WhitePages Review – Why it’s one of the best?

Whitepages is an online background checking tool through which you can track the owner of an unknown phone number, address of someone, criminal history, financial records, and much more. In this article, we are going to give you WhitePages Review.

It was established in 1997 and got a huge fan base with time. People started liking and admiring it so much because of its usefulness and easy access. 

WhitePages Review
WhitePages Review

Before this fantastic tool, white pages or phone number booklet was in every home. It came with contact numbers in alphabetical order. 

The problem with the phone book was that you had to go through all the alphabet to find out the desired number.

Also, white whites were published by the area at that time, and they did not contain phone numbers from out of the state.

This digital form of white pages is super simple to access, and it also contains phone numbers from out of the state. 

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Company NameWhitePages
Company Founded1997
Best FeatureTenant Search
Initial Charges$0
Subscription Charges$4.99 / Month
Limit20 Searches / Month
WebsiteClick Here

Why should you choose WhitePages?

Why should you choose WhitePages?
Why should you choose WhitePages?

There are many online background checking tools, but what sets this product apart from its competitors is that it provides all the same features at a low price as all of its competitors.

This WhitePages Review will help you choose the right one for you!

Pros and Cons of WhitePages


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Free searches (limited)
  • Tenant check


  • Only 20 searches/month
  • Only for U.S people

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Key features of WhitePages

There are few key features you should look at while choosing the best online background checking tool; these are accuracy, ease to use, and pricing.

We will check all of them one by one into white pages to see if it’s the best background check or not:


Whitepages collects its data from authentic sources. However, few reviews say that white page data is not 100% true, and sometimes it does not show data.

This is because the owner of that source might remove the data or have been updated by white pages yet.

Easy to use

Whitepages is super easy to use. Even a nine-year-old child can do a background check on white pages.

Its website is easy to navigate, and it also has a mobile app that makes it more accessible.


When it comes to pricing, whitepages is the best online background checking tool to choose. Its prices are less than all of its competitors. 

By selecting this app, you don’t have to worry about getting all of your money into the drain. It provides all the necessary features at a low price.

There are many other background checking websites as well like Checkr, TruthFinder, and many more!

How to use WhitePages?

  1. Go to the whitepages website. There is a menu option on the top right corner of the website; click on that. 
  2. Next, scroll down and click on the background check option. Enter a person’s name and address, and it will show you the results.
  3. The report will show you the details of all the relevant people, including their residence and relatives. To do a more in-depth search, you need to buy any of whitepages products.
  4. If you choose to buy the report, you will receive it immediately through email.

Types of background checks available at WhitePages

There are two types of background checking services available on whitepages: Smart check and tenant check.

Through the Smart check service, you can get a comprehensive report, and through tenant check, you can search the background of your potential tenant.

Here are the details of both services:

Smart check

This virtual product is easy to use and super fast. All the searches through this tool will be confidential and anonymous.

It gathers its data from authentic sources and has records of more than 50 states. It offers:

  • Past and current address 
  • Contact numbers
  • Maiden names
  • Financial details
  • Criminal history
  • Email addresses
  • Property details
  • Age
  • Relatives

Tenant check

If you are a landlord and want to check the background information of your potential tenant, this tool will be a gold mine for you.

You can either choose a basic or enhanced report based on your needs.

Basic report

The basic report provides the following information:

A criminal history of previous seven years

  • Credit details
  • Residency score
  • Contact numbers
  • Personal information 
  • Enhanced report
  • A financial statement including bankruptcies, if any.
  • Details of expulsion, if any, in the previous seven years.

You can choose anyone from these services based on your needs. 

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Is Whitepages Legit? 

Yes, Whitepages is a 100% legit website because it gathers its data from various authentic public and private resources.

Still, it is recommended to use FCRA (Fair credit reporting act) certified website for a more in-depth search.

This detailed WhitePages Review will make you believe in its legitimacy!

Plans and pricing of WhitePages

Whitepages prices are affordable and straightforward as compared to its competitors.

It offers free searches (limited) and a monthly subscription plan (paid). It also provides the facility of buying a one-off report.

Monthly subscription charges are $4.99, and its monthly search limit is 20. 

The annual subscription price is $29.99.

Tennant check service price is $20/month. You can do 20 searches per month.

One premium search price is $1.99

One contact search price is $3.99

Three contacts lookup price is $7.99

The full story plan price is $14.99

Three background reports price is $16.99

Opt-out / Cancel from WhitePages

Opting out or removing your information from the Whitepages database is a little bit complicated.

To remove your information from the Whitepages database.

kindly follow the following steps:

  1. Go to whitepages official website and enter your name. Then, copy the URL of your listing.
  2. Go to the opt-out page of Whitepages website
  3. Paste the URL of your listing and click on the opt-out option.
  4. Verify it and then click on the remove me option.
  5. On the next screen, write down the reason for removal.
  6. Enter a phone number where you will receive a code via an automated phone call. You need the confirmation code to complete your request.

This process will remove you from the free searches, but your information will still appear in its premium plan.

 If you wish to delete your information from the premium plan, then find out the premium record of your report in your search result.

This report will be with the blue “view full report” button. Right-click that button and click on the copy link option. 

Then, go to the whitepages support page. Select the “I need to edit or delete a listing” option and fill out the rest of the form.

It will require 72 hours to remove your data from premium search. However, like the other background checking tools, it will not delete your information from public records.

To cancel Whitepages subscription, follow the following steps:

  1. First, log into your whitepages account.
  2. Go to my account option in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose purchase&billing option.
  4. Go to the “Subscription status” area.
  5. Click on “Cancel auto-renewal.”

Alternatives of Whitepages

There are two most prominent competitors of whitepages: Yellowpages and Spokeo.

Let’s know a little more about them.


The most significant difference between Whitepages and Yellowpages is that Whitepages make their directory from non-commercial resources while Yellowpages has data from commercial listings. 


Spokeo and whitepages both offer a feature of free searches. The difference between these two is that;

Spokeo provides data from all around the globe while Whitepages provides information of only U.S citizens.

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Like all the services and products, this tool is not 100% perfect.

However, this app is made while keeping in mind the needs of specific people, so it is ideal for landlords who want to search for background information of their potential tenants and for people who want to do a basic search. 

Also, while choosing this tool, keep in mind that its information is not 100% accurate, so it is not recommended for any official search, and it does not acquire an FCRA certificate.

Therefore, it is the best background check at a meager cost.

We hope this WhitePages Review has turned out to be helpful for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhitePages?

Whitepages is an online background checking tool through which you can track the owner of an unknown phone number, address of someone, criminal history, financial records, and much more.

For more information, you can have a look at WhitePages Review.

How many types of Background Check are available at WhitePages?

Three types of Background checks are available at WhitePages. They are-

  1. Tenant Check
  2. Basic Check
  3. Smart Check

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