Tang.

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This is another company that offers Reverse Phone Lookup services. It is a provider of internet directory services, public record background checks, and other services.

The corporation maintains a vast database of contact information for individuals and businesses.

We can argue that Whitepages offers the greatest contact database of US residents available. Whitepages’ headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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Customer Service Totallookup

Customer service of Totallookup is pretty intensive as they offer many different ways to contact them and have a solution for your problem or if you are interested in cooperation with Totallookup, you can contact them via the same means. You can either:

  • Send a message through the “contact us” section on their website,
  • Use their email [email protected] and reach them via e-mail.

Alternatively, their HQ is in Poland, Warsaw and you can visit that, as well, if you are living close by the area.

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Customer Reviews Totallookup

Reviews of Totallookup show the company to be reliable, safe, and gets the job done.

Even though it is not the best, the services they offer especially since they are free, make Totallookup a worthy opponent in the area of phone lookup services and an additional service phone tracker which is something you generally do not get with the majority of phones lookup services whether free or works with the subscription or some other method that requires you to pay money for.

All in all, the services they offer are pretty neat and the reviews of the customers show that they are doing a good job in what they are doing with a rate of more than 60% happiness in the majority of the review websites.

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All in all, Totallookup is a service worth using if you are looking to find basic information about a number or trying to find out the whereabouts of your phone or just simply want to make sure your kid is safe by following them.

They do not offer much but the things they offer surely cover what you need around this same niche of numbers.


Can I Track Any Phone I Want?

If both of the phones have apps installed on their phones, you can track them by them giving consent for you to do so.

So, you can not randomly track a phone and you can see who tracks your phone.

Is There A Limit To How Many Numbers I Can Search On Totallookup?

No, there is no limit.

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