Trusted Employees Review – A User Opinion

Trusted Employees is a background check platform that has been in the employment screening industry for the past 20 years.

They provide their services to all sizes of companies, including non-profits, businesses, and volunteer organizations.  

Trusted Employees Review
Trusted Employees Review

At Trusted Employees, things are different because they don’t make you pay for shortcuts like many other services.

They check multiple databases instead of relying on a single database when running background checks. That is why it has got a huge fan base. 

Not only this, they keep on improving in the research and development of new screening solutions as the technology advances.

This platform has taken background screening to the next level with unrivaled technology.

It has a separate option of learning centers on their website, where they provide a free demo or training and product sheets to brush up on your user skills.

To help save your time, they provide you beforehand learning of registering to the hiring process.

Moreover, they provide customized services according to the position you’re hiring for, your industry, and your business type.


CompanyTrusted Employees
Best FeatureProduct Sheet
Initial Charges$0
Subscription ChargesDifferent Plans
LimitNo Limits

Why should you choose Trusted Employees?

Why should you choose Trusted Employees?
Why should you choose Trusted Employees?

Due to many screening services available online, it becomes challenging to prefer one over the other.

Trusted Employees know how to pay attention to detail while being responsive to every individual’s needs immediately. 

So, it is an excellent option to choose. Moreover, it has affordable pricing, fast turnaround times, and accurate checks.

They make sure it’s brilliant, safe, and easy whether you hire your first or hundredth employee. 

Trusted Employees Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • User friendly and easy to navigate UI
  • Built-in FCRA compliance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Zero setup fee and monthly charges; pay as you go. 
  • Integration with workable.
  • Detailed reports that include addresses, employment history, credit information, and more.
  • You can easily access it from mobile phones and tablets. 
  • Streamlined analytics and reporting
  • Customizable and standard background check packages to your needs. 
  • ATS integration


  • It is only for Canada and U.S people. 
  •  There is no access to more than two years of background data in other packages except the “Professional” package.

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Key features


Their checks are 100% accurate and compliant with FCRA.

They perform county, state, federal and international searches to protect your company from incomplete background reports.

Streamlined Analytics & Reporting

Every time you have to hire a new applicant, you have to perform a lot of paperwork. But Trusted Employees has a solution for this too. 

Their analytics will help you quickly manage your employment screening data and take the pain out of hiring.

You can quickly organize your reports, together with their insightful analytics feature.

Integration with workable

Workable is the world’s leading recruiting software. It helps make the hiring process faster and smoother.

Other background services take time to process, but due to the integration of Trusted Employees with workable, you can move quickly and confidently to secure your preferred hire.


When it comes to pricing, it offers its services at very reasonable and affordable prices. Moreover, you can also customize packages according to your needs. 

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How to use Trusted Employees?

Step 1: Navigate to the website.

Go to the Trusted Employee website and click on “get started.”

Step 2: Create an account

Create an account by filling out the online form with your personal and company details.

Step 3: Select a package

Once you complete the registration process, now purchase a specific package and order your report.

If you want to review your results in workable, then follow these steps:

  • To integrate with Workable, let Trusted Employees know that. They will send you an API key.
  • Sign in to Workable account
  • Navigate to integrations
  • Locate TrustedEmployees in the list of background check integrations and click on it.
  • Paste the API key into the field
  • Click Update Settings
  •  You will now be able to perform background checks and view your reports.

Types of checks available at Trusted Employees

They offer employment screening and specialty screening. 

Employment screening

It includes:

Specialty screening

It includes:

  • Motor vehicle records
  • Drug screening
  •  I-9/E-verify
  • Credential and licensing 

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Is Trusted Employee legit?

Yes, it is 100% legitimate with the accreditation of BBB, PBSA(Professional Background Screening Association), and certified by FCRA.

It performs checks from authentic and legal sources.

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Pricing and plans

Pricing and plans
Pricing and plans

Their pricing strategy is straightforward and less inexpensive. You can order more than 50 screenings per year.

However, it offers three packages and add-ons that you can order with any of the packages.   


This package costs $29.95. It is ideal for evaluating primary criminal background and identity. 


It costs $49.95 and provides an in-depth criminal check. 


It provides a more inclusive criminal check and costs $69.9 per one screening. 

Additional checks

  • Credit report costs $12
  • Driving records costs $19.95
  • Financial and health care sanctions cost $9
  • Education/Employment verification for $14.95

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Opt-out/ cancel

Opt-out or cancellation process is not mentioned on their website.

But according to its privacy policy, if you wish to opt-out, you can contact the Trusted Employees email address. 

Alternatives of Trusted Employees

Trusted Employees vs. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is more affordable than Trusted Employees, but it is not a consumer reporting agency per Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Whereas, Trusted Employees is certified by FCRA.  

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Trusted Employees vs. BetterFuture

BetterFuture is an entirely free service meant for personal background checks, while TrustedEmployees provide more in-depth pre-employment searches for a vast number of industries.

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The verdict

Trusted Employees has been helping clients make confident hiring decisions through background checks for over 20 years.

They serve various industries, including health care, transportation, finance, technology, education, and retail. 

Its screening process is always in compliance with employment rules and regulations. You don’t need to worry about legal problems while working with it. 

Overall, it is an excellent agency and hires the right talents using rigorous data quality standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What employers can ask in a background check?

While the most common types of employment background checks include criminal records, work status validation, and reviews of social media accounts, your employer may also ask for a drug test, a physical evaluation, or additional financial information (like bankruptcies).

What do employers need to know about background checks?

In order to conduct a background check, the employer will at minimum need your full name and date of birth.

You may also need to provide your social security number or driver’s license number.

An employer must always gain your permission before conducting a background check.

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