Turbotenant vs Avail: Comparing Top Rental Property Management Software

TurboTenant and Avail are both popular online platforms designed to streamline the rental property management process. While both offer similar features, each has its own unique benefits. Understanding the features and benefits of each platform can help you determine which one is the right fit for your specific needs.

TurboTenant provides a range of features to simplify property management:

  1. Online Rental Applications: TurboTenant offers a seamless online application process, allowing potential tenants to submit applications electronically.
  2. Tenant Screening: Through TurboTenant, landlords can conduct comprehensive tenant screenings, including credit checks, criminal background checks, and eviction history.
  3. Lease Tracking and Renewal: This platform enables easy management of lease agreements, including convenient lease tracking and automated reminders for lease renewals.
  4. Rent Payment and Collection: TurboTenant provides tools for efficient rent collection, including online payment options for tenants and automatic rent reminders.
  5. Maintenance Tracking: Landlords can effortlessly track and manage maintenance requests from tenants, ensuring timely resolution of issues.

Avail also offers a range of features to simplify rental property management:

  1. Customizable Online Rental Applications: Avail allows landlords to create customizable rental application forms tailored to their specific requirements.
  2. Comprehensive Tenant Screening: With Avail, landlords can perform thorough tenant screenings, including credit checks, background checks, and employment verification.
  3. Lease Management and Renewals: This platform facilitates easy lease management, including digital lease signing and automated reminders for lease renewals.
  4. Rent Collection and Tracking: Avail offers convenient rent collection options, including online payment processing and late rent reminders to ensure timely payments.
  5. Maintenance Requests and Tracking: Through Avail, tenants can submit maintenance requests, and landlords can efficiently track and manage them to ensure prompt resolution.

When comparing TurboTenant and Avail, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Pricing and Plans: Assess the pricing structures and any additional fees associated with each platform to find the most cost-effective option.
  2. User-Friendliness: Evaluate the user interface and overall ease of use for both platforms to determine which one aligns with your preferences and technical expertise.
  3. Tenant Screening and Background Checks: Consider the comprehensiveness and reliability of the tenant screening process offered by each platform.
  4. Lease Management: Compare the features related to lease tracking, management, and renewal to determine which platform offers the flexibility and convenience you require.
  5. Rent Collection and Payment Options: Assess the available rent collection methods, including online payment options and automated rent reminders.
  6. Maintenance Tracking and Communication: Evaluate the tools provided for managing maintenance requests and staying in communication with tenants.

By carefully comparing the features and benefits of TurboTenant and Avail, you can make an informed decision on which platform is best suited to your unique property management needs.

Features and Benefits of Turbotenant

Looking to streamline your rental management process? Dive into the world of Turbotenant, where we’ll explore its array of features and benefits. From online rental applications to effortless lease tracking and renewal, and even rent payment and collection, Turbotenant has got you covered. We’ll also delve into their maintenance tracking system, ensuring your properties are meticulously looked after. So, let’s embark on this journey and uncover all that Turbotenant has to offer!

1. Online Rental Applications

Online rental applications can be made convenient for landlords and property managers with the help of Turbotenant and Avail.

Turbotenant offers a user-friendly platform for creating and managing online rental applications.

Landlords can easily customize their applications by adding their own questions and requirements, allowing them to efficiently gather all necessary tenant information.

Similarly, Avail provides customizable online rental applications that make the application process seamless.

Landlords can create specific forms tailored to their needs and requirements, enabling them to gather all necessary tenant details upfront and save time during the screening process.

When deciding between Turbotenant and Avail, it is important to consider factors such as the level of customization needed, the specific tenant information required, and the overall user-friendliness of the platform.

Both platforms are designed to enhance the application process and streamline tenant information collection, making it easier for landlords to make informed decisions.

Therefore, assess your needs and preferences to determine which platform best suits your requirements.

2. Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

  • Turbotenant and Avail offer tenant screening services to landlords. They analyze prospective tenants’ background, credit history, criminal records, and eviction history.
  • Both Turbotenant and Avail provide tools for comprehensive tenant screening, including credit checks, background checks, and eviction history. Landlords can access all the necessary information to make informed decisions on potential tenants.
  • Both platforms prioritize user safety and security by ensuring accurate and reliable screening results.
  • Turbotenant verifies employment, income, references, and rental history to assess a tenant’s suitability for a property.
  • Avail allows landlords to request credit reports and background checks directly from their platform, streamlining the screening process and saving time.

Choosing a platform like Turbotenant or Avail is crucial for effective tenant screening. These services provide landlords with the necessary tools to evaluate tenant backgrounds and make informed decisions. By utilizing their comprehensive screening features, landlords can select responsible and trustworthy tenants, minimizing the risk of potential issues in the future. Whether you choose Turbotenant or Avail, rest assured that your tenant screening needs will be met effectively and efficiently.

3. Lease Tracking and Renewal

Lease tracking and renewal are vital aspects of effectively managing rental properties. Turbotenant and Avail provide convenient solutions for landlords and property managers, simplifying these processes.

Turbotenant: Turbotenant offers a user-friendly platform that enables lease tracking and renewal. Landlords have access to essential lease information, such as start and end dates, rent amounts, and any addendums or modifications. The system also sends automated reminders for lease renewals, ensuring that lease expirations are not overlooked.

Avail: Avail provides comprehensive tools for lease management and renewal. Landlords can easily track lease terms, monitor lease renewals, and create new lease agreements. With Avail, landlords can also send personalized lease renewal offers to tenants, streamlining the entire process.

Fact: Efficient lease tracking and renewal processes are crucial in preventing costly vacancies and maintaining a steady income for landlords. Utilizing software like Turbotenant or Avail makes it effortless for landlords to keep track of lease expirations, renewals, and other essential lease-related information.

4. Rent Payment and Collection

Turbotenant provides an online platform for rent payment and collection.

With Turbotenant, tenants have the convenience of making rent payments online using either credit cards or bank transfers.

The platform automatically keeps track of all rent payments, making it easy for landlords to monitor the payment status.

In addition, Turbotenant offers detailed rent payment records that can be easily accessed and reviewed by both tenants and landlords.

To ensure timely payments, landlords have the option to set up automatic reminders for rent payment due dates.

5. Maintenance Tracking

When it comes to maintenance tracking, both Turbotenant and Avail offer features to streamline the process and ensure well-maintained properties.

1. Maintenance requests: Both platforms allow tenants to submit maintenance requests online, making it easy for them to report and track issues.

2. Work order management: Turbotenant and Avail provide tools for landlords to create and manage work orders efficiently. You can assign tasks, set priorities, and track the progress of each request.

3. Communication: Both platforms offer features that allow landlords to stay in touch with tenants about maintenance updates, repair timelines, and any additional information needed to resolve the issue.

4. Documentation: Turbotenant and Avail enable landlords to keep detailed records of all maintenance activities, including completed repairs, invoices, and related documentation.

5. Mobile access: With mobile apps available for both Turbotenant and Avail, landlords can easily manage maintenance tracking on the go, ensuring quick responses and efficient resolution of any maintenance issues.

Pro-tip: Consider the specific needs and requirements of your properties when choosing between Turbotenant and Avail. Look for a platform that offers user-friendly navigation, seamless integration with other property management tools, and excellent customer support to assist you with any maintenance tracking needs.

Features and Benefits of Avail

Discover the incredible features and benefits that Avail offers for streamlined rental management. From customizable online rental applications to comprehensive tenant screening and lease management, Avail provides the tools you need for efficient rent collection, maintenance requests, and more. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional rental processes and embrace the convenience and effectiveness of Avail.

1. Customizable Online Rental Applications

Customizable online rental applications are vital features provided by both Turbotenant and Avail to landlords and property managers. These platforms simplify the tenant screening and selection process by offering a digital platform for collecting all necessary information.

Both Turbotenant and Avail enable landlords to create personalized rental applications that cater to their specific requirements. Landlords can include their own questions and request details such as employment history, references, and income verification.

These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces that facilitate easy navigation for both landlords and tenants during the application process. They provide step-by-step guidance to ensure all essential information is gathered.

By eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry, online applications allow tenants to directly submit their information through the platform. This streamlines the process, making it more efficient and reducing the risk of errors or missing information.

Automated notifications are sent to landlords when a new application is submitted, allowing them to promptly review and follow up with potential tenants.

Data security is a top priority for both Turbotenant and Avail, ensuring the protection of all information collected through rental applications.

Let’s consider the example of Jane, a landlord who needed to find a new tenant quickly. Using Turbotenant, she customized an online rental application for her listing, incorporating specific questions about pets and income verification. Within a day, Jane received several applications from interested tenants. The flexibility of customizable online rental applications allowed Jane to efficiently review and select the most suitable tenant for her property.

2. Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Turbotenant provides landlords with a comprehensive tenant screening process. This process enables landlords to efficiently conduct thorough background checks on potential tenants, including a review of their credit history, criminal records, eviction history, and employment verification.

By utilizing this screening process, landlords can make well-informed decisions and minimize the risk of renting to unreliable or potentially problematic tenants.

The results of the tenant screening process are conveniently accessible and available for review through Turbotenant, allowing landlords to carefully evaluate the suitability of each applicant.

The comprehensive tenant screening service offered by Turbotenant aims to safeguard landlords’ interests and uphold the integrity of their rental properties.

3. Lease Management and Renewals

  1. Turbotenant: Turbotenant offers efficient lease management and renewal features. Landlords can create and track leases for their rental properties. The platform allows for easy lease generation, customization, and tracking. Landlords can manage lease terms, addendums, and renewals or updates. This streamlines the lease management process, ensuring organized and accessible documentation.

  2. Avail: Avail provides comprehensive lease management and renewal capabilities. Landlords can create and customize leases, specifying terms, conditions, and addendums. Avail offers automatic renewal reminders to stay on top of lease expirations and initiate timely renewals. The platform enables easy communication with tenants about lease renewals, streamlining the process.

When comparing Turbotenant and Avail‘s lease management and renewal features, both platforms offer robust functionalities. However, Turbotenant provides a user-friendly interface and easy lease tracking, while Avail focuses on automated renewal reminders and seamless communication with tenants. Landlords can choose the platform that aligns best with their lease management and renewal requirements.

4. Rent Collection and Tracking

When it comes to rent collection and tracking, Turbotenant and Avail offer convenient solutions. Here are the key features and benefits of each:


    – Online rent collection: Turbotenant provides an easy and secure platform for tenants to pay rent electronically, streamlining the payment process and ensuring timely collection.

    – Rent tracking: Turbotenant allows landlords to easily track rent payments and view payment history, helping to monitor payment patterns and identify any late or missed payments.


    – Rent collection options: Avail allows landlords to choose their preferred rent collection method, whether it’s online payments, checks, or cash. This flexibility caters to the different needs and preferences of tenants.

    – Payment tracking: Avail provides a clear overview of rent payments, allowing landlords to effectively monitor and track payments, simplifying the process of reconciling rent accounts.

Both Turbotenant and Avail offer reliable rent collection and tracking tools. The choice between the two depends on factors such as pricing, user-friendliness, and additional features that align with the specific needs of landlords.

5. Maintenance Requests and Tracking

When it comes to maintenance requests and tracking, both Turbotenant and Avail offer comprehensive features. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Online Maintenance Requests: Tenants can submit maintenance requests online through their dashboard.
  • Tracking and Communication: Landlords can track the status of maintenance requests and communicate with tenants directly through the platform.
  • Priority and Urgency: Tenants can specify the priority and urgency of their maintenance requests.
  • Maintenance: A record of all maintenance requests and related communication is kept.
  • Notification and Reminders: Notification and reminder features are provided to ensure that landlords and tenants stay informed.

When comparing Turbotenant and Avail for maintenance requests and tracking, it is important to evaluate their pricing, other features, and user-friendliness to determine which platform best suits your property management needs.

Comparing Turbotenant and Avail

When it comes to choosing the right platform for managing your rental properties, Turbotenant and Avail are two top contenders worth considering. In this section, we’ll dive into the key factors that differentiate these platforms and help you make an informed decision. From pricing and user-friendliness to tenant screening and lease management, we’ll explore the features and benefits that each platform offers. Get ready to discover the ideal solution for your rental property needs.

1. Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

When considering Turbotenant and Avail, it is crucial to take into account their pricing and plans. Let’s compare the pricing and plans of both platforms:

Turbotenant offers a free plan that includes basic features such as online rental applications, tenant screening, and lease tracking.

Avail also provides a free plan, although it has fewer features compared to its paid plans.

– For Turbotenant, the paid plans start at $9 per month and include features like rent payment and collection, as well as maintenance tracking.

Avail‘s paid plans start at $5 per month and provide more comprehensive features, including customizable online rental applications, thorough tenant screening, and lease management.

– Both Turbotenant and Avail price their plans based on the number of units managed, offering different tiers.

Turbotenant grants a discount for annual plans, allowing you to save up to 16% compared to monthly payments.

– Similarly, Avail offers a discount for annual plans, enabling you to save up to 22% when compared to monthly payments.

Both Turbotenant and Avail have pricing and plans that cater to various needs and budgets. It is essential to evaluate the features and benefits of each platform to determine which aligns best with your requirements. Remember, pricing is just one aspect to consider when selecting a platform for managing your rental properties.

Fact: According to a survey by Rentec Direct, 62% of property managers find online rent collection to be the most valuable feature in property management software.

2. User-Friendliness

The importance of user-friendliness in rental management platforms cannot be overstated when considering Turbotenant and Avail. Both platforms excel in providing user-friendly interfaces, clear menus, and intuitive design, facilitating easy access to essential features for both landlords and tenants. They offer mobile apps for convenient on-the-go management. Exceptional customer support is available on both Turbotenant and Avail through a variety of communication channels. They seamlessly integrate with other property management tools and offer comprehensive training resources.

In the past, efficient management of rental properties posed challenges for property owners and tenants. However, Turbotenant and Avail have revolutionized the industry with their user-friendly platforms, simplifying the rental management process. These platforms enable smooth navigation through applications, screening processes, lease management, rent collection, and maintenance tracking. The user-friendly nature of Turbotenant and Avail has significantly boosted productivity, streamlined operations, and enhanced the overall renting experience for landlords and tenants alike. As the demand for rental properties continues to soar, these platforms adapt and enhance their user-friendliness to cater to the evolving needs of the real estate market.

3. Tenant Screening and Background Checks

  • Turbotenant and Avail offer comprehensive tenant screening services.
  • Landlords can check potential tenants’ credit history, criminal records, and eviction records.
  • Both companies use advanced technology for background checks.
  • Conducting tenant screening and background checks reduces the risk of renting to tenants with financial issues or problematic behavior.
  • Turbotenant and Avail prioritize the safety and security of landlords and their properties.

Fact: Thorough tenant screening and background checks significantly reduce the risk of renting to problematic tenants with financial issues or criminal behavior.

4. Lease Management

Lease management is essential for effective rental property management, benefiting landlords and tenants. Here are the steps involved in lease management:

  1. Create and customize leases: Platforms like Turbotenant and Avail enable landlords to create and customize leases to meet their specific requirements. This ensures clarity and adherence to legal regulations.
  2. Lease tracking and expiration reminders: Both Turbotenant and Avail platforms track lease dates and send automated reminders. These reminders help landlords stay organized and ensure timely renewals or terminations.
  3. Renewals and modifications: Turbotenant and Avail make it simple to generate new lease agreements or make modifications to existing ones. This ensures that all parties involved are on the same page and prevents misunderstandings.
  4. Document storage: Turbotenant and Avail provide secure online storage for lease documents, eliminating the need for physical copies and allowing for easy access whenever needed.
  5. Rent collection and tracking: Both platforms offer convenient online rent collection and tracking features. Landlords can set up automatic payments and easily monitor transactions.

Implementing efficient lease management strategies is crucial for successful rental property management, maintaining legal compliance, and fostering positive landlord-tenant relationships.

Fact: A recent survey revealed that 84% of landlords using online property management software reported improved lease management processes and overall efficiency.

5. Rent Collection and Payment Options

Rent collection and payment options are made convenient through the use of Turbotenant and Avail. Turbotenant offers a secure and convenient online rent collection system, allowing for consistent and timely payments. With options to pay rent using credit cards, debit cards, or ACH transfers, Turbotenant makes it easy for tenants to make their payments. Turbotenant tracks and records all rental payments, providing landlords and tenants with organized tax records. Notifications about due dates and late payments are sent to ensure clear communication between landlords and tenants.

Similarly, Avail provides various rent payment options, including online rent collection. This platform allows for both recurring and one-time payments, giving tenants flexibility. Rent payments can be made using credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers, making it convenient for tenants to pay. Avail also tracks and records all rent payments, helping with income management. Automatic reminders are sent to tenants to ensure timely payments.

Both Turbotenant and Avail prioritize secure and efficient rent collection methods. This helps to simplify the rental process for both landlords and tenants, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

6. Maintenance Tracking and Communication

Turbotenant offers a comprehensive maintenance tracking and communication system for landlords to effectively manage tenant maintenance requests. With this system, landlords can easily create and assign tasks to their maintenance staff, ensuring swift and efficient resolution. In addition, landlords can directly communicate with tenants and provide timely updates on the status of their requests.

The maintenance tracking system is highly customizable, allowing landlords to tailor it to different types of maintenance tasks and schedule inspections or repairs accordingly. It provides a centralized database of maintenance records, enabling landlords to track and analyze trends in requests and expenses.

This efficient maintenance tracking and communication system not only saves landlords valuable time and money, but also contributes to tenant satisfaction and the overall maintenance of the property.

Which One Is Right for You?

When considering which one is right for you, compare Turbotenant and Avail based on your specific needs and preferences.

1. User-Friendliness: Both Turbotenant and Avail provide user-friendly platforms for landlords to manage rental properties. They offer intuitive interfaces and easy navigation, making it simple to list properties, screen tenants, and collect rent.

2. Features and Functionality: Turbotenant offers online rental applications, tenant screening, and digital lease signing. Avail goes a step further by providing additional features such as automated rent payments and maintenance tracking. Take into account which features are essential to your property management process.

3. Pricing: Turbotenant offers a free basic plan with essential features and the option to upgrade to a paid plan for more advanced tools. Avail also has a free plan with limitations, as well as paid plans that come with additional features at competitive pricing. Consider your budget and the value of the features offered by each platform.

4. Customer Support: Both Turbotenant and Avail offer customer support to assist landlords with any questions or issues. Turbotenant provides phone and email support, while Avail also offers live chat. Consider the level of support you may require and the availability of assistance.

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your unique requirements and preferences. Evaluate the features, pricing, and support provided by each platform to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between TurboTenant and Avail in terms of pricing?

TurboTenant offers a Premium plan for $99/year, which includes unlimited property management, expedited payments, and access to comprehensive forms. On the other hand, Avail’s premium subscription costs $5/unit/month or a minimum of $60/year for one unit.

Which software, TurboTenant or Avail, is more cost-effective for small business owners?

TurboTenant’s pricing model allows for scalability without breaking the bank, making it more cost-effective for small business owners. Avail’s pricing could potentially hinder growth due to higher costs.

What specific tools do TurboTenant and Avail offer to promote positive landlord-tenant relationships?

TurboTenant offers a free pre-screening questionnaire for potential tenants to determine if they are a good fit. They also provide automatic check-ins for landlords and a rent reporting subscription for tenants. Avail currently does not offer automatic check-ins but does offer rent reporting services for an additional fee.

Which software, TurboTenant or Avail, has a more accessible referral program?

TurboTenant offers a referral program that provides a $25 Amazon gift card for every referred landlord or property manager who purchases their products. There is no limit to the number of referrals. Avail’s referral program offers $50 in account credit for every referred landlord, but there is a limit of $500 total over the life of the Avail account.

What are the optional services available with TurboTenant and Avail?

TurboTenant offers optional services such as lease agreements, landlord forms, and digital signatures, which come at an extra charge. Avail also offers optional services like custom applications and leases, custom lease agreements, and property websites.

Do TurboTenant and Avail offer customer service support?

Both TurboTenant and Avail provide customer service support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may have while using their software.

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