Truescreen vs Hireright: A Comprehensive Comparison of Background Check Services

Truescreen and Hireright are two popular background check services that offer comprehensive solutions for employers seeking to make informed hiring decisions. Understanding the features and capabilities of each service is crucial in determining which one best suits your organization’s needs.

Truescreen is a leading background screening provider known for its extensive background check solutions. It offers a wide range of services, including criminal record searches, employment verification, education verification, and drug testing. Truescreen prioritizes accuracy, compliance, and timely delivery of results, making it a trusted option for companies worldwide.

Hireright, on the other hand, is another reputable background check service that offers a variety of screening services. With a global presence, Hireright caters to organizations of all sizes. Their services include criminal background checks, employment and education verification, drug testing, and more. Hireright focuses on providing customizable solutions and an easy-to-use platform for seamless integration into existing HR systems.

When comparing Truescreen and Hireright, a few factors should be considered. Pricing and packages differ between the two services, so it’s essential to assess the cost structure and determine which aligns with your budget. The types of background checks offered by each service might vary, so evaluate your specific screening requirements to ensure they are met.

Accuracy and quality of information are critical in background checks, as employers heavily rely on the accuracy of the results. Evaluating the reputation and track record of Truescreen and Hireright in providing reliable and thorough information is crucial in the decision-making process.

Turnaround time is another significant factor, as employers often prioritize efficiency and promptness in receiving background check results. Assessing the average turnaround time offered by Truescreen and Hireright is essential to meet your organization’s hiring timeline.

Considering customer support and user experience is vital in ensuring a smooth and seamless background check process. Assess the level of customer support provided by each service and the user experience of their platforms to determine which one offers the best overall experience for your organization.

By carefully comparing the features, advantages, and limitations of Truescreen and Hireright, you can make an informed decision and choose the background check service that best fits your organization’s requirements and hiring process.


Truescreen: Overview and Features

Truescreen: Overview and Features

Truescreen is an industry-leading background screening company that offers a comprehensive range of services and features. Here is an overview and some key features of Truescreen:

  • Overview: Truescreen is a trusted background screening provider.
  • Accurate Results: Truescreen ensures accurate and reliable screening results.
  • Wide Coverage: Truescreen offers global coverage for background screening.
  • Compliance: Truescreen adheres to all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Customizable Solutions: Truescreen provides tailored solutions to meet client needs.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Truescreen offers an easy-to-use platform for screening initiation and result retrieval.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Truescreen delivers quick results, helping employers make informed hiring decisions promptly.
  • Advanced Technology: Truescreen utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the screening process and enhance efficiency.

Truescreen’s extensive experience, commitment to compliance, and focus on accuracy make it a top choice for companies seeking reliable and efficient background screening solutions. With their customizable services and user-friendly platform, Truescreen is equipped to meet the unique needs of each client and ensure a seamless experience throughout the screening process.

What is Truescreen?

What is Truescreen?

Truescreen is a background check service that offers various screening solutions for businesses and organizations. Its comprehensive services assist employers in making informed hiring decisions. Truescreen conducts thorough background checks on individuals, which include criminal records, employment verification, education verification, and professional license verification. Utilizing advanced technology and an extensive network of data sources, Truescreen ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

One notable feature of Truescreen is its user-friendly online platform. Clients can effortlessly submit background check requests, keep track of the progress of their screenings, and access completed reports. Truescreen also caters to the specific needs of different industries and organizations by providing customizable solutions. Their team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering prompt and efficient customer support.

To illustrate the effectiveness of Truescreen, let’s consider the case of Sarah, a small business owner who required assistance with hiring someone for sensitive financial tasks. In order to make a secure decision, Sarah employed Truescreen for a comprehensive background check. Thanks to Truescreen‘s meticulous screening process, a criminal record that the candidate had failed to disclose was uncovered. As a result, Sarah successfully protected her business from potential risks and ultimately found a more suitable candidate.

What are the Key Features of Truescreen?

Truescreen offers a wide range of background checks, ensuring a comprehensive vetting process. These checks include criminal record checks, verification of employment and education, as well as reference checks. With global coverage, Truescreen conducts background checks for companies with employees or candidates from different countries.

Utilizing advanced technology, Truescreen streamlines the background check process through their online platform, making it easier to submit requests, track progress, and receive timely results. They also provide customizable screening solutions, tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of each client. Truescreen prioritizes compliance with regulations such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in the United States, ensuring their processes and procedures adhere to legal guidelines while protecting individual privacy.

Hireright: Overview and Features

Hireright is a leading background screening company that provides comprehensive screening solutions for employers. It offers a wide range of features to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. One key feature of Hireright is its global reach, operating in over 200 countries and territories. This allows employers to conduct background checks on candidates worldwide.

Another notable feature is Hireright’s advanced technology platform, which streamlines the screening process and provides real-time updates on background checks. This helps employers make informed hiring decisions quickly.

Hireright also offers various screening services, including criminal record checks, employment and education verifications, drug testing, and identity checks. These services can be customized to meet specific employer requirements.

Hireright was founded in 1981 and has become one of the largest background screening companies globally. It is committed to data privacy and security, establishing itself as a trusted partner for reliable screening services. Over the years, Hireright has continued to innovate and adapt to employer needs, remaining a leader in the industry.

What is Hireright?

Hireright is a background check service that provides screening solutions for employers. It conducts thorough checks on individuals, including criminal records, employment verification, education verification, and drug testing. Hireright is known for its reliable and accurate information, maintaining a large database and accessing various sources to gather relevant data.

One key feature of Hireright is its fast turnaround time. They understand the importance of prompt results for employers and strive to deliver efficient screening services. Employers can receive background check reports quickly, enabling them to make hiring decisions promptly.

Hireright also offers excellent customer support and a user-friendly experience. They have a dedicated support team available to assist employers throughout the screening process and address concerns. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it convenient for employers to access and review reports.

So, in summary, Hireright is a reliable and efficient background check service that offers fast results, exceptional customer support, and a user-friendly experience for employers.

What are the Key Features of Hireright?

The key features of Hireright include comprehensive background checks, international screening capabilities, technology-driven solutions, customization options, and compliance with regulations.

Hireright offers a wide range of background checks, including criminal record checks, employment history verification, education verification, reference checks, drug testing, and more.

They can conduct background checks in over 200 countries and territories, making it ideal for companies with an international workforce or those expanding globally.

Hireright utilizes innovative technology to streamline the background check process, providing efficient and accurate results. For more information on Truescreen vs Hireright, please visit Truescreen vs Hireright.

Their online platform allows easy ordering, tracking, and management of background checks.

They also offer customizable solutions to align with specific needs, such as industry-specific screening packages, integration with HR systems, or tailored workflows.

Hireright ensures adherence to local, national, and international laws and regulations governing background checks, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in the United States.

This helps companies mitigate legal risks and maintain compliance.

Consider the key features of Hireright to make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Whether you require comprehensive background checks, international screening capabilities, technology-driven solutions, customization options, or compliance with regulations, Hireright offers a robust suite of services to meet your requirements.

Comparison of Truescreen and Hireright

Comparison of Truescreen and Hireright - Truescreen vs Hireright

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When it comes to choosing the right background check provider, Truescreen and Hireright stand out as top contenders. In this comparison, we’ll dive into the key aspects that set them apart. From pricing and packages to the types of background checks offered, we’ll explore the depth and accuracy of information provided. We’ll weigh in on the turnaround time, as well as the quality of customer support and overall user experience. So, buckle up, as we take a closer look at the battle between Truescreen and Hireright.

Pricing and Packages

Background Check Service




$20 per check

Basic: $50/month for up to 25 checks


$30 per check

Standard: $100/month for up to 50 checks

Truescreen offers competitive pricing for their background check service. They charge $20 per check and have a basic package available for $50 per month, which includes up to 25 background checks. On the other hand, Hireright has a slightly higher pricing of $30 per check and offers a standard package for $100 per month, allowing up to 50 background checks.

When deciding between Truescreen and Hireright, it’s important to consider their pricing and packages. Truescreen has a lower cost per check, making it a good option if you’re looking for a lower cost per individual check. If you require a larger volume of background checks per month, Hireright’s standard package, which offers more checks, may be more suitable.

Ultimately, the choice between the two services depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider the volume of background checks you anticipate needing and weigh the advantages of Truescreen’s lower cost per check against Hireright’s larger check allowance in their standard package.

Types of Background Checks Offered

To compare background checks offered by Truescreen and Hireright, we created a table outlining their differences:

Background Check Type Truescreen Hireright
Criminal History County, State, Federal County, State, Federal
Employment Verification Previous employers Previous employers
Education Verification Schools, colleges, universities Schools, colleges, universities
Reference Checks Personal and professional references Personal and professional references
Credit Checks Credit bureaus Credit bureaus
Identity Verification Social security, driver’s license Social security, driver’s license
Drug Testing Urine, hair follicle Urine, hair follicle
Professional License Checks Relevant licensing bodies Relevant licensing bodies
Global Screening International databases International databases

Choose a background check service that offers the specific types of checks you require. Truescreen and Hireright provide comprehensive screenings that cover criminal history, employment and education verification, reference checks, credit checks, identity verification, drug testing, professional license checks, and global screening. Truescreen places a stronger emphasis on international screening, making it suitable for companies with a global workforce.

When deciding between Truescreen and Hireright, consider the specific background check types you need, the accuracy and quality of information provided, the turnaround time, and the level of customer support and user experience offered.

Research and compare different providers to find the one that best meets your organization’s requirements and provides reliable and accurate background checks.

Accuracy and Quality of Information

When assessing the precision and excellence of information obtained from background check services such as Truescreen and Hireright, it is important to take into account the following:

  1. Data Sources: Truescreen and Hireright acquire data from databases, public records, and other relevant sources in order to provide thorough and current information.
  2. Verification Procedures: Both Truescreen and Hireright have robust verification procedures. They cross-reference the collected information with multiple sources to confirm its accuracy and minimize any potential errors.
  3. Data Quality Control: Truescreen and Hireright ensure accuracy and dependability by implementing quality control measures. They regularly review and update their databases to ensure the information is current and strive for high data integrity.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Truescreen and Hireright adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, enhancing the reliability of the background check results.
  5. Customer Feedback: Truescreen and Hireright value customer satisfaction and feedback. They continuously enhance their services and address any concerns regarding the accuracy and quality of the provided information.

Considering these factors, both Truescreen and Hireright take comprehensive measures to assure the precision and excellence of the information in their background checks.

Turnaround Time


Turnaround Time

  1. Truescreen and Hireright offer varying turnaround times for background checks.
  2. Truescreen usually provides a turnaround time of 48-72 hours for standard checks.
  3. Hireright offers a slightly faster turnaround time, with results usually available within 24-48 hours.
  4. Comprehensive checks or additional verifications may require a longer turnaround time from both Truescreen and Hireright.
  5. The turnaround time may also depend on the check complexity and information availability.
  6. Both Truescreen and Hireright aim to provide prompt results.
  7. Communicate your specific timeline requirements to ensure they can meet your needs.

Customer Support and User Experience

When it comes to customer support and user experience, the evaluation of the level of assistance provided and the overall satisfaction of users with the background check services is crucial. Both Truescreen and Hireright offer customer support services during regular business hours, ensuring users can easily reach out for assistance. Truescreen aims to respond within 24 hours on average to address customer queries or concerns, while Hireright strives for a response within 48 hours.

Both Truescreen and Hireright have trained customer support teams with expertise in the background check processes, capable of effectively handling user inquiries. These services provide multiple communication channels, including phone, email, and live chat support, ensuring users have various ways to seek assistance.

Truescreen and Hireright prioritize user experience by offering user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate and understand. In addition, they provide comprehensive FAQs, knowledge bases, and educational materials to support users in their background check processes.

Users have given positive feedback, highlighting the exceptional customer support and user-friendly experiences provided by Truescreen and Hireright. Having reliable and responsive customer support, along with a user-friendly interface, greatly enhances the overall experience of utilizing a background check service.

Which Background Check Service is Right for You?

Which Background Check Service is Right for You? - Truescreen vs Hireright

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Choosing the right background check service is crucial for accurate and reliable information. When deciding between Truescreen and Hireright, consider the following factors:

1. Reputation: Both Truescreen and Hireright are reputable background check services.

2. Services offered: Truescreen and Hireright provide comprehensive background checks, including criminal records, employment and education verification, and more.

3. Turnaround time: Truescreen typically delivers results in 3-5 business days, while Hireright offers faster results in 1-3 business days.

4. Pricing: Evaluate the pricing structures of Truescreen and Hireright to determine which fits your budget.

5. Customer support: Consider the level of customer support provided by both services. Prompt and efficient support is crucial during the background check process.

Ultimately, your choice between Truescreen and Hireright depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Assess all factors carefully and prioritize what matters most to you when selecting the background check service that best fits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Truescreen and HireRight?

Truescreen and HireRight are both background check companies, but they have different offerings and features. Truescreen is a single source provider that offers talent acquisition and management solutions, including applicant screening services and compliance resources. On the other hand, HireRight is a third-party company that specializes in background checks. Both companies have their own strengths and it depends on the specific needs of your business.

What types of searches are included in Truescreen and HireRight background check services?

Truescreen and HireRight offer different types of searches as part of their background check services. Truescreen provides multiple types of searches, which can be bundled in their packages or added on a la carte. HireRight also offers preset packages with various types of searches included. It is important to review the specific search options offered by each company to determine which one aligns with your hiring requirements.

How do Truescreen and HireRight ensure accurate and thorough background checks?

Truescreen and HireRight both strive for accuracy and thoroughness in their background check services. Truescreen boasts a 99%+ accuracy rate and clients have praised their expedient and thorough service. HireRight also focuses on accuracy and reliability in their screening process. Both companies have developed technology and systems to streamline the screening process, ensuring comprehensive and accurate results.

How do Truescreen and HireRight handle compliance with screening laws and regulations?

Both Truescreen and HireRight emphasize compliance with screening laws and regulations. Truescreen offers compliance resources through their Knowledge Center, which helps clients ensure adherence to applicant screening laws and regulations. HireRight also maintains compliance with applicable laws and regulations in their background check processes. It is important to work with a background check company that prioritizes compliance to avoid legal issues.

How do Truescreen and HireRight integrate with HR software and systems?

Truescreen offers an ATS Toolbox, which allows clients to connect their HR software with Truescreen’s background screening tools. This flexible integration system enables automated report requests and reduces redundancies. HireRight also integrates with various HR software platforms, providing a seamless user experience. Both companies understand the importance of integrating with HR systems for efficient and streamlined hiring processes.

Are Truescreen and HireRight recommended for employee background checks?

Both Truescreen and HireRight are highly regarded in the industry and offer comprehensive employee background check services. Truescreen has been praised for their exceptional service, user-friendly design, and expedient and thoroughness. HireRight is also a well-established company that provides reliable background check services. To make a decision, consider your specific needs, budget, and timeframe, and review the top recommendations for background check agencies.

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